Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick Review

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New month has begun, I hope this month is better than the previous one and you enjoy the coming festival of Holi too. Coming to today’s review, I’m going to review a very inexpensive lipstick. Well, I have had this lipstick for long time and used it rarely. Let me detail it out now for you. Keep reading .

Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick (7)

Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick (8)

Price and quantity: Rs 149 for 3.4 g


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What the product claims:

This lipstick will keep your lips soft and supple with beautiful and dazzling colors. Rich, creamy texture will give soft shiny finish to lips.

 Full coverage with dazzling color
 Rich and creamy texture
 Lightweight with smooth-glide application
 Shiny finish

Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick (6)

My take on Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick:

At the first glance, nobody will find it to be a quality product because of its cheap packaging. The packaging is very ordinary with a transparent cap that shuts with a click. It is the usual twist-up lippy. ‘Jordana Made in USA’ is written over the rose pink lipstick bullet cover. The shade code and number are mentioned below the lipstick.

Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick (4)

This lipstick has a typical fruity smell which is annoying. The texture is nothing to complain about. It’s creamy and smooth. No problems with the application as well. The lipstick glides smoothly over lips and gives enough color in one or two swipes. The color pay-off is also fine for the price paid.

Rolling in rose is a shimmery mauve pink shade. The shade is beautiful but has high shine properties, which makes it look like a mature women shade. Although my mother likes this shade and it suits her well, I like fun shades more so I avoid wearing this lipstick. The staying power is around 2 hours after which it fades. I use a lip balm under this lipstick because it’s a bit drying after an hour or so. Otherwise, it’s a nice inexpensive lipstick to own.

Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick (4)

Now let’s sum up the pros and cons.

Pros of Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick:

• Nice pigmentation
• Doesn’t bleed
• Warm shade
• Smooth texture
• Affordable
• Too many shade options
• One or two swipes are enough to get the color.

Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick (2)

Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick (3)

Cons of Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick:

• Cheap packaging.
• Too shimmery for young girls.
• A little drying.
• Strong fruity smell.
• Availability.

Will I repurchase Jordana #183 Rolling With Rose Lipstick?

Umm, not really; for the sole reason that it’s very shimmery and I like matte lipsticks. But otherwise I recommend it to people who like shimmery and shiny lipcolors.

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