Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush #56

Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush #56



4 g/0.14 US OZ for INR 400 now. (Bought at Inglot store, Express Avenue Mall, Chennai)

I love Inglot, may be it is the colors that hit you when you enter the store, may be the cute refills which you can actually hit pan on or may be the cute magnetic palettes which you can indulge in guilt-free.. I dont know why but these refills really dont feel like they hurt the pocket and you can actually use them think of actually finishing them up one day, they come so hassle-free, make your own palette or customize one through Inglot.
Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush56

I got a palette without a grid, last time, and then I filled it up with eyeshadow, mainly blushes, one concealer and there is still more place in it, which I intend fill up on my next trip, once the Inglot SAs know you, they remember you, last time I told them we will fill this up next time, but I am very sure I will end up buying another empty palette worth 480, because it holds so much, you can carry this and travel, eyeshadow,blush,lipstick, compact and done.
Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush 56 (5)
Anyway, moving to the blush, I have only 4 inlgot blushes out of which 3 are refills, once you try how soft the blushes are, there is no stopping you, I love them to death, I have two mattes and one this one which is silver shimmer, may be that is why it could be a wrong pick , but trust me it is good if you wear shimmer blushes.
Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush 56 swatch

The shade is a mauvy pink and it has silver shimmer, the shimmer shows up only when you blend, even when you swatch, the finger shows up a lot of shimmer. The shade will show up on light skin tones only, the silver will twinkle and hence you cannot wear it for the day. BUt the shimmer is on a matte base but hoinestly it is chunky and not fine or not milled with the texture of the blush but it is actually separate and visible, so if you have pores then this silver shimmer blush is the last thing you want.
Inglot blush
The texture is very soft, but honestly the base is so matte that it feels a little chalky but true to the color in the pan, but yes chalky the color is a good one as in if you have layer it on you can never go wrong, but the shimmer is a put off, of course i saw the shimmer when I bought so may be it is better off used for evenings out.
Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush 56 swatch (2)
The color stays on easily for 4 hours, but this pink will show up only on clear and fair skin, once the color fades by the time you come home, the shimmer remains and that is my main worry, the color melted away on my oily skin but the shimmer still there, so you need to keep a check on this one, better wear it when you go to dine at dim lit places 😛

I love the shade and the matte texture but need to be cautious of the shimmer and the little chalkiness it has, nevertheless Inglot has a ton more blushes to explore 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush #56

  1. Pretty in pink *whistle* *woot* its a lovely shade but yes the shimmer is to worry about *scared* *scared* but still the colour is very cute so not to worry about the shimmer *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. Somebody open an inglot in Hyderabad too. *waaa* *waaa* Or else I will buy a franchise and run it only for me. *devil*

  3. beautiful clicks Neha..i sooo wanna see how you wear these pretty pink blushes *puchhi*
    me in delhi….hauled M&S yesterday 😀 😀 *happy dance* *happy dance*

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