Inglot AMC Face Blush #55

Inglot AMC Face Blush #55



4 g/0.14 US OZ


I picked it up at 750 INR but it has been hiked to 1050 *toothpaste* *shock*

Inglot amc Face Blush 55

This time the SA was soooo nice to me she made my baby girl sit on that high chair they have, and gave her all the brushes to play with, she even told me “madam all of them are clean ones” 😛 No No you have no idea what I go through when my doll sees so many colorful things in a makeup store, usually she is supposed to be in the gaming zone or play area of the mall when I shop but yes, for emergencies, the Inglot SA was super nice. 😀 This time the SA had normal makeup on, most of the times, she has some polka dots on, yes she is gorgeous nevertheless and swatches stuff on her own hands and mixes and matches stuff for me to pair them up *puchhi* like what would go with a gold shadow, she draws some painting on her own hands 😛 She is super cute!

Inglot amc Face Blush 55 (5)


Inglot amc Face Blush 55 (9)

Okay so this time I was adamant my celebration haul has to be perfect, every single thing in it has to be pure love,and this blush shade is something I have been looking for everywhere, I will show you why, I was looking for a dupe for this Estee lauder one, which is more or less dead :/ this mauve goes on super duper natural and flushed on me and I love blushes on these lines, they have to be matte too and build-able at the same time not so pigmented that I have a tough time mellowing it down.

Inglot amc Face Blush 55 (10)

So now you know this is the blush I showed to the Inglot SA and she offered me this one as a dupe, plus another mauve that was shimmer, I wear blushes often and i dont like shimmer so I stick to matte, and such mauvy pinks or peachy pinks depencing on what lipstick I use.I would use this mauve blush with these lippies in Rose fresque and brique rose and a simple black liner which is my staple 🙂 I think these mauve blushes go very well with Indian skin tones, and might look better on me than the peachy pinks.

Inglot amc Face Blush 55 (4)

I like the simple fiunctional packaing of Inglot, these are not reflills, these dont come with a brush and mirror and you need to carry your own, so see to that.Its a simple matte mauve pink for me and it feels very smooth, not at all powdery or chalky, and it does not have any fall out or flying powder in the air.You can pick up less but I think the shade is light so you can never go wrong with it. You dont have to worry about lot of pink on your cheeks.

I do wish it was more pigmented but i think blushes should be a little subtle and not too pigmented to handle,so this is just fine. It is very soft and use a soft brush to pick it up or else you might dent the blush 🙁 I have oily skin and on me it stays on for three hours, after which it kind of melts,since it is humid and hot here.on dry skin it would fare better. On a simple compact too, this does not look made up hence all of us can use it safely.

Inglot amc Face Blush 55 swatch


Inglot amc Face Blush 55 swatch (2)

Last word:

Soft, sublte, matte, regular wear blush for warmer skin tones and fair as well, I love this blush though I wish it were more pigmented and the packaging could be better and it could stay longer too since they are now priced at 10150, so it is only fair enough to ask all of the above from these blushes, overall its pure love for me, since it is a super wearable blush for all of us.

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Inglot amc Face Blush 55 (8)


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Check this dupe out from Faces too in opera mauve another super wearable shade in matte.

Coming up, 3 more shadows from Inglot *woot*

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21 thoughts on “Inglot AMC Face Blush #55

  1. hye….this is such a pretty shade…will look amazing on cheeks *happydance* …..but price hiked from 750 to 1050 *shock* …not fair ….

  2. i am loving your photos Neha! *powder* beautiful! lovely blusher shade too. inglot is another brand i would love to try. 🙂 i will someday. 🙂

  3. lovely shade neha.. 🙂 too pricey for me*waaa* *nababana* do check out kryolan blushes too:)
    btw,what does shomi do when u do your lotd,me too curious now *specs*

        1. out of her reach
          now she can twist the lippies up and open nail enamels too!
          *ghost* so they go inside the cupboard high up on the shelves
          well its my job and i love it so have to make ways to keep her away when i work 😛

  4. aww.. this is my kinda pretty pink.. *drool* *drool* i can imagine hw beautiful n perfect it will look on ur flawless cheeks.. *whistle*

  5. This is such a pretty pinku girly shade … *drool*
    I loved reading dis especially ur doll and SA’s part *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*

  6. Owww..lovely likkiiiiing a looot.. 😀 😀
    but price hike..i think we still have these for the older price in MB…got to check..
    i just loggd in and see wat i’m doing..checking inglot in MB… *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*

  7. Neha..i loved all the piccys.. *happydance* *happydance* the colour is very pretty too *powder* *powder* *powder* but the price hike *spank* *spank*

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