Jumpsuit: The New Fashion in Town

Jumpsuit: The New Fashion in Town

Lovely Ladies
Hope you are fine and in good health. It’s been an exciting week for me as I did lots of shopping, eating and hanging around with my cute friends. I also did a lot of market survey and found out that jumpsuits are making quite large this season. There is a craze going on among pretty ladies this season with both jumpsuits. So I did little bit research and saw that even our favorite and some of the most stylish Celebrities are too into this JUMPSUITS and PLAYSUITS trend. But before moving ahead I would like to explain what actually is a jumpsuit. Well,a jumpsuit is a one piece garment with both sleeves and legs attached. It is also popularly called a Romper or a playsuit when it is shorter in length. Let us have a style check to find out how the Glam Divas are adding that extra charm, elegance and not to forget the Glamour factor to these trendy outfits.

Celebrities Style Check

1. Kate Beckinsale is looking just fabulous in this fuchsia colored one shouldered jumpsuit and she has taken it to that extra level with the drapes in it.

2. Our very favorite and one of the most stylist women on the planet Kim Kardashian is looking too hot and glamorous at the same time in this khaki colored jumpsuit and I really like the way she teamed it up with black gladiators and that yellow clutch.
Kim Kardashian

3. Katy Perry has gone tropical here wearing a floral jumpsuit. And I love those heels she is wearing
Katy Perry

Coming back to Bollywood Divas, Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone is always a step ahead to flaunt their towering height and Jumpsuits are the best clothing fitted for this purpose.
1. Kareena Kapoor is recently seen flaunting her beauty at the same time promoting her upcoming movie HEROINE in a bold and beautiful Red Jumpsuit and she is all set attracting the attention of her million fans all over the world.
Kareena Kapoor

2. Deepika Padukone is looking ravishing in this blue colored jumpsuit. She has kept her accessories just minimal, sticking to the bare basics. A watch and flats to complete her simple yet chic look. I like how the way she has kept her look simple and elegant without over accessorizing.
Deepika Padukone

3. Sonam Kapoor who in a very short period has already established herself as a Style Icon has taken the style quotient to greater heights by wearing a chic satin blue jumpsuit and carrying a sling bag to add to that extra zing!!
Sonam Kapoor

I really like the way how these ladies have opted for loud hues that never turns away from brightness. There are some other ways too in which one can jazz up a plain jumpsuit look. You can team it up with a cropped jacket or a blazer taking power dressing to a new level.

Heidi Klum is just blowing the mind off with a black cropped jacket and red high heels.
Heidi Klum

A jacket and a belt to draw all the attention looking irresistible.
jacket jumpsuit

Some important tips to keep in mind before going to wear a jumpsuit
These are as follows:-
• Never wear a jumpsuit if you are too short in height since this piece of clothing is meant to flatter people of an average or towering height.
• Never over accessorize when you are wearing a jumpsuit. Keep it minimal
• Go for a jumpsuit that suits your body type in a perfect way. A wrong one may cause you a fashion disaster.
• If you are blessed with a curvaceous figure then you can further show-off your tiny waist by wearing a thin belt around.
• Strapless, one-shouldered, halter-neck jumpsuits are the most flattering ones this season.
• If you have those extra pounds then you can hide them by wearing either baggy or draped jumpsuit like the one Kate Beckinsale is wearing.
• Jumpsuits are a very comfortable piece of clothing for pregnant ladies. They keep it loose and free on that area.
• Be very careful with the fabric. Go for animal prints, florals, silk, denim, crepe, satin, cotton, etc as they look simply awesome when it comes to a jumpsuit.

To sum up I would like to say that whether it is spring or summer, morning or evening look, formal or informal Jumpsuits are meant to flatter every occasion and season. Be fearless and you can give it a try at least once.

Have fun with your Jumpsuit. Happy Reading!!!

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  1. i hv a lvly cute jumpsuit also in peach n pink shade yayayayya…my son lvs it like anything..wenever stepping ot “mumma wear that jumpsuit :D…”

  2. I too love them a lot. Loved the Kim Kardashian’s one. but have never bought it thinking to the times of its removal while using the rest rooms huh..

  3. nice article ishani..and it would ve been gr8 if u ve added our Rati s photo…she was wearing a black jumpsuit with black louboutins a way long back in the faux paus…

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