Kama Ayurveda Box Review

Kama Ayurveda Box Review


Hope all you my wonderful fellow mates are doing great and pampering themselves enough. I have been a little occupied with work and home in the past month, failing to come forth with a post, but I have always managed to sneak onto IMBB while I am at work, read out the reviews and awesome OOTD’s and leave my share of appreciation. IMBB has made me a great fan of few of some really awesome women here, to start with Diva Mother of all – RATIIIII, the gorgeous hardworking woman who never fails to compliment each one of us without a miss. Aparajita, for her innovative DIY posts, her eye makeup tutorials, her OOTS’s, she is truly versatile and very creative. I really admire her a lot. The OOTD princesses Atika, Sahiba and all you wonderful fashion paparazzi’s ;).

Kama Ayurveda Box 2

Well, let me return to what I have in the gyaan store for you today. After using Forest Essentials, I have been peculiarly drawn towards natural and luxury Ayurveda and today I am going to share my experience on my first Kama Goody Box.

Kama Ayurveda Box 3

I recently went to Khan Market and stepped in to Kama’s Store for a change. Otherwise, I have usually been a sincere buff of Forest Essentials.  Everything seemed so appealing and catchy, especially loved the aroma that surrounds you and hits your nose in such exotic nature stores.

So, before I share what all my box had, let’s know a little more about Kama Ayurveda.

This is one amazing line of pure Ayurvedic products for beauty and wellness which harnesses the power of nature, using the ancient wisdom and wellbeing traditions of Ayurveda.  The product line includes body and face scrubs, rich emollient herbal oils, luxurious body and hair care products and super premium rosewater, packed in beautiful apothecary jars, bottles and gift boxes.

Did You Know?

When I further researched about them, I learnt that their products are ultra-pure; there are no artificial colours, no artificial fragrances, no animal ingredients, no petrochemicals, no parabens, no urea, no propylene glycol or sulphates. Isn’t this just amazing?

My box contained these four lovely products:

Kama Ayurveda Box 4

  • Pure Vetiver water (Face and Body Mist).
  • Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser.
  • Mandarin Vetiver Body Moisturizer.
  • Mandarin Vetiver Hair Cleanser.

I will review each one briefly.

Fact File:  Vetiver is a fragrant grass native to India.  Today, it grows in tropical regions around the world, mostly for the perfume industry. In India, vetiver roots are woven into mats that are hung in doorways and misted with water to cool and refresh the air as it moves through the home.

Pure Vetiver Water 2

Pure Vetiver Water (Face and Body Mist): Vetiver water is a gentle face and body mist that is cooling, earthy and refreshing. A very suitable and much-needed product for the oh-so-almost-here summers (Delhi).  Its natural astringent hydrates and balances the pH balance of the skin, tightens the pores and relaxes the mind. The steam distillation process used to create this wonderful vetiver water ensures a high level of hygiene and purity. It is free from artificial preservatives, Colorants, Fragrances and Petrochemicals.

Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser: Rati did a lovely review of this product some time ago.

Kama Mridul Cleanser 2

Kama Mridul Cleanser 4

A product that is purely made from all natural products and some of the ingredients include camphor, herbs, cereals and pulses. It gently cleanses the skin without drying it. You will notice results immediately after washing.  I am gaga over this awesome product. Its in form of a powder, so you need to add a few drops of water to bring it to a paste form, gently exfoliate on skin, and voila! All fresh and silky you!

Body Moisturizer 2

Body Moisturizer 3

Mandarin Vetiver Body Moisturizer:  This smooth and silky moisturizer contains vetiver properties and vetiver’s main attributes include circulation stimulation, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and relaxant properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve stressed skin while it calms the nerves and alleviates tension to uplift the mood. This moisturizer is thick with rich consistency (thick in the right proportions, doesn’t get greasy at all), white in color, absorbs soon leaving the skin soft with a sweet-smelling smell. Thumbs up from me.

Body Moisturizer 4

Mandarin Vetiver Hair Cleanser:  This is the last product but not the least because of its amazing properties. A gentle hair cleansing formula with naturally invigorating aromatic herbs. Its components soothe and purify hair, improving natural scalp balance leaving them glistening. This has a very runny consistency and it works up a nice lather and cleans your hair really well leaving it soft and shiny.  I have always liked shampoos that did not require follow up with conditioner and this one lives up to the name.


Simple and durable packaging style. While the mist is in the translucent and sturdy spray bottle, the moisturizer and hair cleanser were packaged in a small pellucid bottle (tester size). The face cleanser came in a small steel box, which looks very cute. Overall, a very hygienic packaging

Do I Recommend Kama Ayurveda Box?

Surely!, Certainly!, definitely! Give it a try to believe the awesomeness.

IMBB Rating:


Kama Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid
Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Facial Cleanser
Kama Ayurveda Lavanya Natural Plant Mask
Kama Ayurveda Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15
Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment


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  1. I am learning a lot here in IMBB, like stuffs about ayurvedic products. 🙂 I am quite interested in trying them. I like the box a lot and the packaging of KAMA products. 🙂 I love your pics, gorgeous.

  2. I just love KAMA products but don’t know why i get pimples after using its facial cleansers…
    How much this cost for?

  3. Lovely review Mamta …Btw how much does this box cost? or if you could mention prices of individual things…and pls inbox me your number on fb:) would love to talk to you after i guess 8 long years:)

    1. 🙂 Sure would inbox sweety, the box costed me 1150 and I picked it from the Kama Ayurveda, Khan Market Store. you can buy the products individually too but if bought in a box u get a slight discount of each one of them

  4. thank u so much for those kind words Mamta! mmuuaahh! muuuaah! muuuaahh! made my day totally! 😀 and my,my! that’s luxury in a box! looks so tempting 🙂 lovely pics lady! :*

  5. hey mamta you mentioned my name… thankyou soooo much darling for admiring.. :* n i loved your pics… this sounds nice yar.. 🙂 🙂 :*

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