Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review

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How are you doing today? We are experiencing gloomy winters these days and anticipating generous snow on higher altitudes this time. We also have plans to visit snowfall this year, let’s hope our wish comes true. I will talk about one basic bath & body product today which hydrates my normal-dry skin pretty well. I have tried Sephora bath products earlier too, and I picked up this coconut one just for my love for coconut fragrance. Oh yes, I love coconut ladoos, coconut cookies, coconut macaroons. You name it and I love it. Slurp! Anyway let’s talk about Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash.

Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review1

$7 for 4.73 Fl Oz; I bought it on sale for $5

Product Description:
What it is:
A moisturizing body wash that kisses skin with a soothing, refreshing scent.
What it does:
Be a bathing beauty with this rich, creamy body wash that cleanses and hydrates without drying the skin. The ultra-gentle formula produces luxurious, moisturizing foam and delicately scents your skin with a refreshing, stress-relieving extract. The colorful packaging will brighten your shower and your mood.
What else you need to know:
This cleanser has been tested by a dermatologist and the gentle formula suits all skin type.

Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review

My Experience with Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash:

Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review6

The creamy body wash comes in an opaque and sturdy plastic tube with a flip top cap; the color of the tube is white. It smells heavenly of sweet coconut flavor which lingers on for decent number of hours post shower. I wish the smell was more prominent and lingered the entire day. Overall it seems quite user friendly and travel friendly packaging wise. But I have noticed that the tube often leaks even when not in use, but then it is a minor concern.

Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review5

The coconut body wash makes intense lather with water on sponge as well as on bare hands which is good enough for head to toe wash. It feels quite refreshing and soothing for my dry skin, and at the same time it clears away dirt and dry patches mildly. It does not leave any irritating or oily layer behind though my skin feels slightly slippery post wash, but only for a moment.

Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review4

Post wash, my skin feels super soft and supple as I can skip my body lotion for that day. I do need a moisturizer for my hands and feet to keep them well hydrated and soft. So I use only a hand cream post bath and can skip my moisturiser as this body wash is good enough. Like my facial skin I do have problematic skin on body as I often get back acne. But thankfully this body wash has never accentuated or caused any breakouts. Having said that, it is not an ideal choice for people suffering from back acne, and it won’t help people suffering from parched skin either.

Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review2

I find it perfect for normal dry skin while beauties with super dry skin might need to follow it up with a body lotion. But they will definitely like it for mild hydrating effects. However if you are also concerned about chemicals, then you should skip this one. Personally I do care about researching for these chemicals before putting on body, but then I also love foaming agents. I am looking for an alternate to these body washes, till then I might like to get this coconut creamy body wash again & again.

Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash Review3

Let’s sum pros and cons:

Pros of Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash:

• A mild, creamy body wash for all skin types
• Spreads easily and does not drip
• Lathers well, with a loofah and with hands
• Easy to rinse
• Has a remarkable coconut fragrance which usually lingers post shower
• It does not aggravate or accentuate dryness or any other skin problems
• Soothes and calms dry skin
• Hygienic and travel friendly packaging

Cons of Sephora Collection Coconut Creamy Body Wash:

• Contains SLS
• It might be tricky for very dry and parched skin

Well as I always say, these bath products are meant just to pamper our skin, and not to treat it.  I liked this treat for winters but I am looking for an alternative.

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