Jesscia Custom Nail Colour – Starry Eyed

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Jesscia Custom Nail Colour – Starry Eyed

Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to be reviewing for you a very fun nail colour, that is completely apt for the festive season we are in. And you all know my fascination towards all things sparkly, and what better way to incorporate the glitters than the festivities of Diwali. I have this nail colour since a few months now and I love painting my nails with it. Jessica as a brand is highly exclusive and you can only find these in their salons, in exclusive salons that keep them or online . So lets get straight to the review !

Product Description- Jessica Nails nail colours are very popular amongst manicurists and consumers alike. Worn by a whole host of celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Nails are world renowned for their outstanding variety of classic and custom colours that offer something for everyone, such is the huge range of different colours on offer.Jessica Nails array of distinctive nail colours are the favourites of manicurists and consumers alike for their passion to natural nail care and their superbly colourful collection that makes your nails look just as good as those of the Hollywood stars!Lose your inhibitions with Jessica Custom Nail Colour. So dare to dream of beautiful nails with Jessica’s Daydream.14.8ml


Product Price– £11.50 (You will be able to find cheaper online)

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My Experience with Jesscia Custom Nail Colour – Starry Eyed (647)

The nail colour comes in a relatively simple and classic packaging, if I am honest with you I have seen much cuter packaging aka Essie or Chanel. I would say it is similar to OPI since the brush applicant is black in colour, the shape of the bottle is rather different though. It is a clear glass bottle, with the brand name ‘Jessica’ and Logo inscribed on top of it in black. The brush applicator is great too, as far as the functionality goes, I enjoy how easy it is to use on both hands. You see, I am relatively new to painting nails, I have always got it done at the salon because I messed up my right hands, so to find brush applicators that compliment the difficult job is a big sigh of relief for me.


The colour is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, creamy baby pink colour with shimmer. Ahhh! OH So pretty. It is such a great colour for the Diwali season and it will compliment Indian outfits too in my opinion. Such is the beauty of this colour, you can wear it with western outfits or Indian outfits, I love versatile products. The texture of the nail paints is something I really enjoy, it is definitely not too thin as some might think it is due to the shimmery undertones. I would say, the consistency is perfect. It is not too gooey nor is it too thin. Perfect is the word I would like to highlight here again. The formula also glides onto your nails very easily due this factor, so it is great for those people, like me, who have just started painting their own nails. I would say that its formula is as good as Essie. As for the opacity goes, I would say you would at least 2 coats for it to become completely opaque. Obviously, if you enjoy the translucency on your nails, one would be enough since it is not streaky upon application. The shimmer is the best bit about the formula as it draws enough attention to your nails, which the plain baby pink colour might not. It is the perfect balance in my opinion. The drying time for this nail paint is relatively fast, but I would say wait at least for 10 – 15 minutes before you start fidgeting about with your hands as you don’t want to mess the sparkle. As for the staying power, I love Jessica for this. I sometimes have it on my nails for 2 weeks even without any chips! How great is that? And no top coat used also.. yes you guys need to get your hands on this.


Overall I love this colour, perfect for the Diwali season we are heading into.

Pros of Jesscia Custom Nail Colour – Starry Eyed (647)

– Lovely creamy baby pink nail colour, with shimmer, definitely eye catching.
– Has a beautiful shiny effect on the nails.
– Glides smoothly onto your nails,without much effort.
– Dries relatively fast.
– Has a great staying power, will stay put without any top coat either.
– The consistency is great! Is not streaky upon application.
– Perfect colour for the festive seasons.
– Would suit all skin tones.
– Have not found dupes of this colour so far.

Cons of Jesscia Custom Nail Colour – Starry Eyed (647)

– The packaging could have been slightly better, but hey I am not on their branding team.. so no comments!

Would I repurchase Jesscia Custom Nail Colour – Starry Eyed ?

Yes, I love this colour.

IMBB rating- 4.95/5.

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