Jordana USA 5 ½” Eyeliner in Silver

Jordana USA 5 ½” Eyeliner in Silver

Helloooooo everyone! *shy*

How have you all been? How is the week coming along? 😀 Mine is going to be a “movie marathon” week 😛 This is the last week of my leisure time and I’m making the MOST of it! What better way than to go out with my girlfriends on a movie marathon?! *happy dance* Well, other than that everything else is pretty much the same! Eat, sleep, watch movies, browse, shop online and then AGAIN, rewind just one last week! *hihi* 😛 I am on vacation for almost 2 months now and I think I’m ready for work now!! *jalwa*

Anyways, the product I am reviewing today is my last eyeliner from Jordana that I bought a few months back. It’s Jordana USA Eyeliner in Silver! For those who don’t know much about Jordana USA, please go through my previous posts for details. Let’s see how Silver fared for me!

Product Name: Jordana USA Eyeliner Silver

Product Price: Rs.129 for 1.39g

Product Description by Jordana USA:

• Non-Skipping;
• Creates Precise, Fine outline
• Compact size fits in purse or makeup bag.
• Soft and gentle application
• Stays Silky-smooth in all weather.

jordana eye liner ingredients


My take with Jordana USA 5 ½” Eyeliner in Silver:

I completely love metallic shades and I bought this silver eyeliner for that sole reason! I never owned a silver eyeliner and I just thought I should give it a go.
Packaging– The packaging is cute with a gold colored cap and the body is color co-ordinated with the color of the eyeliner. So pretty easy to locate it that way if you have a stack full of eyeliners ! The pencil is a small one and quite handy. On the whole, travel friendly.
Color and Texture- Okay so the color is true to it’s name- silver! The pencil looks beautiful but when I tried swatching it on my hand, I got nothing! Like seriously, nothing?! You know even a pencil lead would have shown up my hand but not this! This eyeliner is just sooo stubborn with it’s color pay-off! It was so hard for me to swatch it on my hand that I had to do it on paper. *spank* And now, the eye swatch! *cry* I can’t really tell how much I have struggled to get this eye swatch done *hunterwali* The texture is harder than a pencil lead! I tried using this when I was going out but it just wasn’t smooth and my eyelids started aching because of the tugging of the pencil. I just threw it away after that. *hunterwali* And then I took it out only now to do the swatch for IMBB. With a lot of effort, I managed to do this eye swatch *jalwa* As you can see, it’s hardy visible on my eyelids *spank* And this is the result after at least 10 swipes *spank*
silver eye liner
Staying power- When it’s hardly seen on my eyelids, how does this point even come into picture. Urrggh! *hunterwali*

Pros of Jordana USA 5 ½” Eyeliner in Silver:

• If using a eyeliner as a pencil is a pro, then start using this one like that! *hihi*
• NOTHING else I can think of *waiting*

Cons of Jordana USA 5 ½” Eyeliner in Silver:

• Zero color pay-off
• Texture is just too hard. *pan*
• Staying power is nil.


Will I repurchase/recommend Jordana USA 5 ½” Eyeliner in Silver?

I will never repurchase this one. *pan*

I won’t recommend this to anyone. It’s a major dud ! You can give it a try if you like to take risks though (sehat ke liye haanikaarak hain) 😀 But let me warn you, please do not buy this or try this at home 😛

IMBB Rating:

-1/5 *hunterwali*

Till next time, caio! *shy*

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13 thoughts on “Jordana USA 5 ½” Eyeliner in Silver

  1. Uff itna ghussa Princy k minus me marks dediye! *clap* for your efforts to swatch it and lucky you are enjoying a 2 month vacation….. movie marathon *jalwa* well nice refreshing review and by the way do mention in the next post which movies you watched and if possible, one more OOTD please 🙂

    1. Haaaaan *pan* *thankyou* Sumera *puchhi* yup movie marathon *oye balle* I might watch Fault in Our stars and Ek Villian 😀 Siddhaaaaarth *woot* my favourite *shy* and OOTD, will do very soon 😀 my brother doesn’t like clicking *cry* I have to beg him if I need to do an OOTD *waaa* Uske sab naatak ho jaane ke baad, OOTd ke liye pictures click kartha hain*spank* kash meri ek behen bhi hoti *cry*

  2. rofl rofl … U gave it -1….. U r priceless princy….. And ur pics are just superb *drool* *drool* ….. And the product……. How dare they launch this thingy in the market…. They must be sued…..

  3. Eh. Stoopid eyeliner *haan ji*
    I like how your eye pictures have turned out so neat, though! 🙂
    Good review, Princy! 😀

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