Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base Review

Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base Review

Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base Review

Since I have been really experimenting with eye shadows lately, I had an urgent requirement for an eye shadow base. One that I have is from Bh Cosmetics, which feels a total opposite to this eye primer in terms of texture.  The best part is that this primer by Jordana is very inexpensive and easily available online.  I do think we have a serious dearth of eye primers in India.

Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base

We have all heard about the UDPP and the Two-Faced Shadow Insurance often, but needless to say, those aren’t easily available to us and considering how many of us would use an eyeshdaow regularly, not many of us would be wiling to spend a bomb on an eyeshadow base when we don’t have many eyeshadows to use. Hence this review goes out to everyone who wants their eyeshadows to stay on for long with an eyeshadow base that is easy on the pocket.

Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base

It think I got mine for under 200 rupees, but please check online for the current ates. The cute packing is to my liking and the tub is small and cute, very much like the Bh Cosmetics primer.  If you have used the other one, you would know it has a creamy texture, but this, on the contrary, has a hard, clay-like texture (at least mine does).

Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base

The texture is hard and it is of whitish-pink kind of a color. You can literally see the round pan filling move around when it hardens after say a month or two of use. At first, I thought it has hardened and is of no use, but that’s the trick I suppose.  The feel is made like that because it settles like a base on the lid and doesn’t budge.  You have to use your finger tip to warm the product which softens and then a little base comes off, which can be spread on the lid.

Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base

The problem with this primer is that it is too white for my eye lid and hence I need to use very less. It can be blended as soon as it is applied before it is dry I suppose. The base leaves a white cast on the lid, hence use it on the area that will be covered with a dark shadow and not under your brows or the whole of the area above the eye, which might look really awkward.

Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base

The performance I would say is not bad at all. It settles and feels like a tough base to an eyeshadow and works better with darker shadows needless to say. More than adding color to the shadow, I think it might dull the lighter shadows, but it performs better in the “staying power extension” aspect. It prolongs the wear of a shadow by a minimum of three hours for me on oily lids and hot and humid condition. There was no creasing at least for five to six hours for me when without a base, it would have been barely two hours.

Last Word:

An inexpensive, performing shadow base, which is better at enhancing wear of the shadow rather than adding more depth to a color. Not one of the best, but we don’t have much of a choice, and this one is not bad for general purpose for people like me who might not use a shadow that regularly.  Overall, you might find the texture hard and white, but use little and blend it lightly and then you can expect no creasing, but this primer won’t deepen the eyeshadow colors.

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16 thoughts on “Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base Review

  1. sounds good for beginner..i so agree with u we really dont have much options in terms of eye shadow bases..i use mac paint pot or nyx skintone base totally love nyx for using under eyeshadow and know <3 🙂

  2. it sounds okay neha. yeas as you mentioned, it sounds good for beginners but may bot be totally awesome otherwise. I am totally sticking to my mac paint pots i got a small tube of udpp and i feel mac paint post are better. which is that 4th color from the left?

    1. the gold one 🙂 its all from rachida brackni shadow quad loreal i had revud 🙂
      i mean the left four are from that
      and yeah mac ofcourse wud be best ..i know 🙁

        1. hihihih but this one is nice for day to day use. for a long lasting one and a budget option i think you can also try inglot one. 🙂

  3. I USE LOTUS HERBALS BEIGE ONE as eyeshadow base…around 250 bucks…i found the shade too dark fo ma face so i will utilize it as eyeshadow base..i dnt wear eyeshadows as i have big monolids+almond eyes tht hide the eyeshadows completey unless applied above crease.i invest RARELY on eyshadows thts y..hhahaha….this looks gud for its price…and yes neha u are very rite ,primers,makeup bases,kabuki brushes,big eyeshadows pallettes are somthngs tht shuld be in more in numbers in india….hope the companies are listening and launch more prdcts here…m sure they wont b dissapointed !!!

  4. Neha, This is a good primer and cheap too.. lemme knw if there is sumthing better coz that pink thing is reminding me of Lacto calamine ….hee hee hee :p

  5. I am from Egypt and we have the same problems here with make up primers in general , and eye primers as well …I have this eyeprimer and ,I faced the same problem ..but the interstinh thing was ;I have very dry eyelids ! So , eyeprimers aren’t a nessecity at all for me ..Still, I need something that can double -act as a primer & concealer base and foundit it 😀 Garnier concealer “Roll on ” go get it ladies 🙂

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