Jordana Lipstick True Red-Review

Jordana Lipstick True Red-Review

Recently, I ventured into some Jordana lipsticks when I saw them online. I thought these will be fun to review ad i wanted to test these after Bhawna reviewed the “Cherry” shade. I thought why not try the others and lets see whether they are worth being considered you next purchase. So here is my review, a super budget lipstick, that costed me Rs.149!

Jordana lipstick true red

I have tried some Jordana matte lipsticks too and those were way to fragrant, I gave up on them thought the shades were lovely thick matte ones. So I bought some regular ones and these dont say whether they are matte or regular but they are plain Jordana lippies. Most of the shades online were way too dark and these that I bought were safer reds. I will be reviewing the others too soon. 🙂

jordana lipstick true red 1

The lipstick comes in a simple packaging, nothing fancy and much of the lippy protrudes above and is visible within the cap. I damage such lipsticks when I replace the cap often in a hurry.The lipstick is a bright red,it has pinkish undertones and the texture is sheen and thick but more like a stain.The lipstick is not a creamy one but it feels thick and leaves a lot of burst of color rather than a thick layer of onto your lips. This will make for a great lip stain too considering it is a very hot red, you can go dab-dab with your fingertip if you don’t like to line your lips and go red!

jordana lipstick true red 2

The lipstick is neither shimmer nor frost or matte!It is a regular sheen finish lippy which can be blotted to make it matte. It is great for this season and this is what I wore on this Karwachauth and it is the perfect red for my complexion. The red has pinker and carrot-y undertones to it and hence I like how it can be worn with ease.
jordana lipstick true red swatch

Just a word of caution, this can look really bright if the rest of you face is dark or dull. What I mean is that if you feel this is standing out on you, then just use it as lip stain. The biggest issue with this is that it stains,it gets a little brighter after some time and stains on and on forever. It feels more like a stain.I prefer to use it with a lip brush and this lipstick does not bleed much.Also, these lippies smell of chewing gum mildly but better than the matte ones. These can feel a little bit stiff and rubbery too.

*Applied with a lip brush

jordana lipstick true red lotd

Last word:

For the cost of Rs.149 , you can try it, its a great red if you wear it with a lip brush or as a lip stain. good for beginners, it is not a blue-based red but a soft pinkish red. These might feel a little stiff and feel more like a stain than a lipstick.

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11 thoughts on “Jordana Lipstick True Red-Review

  1. This beautiful red lipstick at Rs. 149, unbelievable…..and then you have applied it so nicely on your lips…it doesn’t look scary red….it looks like a lovely pink 😛

  2. <3 vow pretty hai Neha !!! there is one other collection of lipsticks i asked the SA she told me 250/- … the packaging reminds me of that shoe waala lippy from oriflame…. have u tried those??

  3. hey! this is a very good product for its price and we really cant expect more from it.
    lovely shade and lovelier lip swatch! 😀
    Can’t wait to go hunting for jordana ,will have to order online otherwise 🙁 <3

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