Jordana Lipstick Mauve 034 and Lip Liners Natural and Spice

Jordana Lipstick Mauve 034 and Lip Liners Natural and Spice

Jordana Lipstick Mauve 034 and Lip Liners Natural and Spice

I promised to share and review my haul from Jordana and for the first time I involved my hubby’s credit card for online shopping :yahoo: (what did you think , I said “online”) and I am so happy to help you guys out with the right shade selection through online shopping, so my research doesn’t go waste 😆

To buy a Jordana lipstick from an Indian website that Devi had suggested, I had to undergo so much research as I did not want frost or shimmer :nonono: and I was so wary of the smell of these as I have some from Cherry Culture and they smell a lot :sick: and thankfully, this one doesn’t :victory: I am so happy at the fluke that I could guess this shade is not frosty (after hunting for so many swatches online) and so, I made it a point to share the swatch with you guys.

Jordana Lipstick

The lip liners, ooh la la, the spice one is to die for, let me tell you. I paid Rs. 109 each for the liners and Rs. 149 for the lipstick 😀 can you believe that. I know I have just two lips and enough lipsticks to paint them with, but when it comes to makeup, no reasoning is good enough you know and I just have to hoard. :balle: :makeup:

The lipstick in “Mauve” is such a fantastic soft plum shade :love: I could not believe that I could manage to get this shade online by no real swatch :yahoo:  Its absolutely matte on the lips and not pigmented or creamy in real.  Its very mildly pigmented, more like some lip tint and you have to swipe it on and on for the color, but once the color comes on the lips, it forms more like a layer of color in matte and the color is “GORgoeous!” It’s a soft mauvy plum, pink based, but rather pinky-brownie-plum in person and it stays put.

Jordana Lipstick

I can say it easily stays for about four hours on me, but the problem is I have to swipe it on and on which makes it sticky :yuck:, but I have some other matte lipsticks with the same problem, so I don’t care much.  As long as the shade is good, no frost, no shimmer, no glaze, and matte it is, I can rock it 😀

This lipstick does not glide like a cream lipstick, remember please.  Its not soft, not pigmented, and feels very hard.  It can get waxy too for some, but I am so much in love with the shade that I am ready to ignore the vices. For you though, its much lighter in person and not brown, but plum than in the pics and swatch.  The lipstick thankfully doesn’t smell much and smells very very mildly like half of Lakme lipstick :stars:

Jordana Lipstick

Now, the lip liner in “Spice” was an instant love.  It’s a coral peachy matte and very creamy liner.  Its more creamier than you can ever imagine you would get from a Rs. 109 rupees lip liner.  I think I am going to store some 5 backups of this as I always wear liners and peach lipsticks too every other day.

Jordana Lipstick

The “Natural” one is just a perfect nude liner.  Its matte but not as creamy as the Spice one but good enough. This one can tug but still much better than so many of our Indian market ones (namely Streetwear wooden ones :hypnotized: ), it’s a very pretty brownie nude, must have.

Jordana Lipstick

Last Word on Jordana Lipstick Mauve 034 and Lip Liners Natural and Spice:

I can’t believe I paid in chillar for these three lip prducts.  The lipstick is nothing great apart from the color. The lip liners are good for the price.  Jordana makes such affordable things which you can just use and throw without a hole in the pocket and you get them half the price of Indian brand lip liners considering you need to pay as much as a lipstick these days to get a liner 🙄


Spice: 5 on 5
Natural:  3.5 on 5
Mauve:  2.5 on 5 (in love with the color).

Wait for my Jordana blushes and lip liners review to get some more idea 😀

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16 thoughts on “Jordana Lipstick Mauve 034 and Lip Liners Natural and Spice

  1. Hmmmm seems like grocery shopping u also shop for lips stuff 😆 😆 i have :hihi: one lippie from jordana and its ok dnt like the smell though :yuck: ….. their glosses are just fabulous n i wanna try one soon they are priced at somwehere between 250 and 270…u must try…..the lipliner is huge and this brand is worth trying……
    :thanks: fr sharing

  2. nyc review neha 🙂 the lipcolour is so suttle :heart: it!! the lip pencils also seem to be sumthing to crab 🙂 ive ordered jordana’s lipcolour in barely pink too :yahoo: hope fully it comes out gud too *fingers crossed*

  3. Hi Neha,

    As a person who is really into mauve/plum lipsticks I really like your review……Most of my lipsticks are nude/mauve/plum coloured :yahoo: .. eventhough very recently I have decided to taken on more variantions…

  4. Neha dr.. ive both te lip liners and i love Spice very much..:teddy: :teddy:
    I ve heard some gud reviews abt Mauve lippie, so ws wonderin if 2 buy..
    thanks fr te review dr.. :thanks: :thanks:

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