Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick Review

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I like visiting makeup stores every now and then, just to check if they have some newly launched lipsticks. My eyes roll over to the lipstick section, the instant I visit any makeup store. And while I was at the Inglot store a few days back, this beautiful lipstick caught my attention as soon as I entered the store. I was totally sold by the color and for the fact that it is a matte lipstick. Though it isn’t a newly launched shade, I don’t understand how I missed this shade before. But never mind, I picked it up without wasting time and today I will be reviewing it for you, Inglot Matte lipstick in the shade number 401.

Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick

Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick (9)

Price: Rs. 950 for 4.5g

Ingredients: As seen in the picture.

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Matte moisturising formula with Vitamin E. Avocado oil, macadamia oil.Solid and elegant metal case. Paraben free formula. Not tested on animals.

Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick (9)

My take on Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick:

Inglot matte lipstick comes in an outer black card box carrying all the information about the lipstick like ingredients list, shade number, price and expiry date. The actual lipstick comes in a classy, shiny black metal body with INGLOT written on the cap. The shade number is mentioned on the sticker at the bottom of the lipstick and there is no shade indicator on the body, so you have to look at the bottom to identify the shade. I prefer names over numbers for cosmetics, as it is more easier to remember names than numbers. One thing I’d like to mention, that stood out to me, is that when you put the cap back on, it seems to almost suction close itself, instead of the usual click-on caps that lipsticks come in. This makes the entire packaging super sturdy and travel-friendly.

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401 is a gorgeous peachy orange shade with absolutely no shimmer or sheen. The color is a bright but not neon, so you can comfortably wear this shade for work or pair it up with some bold eye makeup. It is a lovely shade that will brighten up your face but will not scream for attention. Since it is slightly a milky based shade, it might not suit the duskier beauties.

The texture of the lipstick is matte, totally matte which I love. The lipstick is reasonably soft, however, you will experience slight tug and pull, something common to many matte lipsticks. One cannot wear these without moisturizing and exfoliating the lips thoroughly, as the formula sticks to dry, flaky bits. I didn’t experience any drastic dryness with the formula though, but the color gets a bit patchy after about 4 hours. One can top up this lipstick with a balm after 5 hours or so to prevent the lips looking too parched.

Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick (10)

You definitely need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips thoroughly before you apply the lipstick otherwise the lipstick will settle in the dry flaky areas of the lips and will end up looking patchy on the lips and slightly feathery. This lip color is amazingly pigmented. One swipe is all you need to get rich, opaque color on the lips that will cover up any pigmentation of the lips. You can layer it on for a bolder look. The lip color does not transfer or bleed.

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This beautiful lip color lasts for a good 6-7 hours on the lips. It is moderately staining and the lip color tends to settle into lip lines especially as dryness sets in, which can be fixed up with some lip balm by the end of the day.

Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick (10)

Not to forget this lipstick has a sweet fruity smell to it which is quite pleasant and non- overpowering. The smell lasts for at least 10 minutes after the lipstick is freshly applied, after which it fades away gradually.

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Pros of Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick:

– Classy and sturdy black packaging.
– Gorgeous peachy orange lip color.
– Totally matte finish.
– Reasonably soft for a matte lipstick.
– Amazing pigmentation.
– Lasts really long.
– Doesn’t bleed or transfer.
– Leaves a pretty stain behind.
– Has a sweet fruity smell to it.

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Cons of Inglot #401 Matte Lipstick:

– Slightly on the expensive side.
– Not easily available.
– Identified with shade number and not name.
– Settles down in the dry ares of the lips therefore need to exfoliate the lips prior to lipstick application.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, Inglot lipstick in the shade 401 is a gorgeous peachy orange lip color which is totally apt for summer time. It is a complete matte finish lipstick in all sense, with classy Inglot packaging. The opaque matte formula wears long, feels great on the lips, and screams with statement-making color. If matte lipsticks are your favorite then this is the pick for you. Do try it, I’m sure you will love it!!!

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