Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review

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The weekend has finally arrived and the words itself are a joy to utter. Wishing you all a pleasant weekend! I have been laying my hands on lip care products these days and this time it is again lip paint from Inglot, but it is not pink. The review is on ‘Inglot’s AMC Lip Paint 64’. Read to know if it worked more than just fine for me.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review6

Product Description:
Cream-gel consistency lip product, packaged in a small jar. Provides good coverage, while biomimetic peptide stimulates collagen synthesis giving a long lasting ultra-shiny effect.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review1

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review2

720 INR for 4.5 g/0.16 US OZ

Shelf Life:
3 years and 12 months after product usage

My Experience with Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint:

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review

A thoughtful, well formulated lip product in terms of the color, coverage and especially the texture and I am sure you would agree with me that Inglot has become and is becoming a great hit amongst the makeup lovers and their vanity cases. I cannot to wait to stash a lot more of these lip paints and yes, I am prepared to invest in a lip brush too because they are completely worth it. Even otherwise I have not faced issues by just applying it with my fingertips. It feels actually good to go round and round and work the product on your lips. I find the satisfaction of having evenly applied and then I toss a tissue, wipe my ring finger and I am good to go. Zero mess, but still when you step outside, you never know! So, ensure that you pocket a lip brush if you love these beauties.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review4

The choice of colors needs a little extra attention as I took a while to zero down on the color else they could turn out be a plain tinted paint since they do not carry any extraordinary feature. Once you like them, you like them! But for that the choice of the color plays an important role because I do not know if it is just me, but they tend to fade eventually with time even when the lips are not disturbed. I still think the color pay off is good and I am happy, but from observation I have been pondering over the fact that it fades away.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review3

But had the color not been this beautiful, it would have seemed to be an expensive product since it does not come with a brush. Also, some colors, as you know, can make your face look brighter and some can make it dull. This color in particular is closest to Cherry from Nivea’s Fruity Shine, only that obviously the lip paint gives more color payoff and the consistency is different. The balm could be used as a base since they belong to the same family of color.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review5

Although the texture and consistency are great with zero shimmers offering you the perfect mirror like shine, you might as well settle for a comfortable gloss from a range you like. I find lip paints that come in a pot to be cute to carry around, so everything has been well so far and a good investment for my vanity case. I only see myself with my hands full of their lip paints for such is their paraben free, Vitamin E formula.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review7

It is kind of magical for me personally and I strangely prefer this to their Sleeks Lip Paint for their applicator isn’t any great. Both the paints come in pretty much the same quantity and price range, but I would opt for the jar instead of the test tube; or being myself, I would get both and sit in a lab pondering all my life. 😛 Jokes apart, maybe the jar, but I am not yet certain! But, I am a happy Inglot customer for sure!

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review11

I went in for a kind of an all purpose color that could be an everyday color as it is not too bold or too bland a lip color. This lip color can serve to be a day wear or can be worn for an evening out or a party night maybe. The claim by ‘Inglot’ is true. No false flowing, exaggerated claims and therefore it cannot be very disappointing even in a worst case scenario. But so far I am a satisfied happy customer of ‘Inglot’ cosmetics except that I secretly wish that their overall product pricing gets reduced a bit.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review8

Being a gloss lover, I already know that I would pretty much own soft reds, pretty pinks and pink based corals from this range. Also, these lip paints are a good consolation for people like me who are not much of a strictly ‘go get a lipstick’ type.

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review10

Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint Review9

Pros of Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint:

• Purse friendly, cute packaging – comes in a cute, small plastic pot with a black lid. The pot is not very heavy not fragile
• Flavored – carries a liquid like vanilla flavor and fragrance is not too strong. It does not bother once applied on the lips
• Travel friendly and very light to carry in your purse
• Once you work the paint around your lips after the first dip, the lip color can easily be built up for better finish and pigmentation
• Color 64 – a color that is not too bold or subtle but is still drop dead gorgeous, pinkish red that would suit Indian skin tones (medium to fair complexioned beauties)
• Soft and a little moisturizing yet not heavy on the lips
• Non-sticky
• Offers a good medium coverage and can be made to suit pigmented lips
• Does not heavily transfer although it is not entirely transfer proof or kiss proof
• Does not bleed or dry out the lips
• Although it has a low staying power of 2-3 hours, since it is glitter free so no room for flecks of shimmer
• Easy to apply, as there is no room for lips to go dry, color bleeding etc
• The AMC lip paints from Inglot can comfortably be your everyday wear, so is this soft cherry red

Cons of Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint:

• Mediocre staying power – without licking , stays on until a meal
• Might be a little overpriced for some
• Gives room for a little bit of mess as it does not come with a lip brush.

IMBB Rating:
4.9/5 (Wish it came with a brush)

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot 64 AMC Lip Paint?
Yes, I would repurchase this red beauty again and I highly recommend it if you are looking for an intense yet soft red, glitter free paint packaged in a pot for your lips.

A square jar of a rich red cream to paint your lips

• This could make an everyday lip product and as per the requirements, you can build the product when required
• Coat generous amount of the lip paint if you have got pigmented lips and need full coverage
• For an opaque look, can be paired along with a mild pigmented lip balms, like ‘Cherry Shine’ from Nivea which pretty much the same color or any other variant from Baby Lips
• Instead you can use a lip crayon and a single coat of this lip paint on a product that easily dries out your lips, any lipstick or any other heavily pigmented balm which does not offer hydration for the lips
• Go in for a lip liner to draw your lips and obtain a perfect finish. A pink, red or a brown colored lip liner as per the color and look you want to achieve
• This color in particular is more of a color for winters when the weather gets dry and harsh (but there are no strict rules)
• Use this color to be one your best everyday lip wear to office. The beauty tip is to settling for a simple stylish elegant best makeup that does not look made up

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