Human + Kind Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Body Wash Review

Face skin type: Oily, sensitive and acne prone
Body skin type: Normal to dry

Hello beauties,
How are you doing today? I am here to share a new entry in my bath and body care regimen which is my first ever purchase from brand “Human + Kind”! As the name says, the brand claims to provide natural products with multitasking objective. Well the concept sounds really interesting and doable provided it works as said. I have come across many such natural brands which definitely work on skin but somehow I could not stick to them; blame it on my obsession to try everything new or expecting quick results. These herbal or natural products work at a slow pace which is not me sadly. Moreover multi-tasking (in terms of beauty products) never works for me because my skin type, body type and hair type never go hand in hand. You know what I mean? So let’s read more about Human + Kind body wash/shampoo!

Human + Kind Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Body Wash Review

Price: $10 for 8.45 Oz, excludes shipping and tax

What it is:
A two-in-one shampoo and body wash delicately fragranced with a soothing apple and herb scent.
What it is formulated to do:
This gentle formula with calendula extract soothes and comforts sensitive skin on the scalp and body while leaving skin and hair gently cleansed and healthy. It contains aloe vera and marshmallow root extract to help detangle the hair and add shine and features a delicious apple and herb fragrance.


My Experience with Human + Kind Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Body Wash:

The pale white cleanser comes in opaque tube packaging with a flip top cap opening. It does have a subtle fragrance which does not seem bothering to my senses. Considering the bulky size, I don’t think I would use it for travelling purpose. Overall, I find it pretty user friendly concept.

product label

The product claims to works as both body cleanser as well as shampoo which seems too good to be true in my case. Like I have pretty oily scalp and dry-frizzy hair while my facial skin is too much oily and my body skin type is dry, so I think this is one heck of task for any product to do multitasking for me 😛 I have tried this cleanser as a shampoo and body wash both and I think I would like to limit its usage as body wash and not shampoo. I say so because I think my hair need more than the decent hydrating and cleaning shampoo.


Moreover, I occasionally suffer from fly away hair post wash and hence I need an effective treatment to combat fly aways apart from delivering radiant shine and luster to my hair, which this mild shampoo does not do. But that does not mean it is an ineffective product because it can work well for oily hair and scalp. It is just that my scalp and hair type are pretty different; moreover, my requirements are too high.


However, as a body wash I like it even more than my previous Sephora creamy body washes. I like how it forms intense lather with 2-3 generous drops on loofah and gives me squeaky clean head to toe that too with no slippery or oily residue on my skin. I feel pretty soft and clean skin post shower; I can easily skip my body lotion with this cleanser. I see that it never caused any dryness or irritation on my normal dry skin; I think it is suitable enough for even sensitive, dry skin.


Well I feel this brand definitely does what it claims to do up to a good extent. But I don’t think I can use this one product for all my needs.

Pros of Human + Kind Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Body Wash:

• A mild and effective multi-tasking body care and hair care product infused with goodness of apple, herbs etc.
• It forms intense lather with 2-3 generous drops on loofah, good enough to cover head to toe.
• It works decently as a shampoo for my scalp causing no build up.
• It gives brilliant results on my dry body skin.
• I feel squeaky clean skin post shower with no oily/slimy residue on skin.
• Post wash as I can easily skip body lotion.
• It is mild enough for dry sensitive skin type.
• It seems a must have for summers.

Cons of Human + Kind Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Body Wash:

• It is not 100% natural or herbal.
• It does nothing for fly away hair post usage.
• I missed that shiny, radiant volume on my hair post wash.
• The smell is quite synthetic though insignificant.
• I feel pretty soft skin with any regular body wash.
• It does feel pricey.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5

Would I Repurchase Human + Kind Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Body Wash?
Considering summers are around the corner, body washes will help me in getting rid of dirt, grime and oiliness off my skin without ripping it off natural hydration and luster. Not to forget it leaves me my skin clean with no residue though I am not very impressed by the price since I limit its usage as a multi-tasking product. I might skip it because I have pretty good products in hand at a fractional price.

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