Homemade Papaya and Oats Face and Body Scrub

Homemade Papaya and Oats Face and Body Scrub

Its every woman’s dream to have a smooth and glowing skin and its “Mother Nature” who always shows us means to fulfil our dreams.  This natural and homemade papaya-oats scrub is here to do the magic on your skin.

Homemade Papaya and Oats Face and Body Scrub

So, let’s see how this papaya-oats scrub works:

Papaya is believed to remove dead cells from skin and exfoliate the skin in a gentle and natural way. It removes blemishes, dark spots and evens out skin tone, giving a glow to the face, naturally.

Oats are slightly rough and they tend to act as super exfoliants.  Oats make your skin super smooth and silky. Oats help in deeply moisturizing your skin and helps fight against premature ageing.  They soothe mild burns or any type of dryness and itching.

How To Prepare Papaya and Oats Face and Body Scrub:

To prepare this scrub, here is what you need. Simple ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen:

Homemade Papaya and Oats Face and Body Scrub

½ Papaya fruit – depends on your requirement.

2 Big spoons of Oats- I used Safola Oats.

1 Spoon of Almond oil.

I have used almond oil as it helps in delaying the ageing process and makes skin soft. Its rich in vitamin E.

Let’s see how to prepare it:

Firstly, smash the papaya and make it pulpy. It is best to use a mixer to make the papaya pulp for hygienic reasons.  You would get a thick paste. Keep it aside.

Papaya Scrub

Now, add oats to the pulp.  You may mix it the way it is if you want a slightly coarser scrub. Grind oats in a mixer if you want a milder one.

Papaya Scrub

Now, add the papaya pulp and the oats in a bowl and mix with a spoon or spatula.  Add a spoon of almond oil. You may replace almond oil with your favourite essential oil.

Papaya Scrub

The scrub is now ready for use.

Papaya Scrub

Now, here is how you use the scrub.  Dampen your skin before using this scrub.

Papaya Scrub

Take a little amount and gently scrub all over your face/body. If you feel that the texture is a little tight, add a few drops of water and continue massaging.

Scrub for 2 minutes and wipe it off with lukewarm water.  You would feel your skin becoming soft and glowy.

Here are a few tips:

  • Do not use soap/face wash right after using this scrub.
  • Drink a glass of lemon juice before you scrub, as it detoxifies your skin.  I read this tip somewhere, but I have not tried it yet.
  • Never use your hand to take out the product. Use a cleaned spoon or spatula.
  • It is best recommended to make the scrub fresh and use it immediately. Do not store it.

The ingredients are easily available, you may not need to preserve and keep. Prepare a fresh batch and use it instantly for good results.

Ensure you scrub and exfoliate at least twice a week.

Do try this scrub this weekend and go glowing!

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  1. Yeah these really works. plus oatmeal claims to help lighten tanned skin too. Such a detailed step by step article.

  2. super awesome rama. I’d get papaya today only. i love these oats based scrubs . They work great for my dry skin. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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