Jessica Zen Spa Heel Repair Creme Review

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Jessica Zen Spa Heel Repair Creme

Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to be reviewing a very famous brand in the States, almost all celebrities are a massive fan of this brand and they have their salons everywhere now! So lets get straight to it. My mother purchased this foot cream for me from our favourite salon, my feet had become dry and I was really hoping this intensive cream would do the job.

Product Description- Rejuvenate dry, cracked heels with the restorative powers of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. This super hydrating formula drenches skin in moisture. Generously apply to heels and any problem area and wake up to smooth and supple skin.
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Product Price– £16.30

My Experience with Jessica Zen Spa Heel Repair Creme

The packaging of this intensive heel repair creme is really simple, the product essentially comes in a white coloured tub. You can see in the pictures, that I have made use of this cream a LOT. So much, that the print writing on top has faded away. Oh well. Anyway, the tub comes with a lid that needs to be screwed open or shut. Now, I really wished that the packaging was of a different form, why you might ask? Because the stuff goes straight on my feet, and I find it super unhygienic on double dipping. I also feel like it is less cost efficient in this manner, cause you end up taking a lot of product out of the lid.
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The cream is white in colour and is of a thick gel like consistency. Upon application it leaves the dry skin on my heels feeling really soft and supple, I even cover my feet with socks after I apply the cream since it seals the moisturiser in. For the fragrance, I would say it is really botanical and lovely, it definitely is not overpowering. But it is enough to give a pleasant experience while application, it would remind you of a mini pedicure at home itself.

Let us talk about the effects shall we? Well like I said, I have used this cream too many times and I still apply it diligently every night. The cream does not feel uncomfortable on my feet and I can go doing my other things while I have socks on top of my feet. The cream has done wonders for me, my heels are really soft and supple. The dehydration has completely vanished, however let me tell you this. I don’t solely credit this, I have also used another cream on my feet that has done wonders for my feet too. I can sum this up by saying that, this is a foot maintenance cream. It does work into your skin and eradicate the dryness, but it is not as intensive as it suggest it is. Having said that, I love this cream it has helped my dry feet become soft again.
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Pros of Jessica Zen Spa Heel Repair Creme

– Moisturises dry skin on feet and makes them feel hydrated again.
– Has a lovely non- overpowering fragrance.
– Is a great maintenance foot cream.
– Face no discomfort upon applying it.

Cons of Jessica Zen Spa Heel Repair Creme

– It is not as intensive to heal cracked feet.
– Slightly expensive.
– Wish the packaging was not in a tub.

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Will I repurchase this again?

Yes, I shall be purchasing this very soon!

IMBB rating- 4/5.

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