Basic Blush and Highlight Application Tips

Blush and highlight application tipsA sweep of rouge over your cheeks is the surest way to wake up dull, tired skin. It adds radiance to your look. A cream blush is a handy beauty must have as it gives a sheer finish that looks most natural. It gives you a healthy glow. Makeup experts also love the bronzer – a dust of it over your cheekbones can contour your face like no other. Want to know your shade? Pinch your cheeks and the colour you see, choose shades closer to it. Or you can also match it with your lip colour.


It is always wise to invest in a good quality brushes for blush. It helps in better application. The jaw line also tends to sag, so a little blush can be put on it for lifting up the face. – Aashmeen Munjal , Makeup Artist

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Go for neutral rose shades for a radiant glow. Work your blush onto the apples of the cheeks as working along the cheekbones can accentuate the hollows of the cheeks and look more sallow also. To give contour to your face use a dark bronzer just below your cheekbones, and then blend in a light coral shimmer blush on the cheekbones. Blend well.

Dos in Blush Application

  • Always use blush after you are done with your rest of the makeup.
  • It is advisable to use cream blushers for mature skin, as it smoothly melts into the skin and gives you dewy finish.
  • However, if you have oily skin, then the powder blushers suit the best.
  • Corals, Rose, Pink and earth tones work best on Indian skin.
  • Always blend your blush towards the temples. Smile and circle the apples of the cheeks with the brush and then sweep in an upward manner.

Don’ts in Blush Application

  • Do not over do; keep the blush as sheer as possible for natural impact.
  • Avoid dark shades, as they would make your skin look tired, and pull your face down.
  • Avoid powder blushes, as it tends to sit on top of your skin and draw attention to the fine lines.
  • Never just circle your cheeks with blush or you will be mistaken for an escaped clown from a circus.

Face HIGHLIGHT Application Tips

A highlighter helps in accentuating the strong features of your face like cheekbones and brow areas. It will help you offset dullness. It also opens up features.


Highlighters are meant to highlight or focus. Thus ageing skin with deep wrinkles should strictly avoid highlighter. Stafford Braganza, Head Make-up artist, Lancome.


If you are above 40 use highlighter with a caution. While highlighting your brows take care that you don’t use it over your eyelids, you might end up highlighting the fine lines. It’s best to use over your cheekbones a little bit to define your face. But blend well.

Dos in Face Highlight Application

  • Apply in an upward manner to draw the attention to the arch of the brows.
  • Apply it on the hollow of the chin for giving contour to the face.
  • Apply it at the corner of your eyes to open updeep set or droopy eyes.

Don’ts in Face Highlight Application

  • When in doubt do not take a chance. Consult a beauty advisor at the outlet for best advice on choosing a highlighter.
  • Never wear a highlighter if you have visible deep wrinkles.
  • Avoid highlighter with glitter. They can make you look tacky.


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25 thoughts on “Basic Blush and Highlight Application Tips

  1. I!! I was sceptical about their tip on the usage of powder blushes. I love powder blushes. But I guess the tips are mostly for women above 30-35. I guess I can manage powder blushes for many years to come as of now. 🙂

  2. which type of blush would you you recommend for beginners?? powder blush or mousse blush?? i hav normal to dry skin and my complextion is weatish to dusky. i was thinking colorbar and maybelline(both powder and dream mousse) for both day and evening time…

    1. Hi Nithya,

      Powder blushes are the easiest to work with , especially for beginners. I think you should pick up a powder blush first, test and try a little with it and then pick up another one. Plum and wine shades look pretty on dusky skin tones.


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