Indian Wedding Makeup Suggestions for Oily, Acne Prone Skin

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DB Asks :

I’m a regular reader of your blog from October 2010. I din’t even remember how i stumbled upon your blog, coz i forgot what i was searching for after entering the You-will find-anything-you are- searching -for blog. You might have heard it from so many people, but i have to say it one more time. . . It’s really amazing how you turned your passion in to a beautiful work.

I’m a skin care person basically and a complete novice in makeup. But lately as my skin started behaving on its own and i couln’t find the reason. I’m getting married in early months of next year and my current concern is about my makeup. I got engaged in May of this year and i trusted the MUA for makeup then and it’s my biggest mistake. With my skin behaving on its own and me having no rite makeup products with me, it turned into a night mare. I don’t want the same thing to be repeated in my wedding. That’s the reason of this long email. There is this “wedding Makeup Suggestions” by Sakshi on “Ask IMBB Gang” post already…but the reason i’m again asking for it is

I’m 25; Bride to be; oily skin and acne marks (cursed with them after engagement πŸ™ . My mom feels its because of the prods used by MUA on my engagement.), and i want the suggestions for products ,medium fair.

My Query : I’m looking mainly for basic Makeup products like foundation, Compact powder, blush and lipstick. It’s going to be a loong wedding and my makeup needs to be stay on for 8 hours, barely with any touchups. I’m looking for MAC, but would love to follow your suggestion. My skin type is : oily skin and acne marks, medium fair. So please suggest some products acording to my need.

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  1. Hiiiiiiiiii DB…welcome to IMBB……

    I had refrained from using makeup on my wedding day because I got married in April in the humid climate of alleppey, so it was a wise decision to not use anything except a vanishing cream and compact, but through IMBB….I got to learn a lot that there are a lot of foundations that stay put even in humid climates……revlon photo ready, MAC, studio fix, etc are a few. I would also suggest that you first do a few trials with these and click yourself to see how it comes up in pictures. Others will chip in more……I have limited knowledge about this O:) O:) O:) O:) and best of luck for your wedding

          1. But, mine will be in January and i need to be extra cautious b’coz of my oily skin, which turns dull in winter.

            Once again thanx for the reply and i’ll keep them in mind

    1. Thanq for the suggestions Jomol. But, mine will be in January and i need to be extra cautious b’coz of my oily skin, which turns dull in winter.

      Once again thanx for the reply and i’ll keep them in mind

                1. also with mono lids, ideally you should start your eye makeup by keeping your eyes open. with dark shadow you kinda create the crease first and then start working your way to the rest of the makeup.

  2. DB,

    Thanks you. πŸ™‚

    I did makeup shopping for a friend who had the exact same skin problems as yours :

    Back then mac prolongwear foundation and concealer were not launched. i suggest that you give both studio fix and prolongwear a try. you can buy mac blot powder. it would control your oils and make your makeup last longer. Primer and makeup fixer are two tings. Primer is something you can use even after your wedding but makeup fixer is mostly found with profesional makeup artists and in normal day to day , t’s not something you would really need. . in retail brands i have not come across such a product so far. Powder your face evenly so that your makeup does not move. And if you would have no time for touchups at all, keep oil blotting sheets in your purse always. you can use then as handkerchief to blot your nose and no one would even notice. πŸ˜€

    Blush buy mac blushcreme (would work as a base for your powder blush , is long lasting and works for oily skin as well). You can pick any powder blush actually except matte. a bit if shine and highlight always looks nice on d day.

    Lipsticks buy 2 kinds- you regular everyday wear kinds, one to go with your dress

    i would still suggest that you go for makeup artist because a lot of layering and technique is required in doing wedding makeup. Also it keeps things sorted. Sometimes mUAs use dirty brushes ask them to clean the brushes. If you go for good makeup artist they do take care of small things. the local parlour women kinda tke it for granted and then we have to bear the consequences later on. πŸ™

    good luck! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks alot for posting my query so fast Rati. Seriously, i dint expect such a fast response. Thanq for the suggestions. Yes, i do agree with the local parlour women. Bt, the ones i opted for are really good at their work. bt, my skin acted on its own way on my engagement.
      Actually i have one person in my mind (from IMBB itself). Hope it finalizes. Anyways, i want to have my basic prods with me. I forgot to add concealer and primer suggestions. Can u plz suggest me on those too.

    1. i’ve some problem in my eyes :specs: ..i read this as “i wore a granth” and i was lyk waaaat? shaadi mein? but ho d u wear a granth? acha hua firse read kiya screen k paas jake :lol2:

      1. Rati i went to MAC to try the foundation n concealer. The MUA out there suggested NC 43.5 (Foundation) for my skin in studio finish and when i asked her to suggest me a conclealer a shade lighter than the foundation, she very surprisingly told me tht its always a shade darker and not lighter coz if u wanna conceal something u have to use a shade darker. She tried NW 30 and 35 under my eyes.Moreover since i have evident dark circle, it started givin a very whitish look under my eyes.

        SO i didnt buy anythin and came back a bit disappointed. M still confused wht to do as i was just not satisfied.

        Please suggest me wht to do ?:) πŸ™

        1. nW is peachy toned shade . it should have been the right concealer for under eyes. i myself use nw 35. nc could look greyish. guess you should try getting your makeup done form some other mua. also when you wear concealer alone it can look a bit off. you should have asked the mua to do you full face to see how everything is coming together.

  3. Thanks rati πŸ™‚ . I will be goin to the store pretty soon as many things tht i asked frm the MUA was out of stock.

    But my main confusion is tht the MUA mentioned tht concealer should be a shade darker than the foundation, and i thought its suppose to be a shade lighter ?:)

    1. ummm…. i guess i’d have to type a lot to explain this. have discussed this before as well. Will post the link if i find it.

      As of now go for something that conceals your dark circle and but the shade that matches the same shade as your foundation. you can brighten up your under eyes using garnier tinted roll on. dont buy the lighter shade. it looks odd on days when you dont want to apply rest of the makeup. πŸ™‚

  4. another thing nw shade is sort of peachy but that is the only thing that would cut the color of your dark circles. however it may look odd on its own. so you have to top with with the foundation that matches your skintone so that everything looks even.

  5. Hello … MAC studio Tech foundation will give you the coverage you need for acne scars and it will stay put like second skin …. its way more hard core than Mac studio fix which is more of a daily wear foundation … also stay away from the mac studio fix compact coz its great for daily wear but it photographs terribly in HD… especially with flash involved.. since this is your wedding day do a camera test …. personally im a MAC junkie but in my experience some of their fwrtuo

    1. Oh, thats a new thing for me. So, that explains why my engagement photos turned out ok…bt the video :yuck: . So, i’ll go foe camera test only. Can you plz suggest me camera loving prods.

      Sorry fr the late replies. …net problem. I hope u will reply to my comments O:)

  6. So the days i dont wanna use foundation all over the face..i just use concealer nd top it with the foundation under the eyes right??? Guess u will go mad answerin my queries
    And i have uploaded my profile pic finally..dint like the default pic it was showin earlier :yahoo:

  7. sorry my keyboard died … yeah im not a fan of how some MAC products photograph although its mostly a problem with HD cams and flash only … buts its something to watch out for since you only get one night to get your wedding photos right … so i would say try MUFE HD foundation just for the sake of your wedding photos πŸ˜€ and if you are dead set on MAC then go for studio tech and even then go to mac try all their foundations …

  8. blot should keep em.along with the make up.DO NOT SKIP oil free moisturiser before you start.meenakshi dutt,ambika and rest ask you to get your moisturiser with your dress and stuff.
    happy getiing marrieddd db!mazeee karoooooooooooooo!!!welcome to the adda :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

  9. Rati and Janhavi , Are mufe products available in del??? If so, then lemme knw where.. And also my prime concern were the pics which give a gosty look with the make up m really diein to have a foundation n concealer tht gives a natural finish and still does the trick :snicker:

  10. Hi! Interesting question you have posted. I too have the same problem but since my teens…..oily and acne prone skin. I use no make up, except for a compact. The compact I use is Chambor Sliver Shadow. It gives a very good coverage, mattifying effect and does not break me out. The package says nothing about it’s non comedogenic properties but the website does, plus someone I know with same skin problem is using this and loves it.

    As for foundations with long staying properties, cannot say coz never used but take a dekkho at Vichy Dermablend System and foundation. It has good reviews on the net. I don’t know if the complete Dermablend system is available in India or not. Most Vichy products are non comedogenic.

    Good luck! πŸ™‚

  11. I had exactly the same problems as you! oily skin and I suddenly started breaking out 6 months before the wedding and it continued without clearing up. But after a lot of research and help from IMBB suggestion expecially Rati, Mrunmayee, Suma and Sireesha (thank you saved me :yahoo: ) I used the following products and the photos while not maybe Rati level perfection turned out okay. So here is what I used- Aveeno moisturizer, MUFE HD foundation, MUFE full cover concealer, Laura Mercier HD powder (absolutely wonderful, no white cast in flash unlike MUFE HD powder which I tried and returned), Urban DEcay night stay spray (to fix your makeup. BUt I think Mac fix spray should work). Nars Laguna- to add warmth and contour, Nyx cream blush- tea rose- I went for more natural looking because our weddings are during daytime and I did not want to look super-fake with bright blush during day. I also used Revlon Berry merry along with tea rose for evenings. Lipstick- MUFE rouge artist intense is long lasting and has lots of shades. There are also so many other choices. But I highly recommend at least trying to touch up the lipstick. I did not and I regret it. The pics of the later parts of wedding my lipstick looks almost gone although rest of makeup is intact. Mascara- Dior show in black. Eyeliner- Black radaince gel eyeliner. Kajal- FAces (Ankita of Corallista’s reco. Absolutely fabulous, did not smudge like the others I tried).

    While getting MAc try getting trial sizes and try it out. The reason I say is some Mac products broke me out really bad. I think the culprit wasthe compact which had corn powder. But since then I have become super careful about trying out samples before getting the real thing.

    Another suggestion- practice your makeup so that you know how exactly you want to look and enlist help of friends and self- photograph if need be with/without flash indoors and natural light to get an idea of how it looks on photos.

    Hope I have been of help πŸ™‚

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