Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream Review

Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream Review

Heyyy all,  I have got a superb product review today for all! Xerrriiinnnaaa! It’s a foot cream by Ranbaxy. Yes that’s right, Ranbaxy which makes medicines we take etcetera etcetera. Yes they manufacture a foot cream too. Surprised? Well I was, really!

Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream

I found Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream product in hetro medical store where I went to take cough medicine for my sister. This product was on display. I was not interested until a lady came and bought it. I saw the cute little feet made on it and asked her what was that for? She replied- oh this. It’s my foot cream. I said what Foot cream? I thought the only drugstore foot cream was crack cream! I asked the bhaiya at the counter. He said it’s a foot cream by Ranbaxy.

He said should I pack it. I said hell ya! (Not literally but obviously I was going to try out a foot cream by Ranbaxy I mean h20 plus mint foot rub is my HG foot cream but to try out a drugstore foot cream was really tempting!)

So I bought Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream 2 weeks back, stopped using my h20 plus foot cream and gave it a try.

Price and pack- 238/- for 50 gms it comes in s small tub like pack expiry date is for 2 years from mfd date.

It also has a leaflet with information about the product and regarding dry cracked feet inside the pack.

xerina foot cream


Purified water, glycolic acid,urea,cetylated fatty ester complex, ammonium hydroxide,glycerine,glyceryl mono stearate,ceto stearyl alcohol,P.E.G 100 stearate,cetyl palmitate,propylene glycol, vitamin e acetate,steaic acid, isopropyl myristate,olive oil,sepiplus,dimethicone,perfume,methylparaben,di sodium E.DT.A, propyl paraben

What the company claims- moisturizes and exfoliates rough dry skin. Regular use helps healing of cracks and corns on feet, invigorates and revitalizes feet and skin. Smoothens and softens skin, for feet, elbows and other areas where skin in dry.


Directions for use
Wash affected areas and pat dry. Apply cream (1-2 Gms) to affected areas and rub in. when absorbed, apply once more.foor best results, apply to feet at night and wear socks to bed. Then wash off after 8 hours. Apply as needed 2-3 times daily

Pros of Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream:
• I really loved it and so did my mom!! We both loved the way it works!
• As I was already using my h20 plus cream so I didn’t have much of any concern but my mom has quite a lot of cracked feet( I asked her to use my cream but she refuses to apply anything so expensive on feet, she thinks its waste of money! !) but she happily took this one.
• The smell is kind of baby powder one. It’s not over the top…Kinda nice:)
• It has helped mom with the crack feet a lot!
• It is quite thick cream, but glides on easily.
• The smell will linger on the skin for good 2 hours so if u like baby powder smell…u’ll love it.
• It easily gets absorbed by the skin and is not at all greasy!
• I thought I would have rashes cause glycolic acid was mentioned the 2nd ingredient in the list, but it was quite safe for me to use! (Thank god!)
• It smoothens out feet nicely.
• It will be easily available in medical stores like hetro or Apollo or some other big medical shops.
• It does what it claims and im soo happy with my mom using it without feeling that its waste of money cse it’s just 238!! ( plus some medicals will give you a discount if ur a member like hetro and all).


ranbaxy xerina

Cons of Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream:
• Well some might not like the tub package.
• Another is that you really have to close the cap tightly or else the product gets oxidizes and turns yellow if not properly closed( this was told by the guy in the medical store, I guess its because of glycolic acid.
• You need to wash off your hand after applications, 3 days when I didn’t do that , the fourth day it started burning my hands, not obvious red but stinging sensation( the percentage of glycolic acid is appropriate for feet for regular use and not for hands, I guess).
• I tried for the other areas like mentioned like the elbows; however after a week it was too strong for my elbows too and started burning there too. I guess I have thin sensitive skin that’s why. So now I use it 3 days in week and stop and use my h20 plus foot cream for my hands.
• Please do not apply this on cuts, etc… it stings badly.

Would I take it or toss it?
Take it!! Few products you find especially for foott which do what they claims, I use it like an intensive weekly treatment for my feet and hands (glycolic acid is 2nd ingredient).
3 days a week then switch to h20 plus foot cream. Once your crack feet problem is solved you can use it for a week once a month for maintenance like stuff. And follow with your regular foot cream

Would recommend to people with dry rough feet with problem of cracks like my mom, who wants smooth skin. it’s easy on pocket and easily available. Do try it and tell me how it was.

Until then
Love and light

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21 thoughts on “Ranbaxy Xerina Foot Cream Review

  1. i guess it must be developed my chemists .. like especially to heal the foot problems. Like a medicine.. I’d get this for mom for sure. :thumbsup:

  2. I was recommeded by a dermatologist to try this cream for my feet in winters when it gets really dry , rought and develop cracks. Will start this today and i am glad i found a review before giving this a try. 🙂 thnx.

  3. I hv a fetish fr gud lovely feet n eyes n really thr r very less gud foot creams available in d mkt 😐 aftr tis review i m going to buy it :thanks: :yahoo: :thanks: :yahoo: :balle:

  4. I never knew that Rambaxy made cosmetics too (the sunscreen being just an exception). The cream sounds great. I think I’ll get this one for my mum who’s careless about her feet and needs to get rid of cracked heels. 😛

  5. This was recommended to us by a dermatologist and we always have one tub with us at home. It is a little strong, but using it every alternate week helps or every 10 days or so, and then give it a gap by using some other heel cream.

  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i didnt even come know my article came!! didnt come online for 3 days :(( :(( had so much of work..

  7. I too like this product, far better then the current foot moisturizing cream-lotions available in market right now.
    Above all it worth to pay money.
    Outright a ‘Value for money’,

    Verdict: GO FOR IT. 🙂 😀 :toothygrin:

  8. Well,

    It is indeed a very good product. I am involved in the marketing of this product in Mumbai.
    And it can be used all kind of Skin where the skin has thickened. It contains Cetylated faty esters which is an in-licensed product from California USA! You can also try it in Corns on foot and thick finger nail beds too. IT Contains Glycolic Acid which exfoliates the dead skin, It has urea which gives moisturization to the skin and Cetylated fatty esters actually help to smoothnen the dead/dry skin. Indeed a good product .

    Also nice to hear that you liked it! :waytogo:

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