Homemade Fresh Papaya Pack Suggestions: Ask IMBB

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Debosmita ghosh asks:

I wanted to know if there is any kind of homemade pack with fresh payaya.:)

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6 thoughts on “Homemade Fresh Papaya Pack Suggestions: Ask IMBB

  1. there are a whole lot of facepacks with papaya! 😀 u can use the pulp with raw milk as a cleanser, papaya+oatmeal as a scrub, papaya+honey+malai as a replenishing mask. the choices are endless1 😀 skin literally GLOWS when we use papaya <3 i personally love them 🙂

  2. Oh yes! there are many!
    A very simple one would be mixing papaya puld with honey… it is very nourishing 🙂

    If you have dry skin- you can mix papaya, honey and milk cream

    If you have oily skin: you can mix Papaya juice/pulp with multani mitti (fullers earth)

    The easiest would be to simple take a piece of Papaya and rub it on your face! 😀
    Hope it helped…:-)

  3. Papaya works for me the best, the results are instant with papaya face packs. You can combine papaya with turmeric or lemon. You can use ripe papaya with honey too. In any form, papaya would benefit 🙂

  4. Just rub a piece of papaya on face and leave the pulp on for a while 😀 it will work as good as any face pack with papaya in it 🙂

  5. that depends on your skin type :
    Oily /Combination Skin – What jomol listed above 🙂
    Dry skin – papaya+honey+milk/cream

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