Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick No. 43 Review

Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick No.43

Hi girlies..

I visit Delhi every weekend because my brother stays there and do 90% of my shopping from there. Delhi has all my favourite brands but now with the opening of Elante mall in Chandigarh, I can get most of those here also. Yeaahh!!

So the first thing I have purchased from the mall is this Inglot lipstick in the prettiest orange shade. After buying this I told my friends ‘my inaugural product had to be a lipstick after all’ 😛


By the way I had tried a baby pink lipstick in Inglot’s matte collection. I did not buy it then but kept thinking about it all my way back. So whenever I will go there next, I’ll just grab it at the first moment.

Okay let us come to the review.

Price: INR 680 for 1.8g

Shelf life: 3 years



My experience with Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick No. 43:

Firstly, the packaging: Inglot has always served class in packaging. This lipstick comes in a black case and as the name suggests it is a slim black beauty. The click sound closure assures that you can carry this lipstick anywhere in your handbag.

Coming to the shade, it is the prettiest orange I have ever seen. The moment I swiped it on my hand I was completely impressed. It looks similar to the shade orange bar ice cream has. 😛


Otherwise also I am liking orange too much these days, in clothes, in handbags and now lipstick. It makes my face look so bright and fresh. It does not matter whether you have done a good eye makeup or not, this shade on your lips will make you look good anyways. Both college goers and married ones will like this shade equally. Also, you can wear this shade both with a casual or ethnic outfit.

The texture is very smooth and easy to glide on and you need not swipe more to build this up. Just 1-2 swipes are enough for the lipstick to show up properly. This gives you an opaque finish, so girls with pigmented lips can also use this comfortably. It gives a nice sheen on application which remains for 1-2 hours without meals. The lipstick itself stays for good 5-6 hours without meals. If you have meals in between, the shade will remain half of its original version. If you remove the lipstick it will leave a slight orange tint on the lip which is similar to the kind we have after eating an orange bar. The difference is that after having an ice cream the tongue is also orange. 😛
But do not worry the tint is very light and fades after a few minutes.


The smell is also exactly the same as orange bar or orange candy which I love but it remains only till the time you are applying the lipstick. This is the first time I have liked a fragrance in lipstick otherwise I always pick up no-odour lipsticks. Now, the lipstick is paraben free too. Rarely do you get a cosmetic product which is paraben free.

This is my first Inglot product and I have fallen in love with it, what else I can say.


Positives of Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick No. 43:

• Amazing shade of orange.
• Nice smooth texture and sheen.
• Lovely packaging.
• Super quality lipstick.
• Will interest almost all age group females.
• Good for pigmented lips too.
• Pretty good staying power.
• The smell of orange candy on application which I love.


Negatives of Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick No. 43:

• Availability may be an issue for some.

Will I repurchase? Firstly I will buy that pink matte lipstick and then think of anything else. 😀

Do I recommend Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick No.43: Yes, definitely a big yes.

Imbb rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!

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25 thoughts on “Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick No. 43 Review

  1. I have been eyeing these gel lipsticks from a long time… thanks for the review…. beautiful LOTD 🙂

  2. It is a lovely orange shade Sahiba *drool* and i loved your LOTD… its damn pretty *happy dance* *haan ji* *hifive*

  3. I sooo wanna visit Elante now!!
    The only place to stock branded cosmetics..
    Nice swatch Sahiba!!
    It looks good on you 🙂

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