Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter Review

Ever wondered what Sakura in Japanese stands for? Japanese flowering cherry! In Japan, Cherry trees were cultivated for their beauty and adorning the grounds of nobility! Japanese turn out in large numbers outdoors with family and friends celebrating Hanami, traditional cherry blossom viewing party underneath the trees! Sounds great, isn’t it? Wish to join Hanami? The Body Shop was very thoughtful in bringing Hanami to all parts of the world sans Sakura! Come walk with me to know the beauty of Sakura!

Body Shop floral ranges of body butters include Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moroccan Rose and Moringa! Remember, Moringa and Moroccan Rose body butters are strongly flavored! Moroccan Rose smells just like freshly hand-crushed roses! Can you imagine a garden without roses? The scent of Moroccan Rose is accessible to almost everybody under the sky! Moringa is for the different woman in you, but too much can get nauseating!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter

If you are into mild flavors, try Japanese Cherry Blossom!(price Rs 875 Indian Rupees for 200 ml tub)  Doesn’t have over powering fragrance! Very mild, you can hardly pick it up at times! Very magical, people find you smell divine! Lifts up your spirits in a good way, of course! Perfect for day and night! Given a chance to pick one body butter for the life time, I would choose Japanese Cherry Blossom! Personally, I feel Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance is not so easily dupable! Japanese cherry blossom fragrance is yet to make a debut in the Indian market, which includes bath and body products!

Body butter is an intense moisturizer that can be used on entire body! It is specially formulated to maximize skin hydration! Likely to be used during dry times of the year or when the skin suffers from severe lack of moisture! The ingredients offer the skin both hydration and protection!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter

Body Shop launched Japanese Cherry Blossom range as a limited edition last spring, but it’s made permanent now! Thanks to the crazy demand! The body butter comes in 200 ml tub! Body butter tubs usually carry a color theme that coordinates with the fragrance! The lid is black with Cherry Blossom accents, the tub kind of coral – dark bubblegum pink!

The product looks almost white, but its pale pink in reality! Consistency is creamy! Sinks easily into skin, thanks to the glycerin formula! It’s very hydrating! Gives a healthy sheen to the skin! Doesn’t leave any greasy residue on the skin! Skin is visibly soft! Apply the moisturizer on damp skin! It helps lock moisturizer better! Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter is a very fragrant moisturizer! Perfume-kind! Claims best for normal skin! Try using in winters for best results! On test drive, the staying power of fragrance was more than 8 hours!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Butter
Some of us find wide-mouthed tubs not so user-friendly! You can transfer some into wee plastic or glass jars using a clean spatula for hygienic reasons! Depending on your usage, the 200 ml tub should last you around 7 – 8 months! No harm if more or less!

Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter compliments any mild floral perfume to avoid further chances of fragrance mishap! To maximise the fragrance and skin care benefits, use together with other products from Japanese Cherry Blossom range in a layering regime! Japanese Cherry Blossom range of products include Eau De Toilette, Body Puree, Shower Gel! Japanese Cherry Blossom is luxury personified! Treat you can give yourself once in a while! Makes a perfect valentine!

Key ingredients include Japanese cherry blossom extract, traditionally renowned for its soothing properties! Community Trade organically grown Soya Oil is rich in essential fatty acids! Fatty acids help restore skin’s moisture barrier and are ideal for softening skin! They penetrate skin easily and blend in beautifully with other natural oils! Community Trade Organic Olive Oil effectively smoothes, softens and conditions skin! Glycerin is an effective moisturizer which helps improve softness and maximize hydration!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Butter

How was your journey so far? Hope you like it! See you soon, lovelies!

P.S – Product performance varies according to the weather conditions! Use it at your own discretion! I don’t make the rules! Please feel free to choose your own bath and body products!

– Divija Reddy

I always had my eyes on those princess pictures. 😛 Thanks Divija. – Rati


23 thoughts on “Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter Review

  1. That was a cool post. Lost track of the number of exclamations though LOL

    I love the Cherry Blossom fragrance(using the shower gel). Will try the body butter next time and perhaps the eau de toilette too. Maybe a b’day treat for moi!!

  2. Ohh. I have this. I love the smell! It is just so dreamy and happy! The BB is okish. But the smell – is really nice. Though it doesn’t seem to last very long on me. Difference in skin probably 🙂

      1. yar i miss commenting n being crazy here, even i wanna respond on forums but you cant imagine what we have been going through, we get loadshedding for more than 10 hours durig day which leaves me with nothing at all, no tv no net, even my Bb’s battery drains out . i hate it:(

  3. Wow Divija.. Great review.. It lasts 7-8 months.. That’s really great.. I’ve never used any TBS product as they are not available at my place.. But next time I go to Mumbai I know where to go and what to buy… 🙂

  4. Shivani dear,

    LOL! thnq so much dear…why shd i be mad, after all? 🙂 rati is too modest 🙂 okay, rati…I permit u to do a review on any body shop product from now 🙂 LOL I sound too bossy… thnq for the sweetest comments…

    Poornima dear,

    thnq so much dear 🙂 I too lost the track of “!”…being a transcriptionist, I hated “period” all the time, then began my love for “!” …thanq very much!

    Tanvi dear,

    thnq very much dear! I find people
    who either like it or hate it! yes, many complain it doesnt last long 🙂
    but who cares, isnt it? must be skin type or weather as well 🙂

    Sarah dear,

    thnq so much dear…LOL…i want to literally roll on the floor for ur comment 🙂
    hope u r doing great 🙂

    mrunmayee dear,

    thnq very much dear! It might last for more than 8 months, as well! dont take my words for granted on the longevity of the tub 🙂 depends on how frequent u get to use it!

    never used body shop products before? c’mon girls! where do we begin, now? can somebody do the introduction part? i am so tired 🙂

    yes, puree is like your body lotion in a bottle with pump…

  5. Wow Divija…..the butter looks so delicious…..mmmmm….and your description of it makes it sound so yummy. I also can get my hands on Body Shop products now…since Body Shop has opened a new outlet near our place in Hyderabad. Loved the post.

  6. Great review Divs…a lot of effort goes into writing that much. Jap Cherry Blossom is the best! N Rati, yup those cute pics are Divs trademark 😀


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