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These days, you get to read and hear a lot about ‘Keratin Hair Treatment’. There is indeed a lot of hype regarding this ‘miracle treatment’. So, what is this Keratin Hair Treatment all about? I researched throughout the world of internet to find out some of the basic facts and figures associated with it.
keratin hair treatment
So, let me start with a question. Do you want to have frizz-free, perfectly manageable, silky and shiny poker-straight hair? Well, if the adjectives seem too good to be truly attainable, let me tell you that you do have an option and that is keratin hair treatment. The present generation is increasingly banking on this smoothing treatment which works wonders to wiry and curly hair! Wish to learn more about keratin hair treatment? Read on!

Keratin Hair Treatment: What is it?

Actually, keratin is a kind of protein naturally found in teeth, hair, nails and such other parts of the body. In this treatment, keratin is acquired from natural sources (like animal wool) and processed to suit the requirements. Then, it is applied to the hair to replenish the keratin which is there in the cortex of the hair shaft. It is then followed by hot hair ironing. The keratin is made to fill up the cuticles of hair so that you get smooth and straight hair in return. It is a wonder treatment for hair straightening and is often called ‘natural’ as it makes use of natural protein.

Keratin Hair Treatment: The merits

• Unlike most of the other hair straightening treatments, this treatment is known to be ‘natural’ and no harsh chemicals are used.
• It is wonderfully suited for people with chemically treated hair in the past.
• Hair feels satin smooth and silky straight, thereby offering your hair a new look altogether.
long hair

Keratin Hair Treatment: The Demerits

Although the treatment is known to be ‘natural’, certain side effects have been reported by people who have opted for it. Actually, formaldehyde is added to the keratin treatment by many companies to make it superficially more effective. Now, formaldehyde is often associated with cancer and hence, it has adverse effects. Here are some of the most widely known side effects:
• Severe hair loss: Though it is not officially proved by concrete statistical data, it is found that people who have opted for keratin treatment often experience hair loss within a few days of undergoing the treatment.
• Rough hair: Once the initial hair-straightening feel-good factor is over, it is seen that the texture of hair deteriorates significantly. The smooth and silky feeling is gone after a month or so (the time period may vary) and hair feels dry.
• Prone to cancer: Since formaldehyde is known to be a carcinogenic stuff, it exposes you to the risk of developing cancer. Now, if one has to pay such a huge price (health-wise), it is better to continue having rough and frizzy hair.
• Allergy: The ones who have gone for the treatment have reported to have developed allergic reactions like itching and rashes, skin problems like eczema and irritation in scalp, ear and nose areas.
• Empty pocket: Last but not the least, it is quite an expensive treatment and you need to shell out a lot of money to get it done. I searched and found that it costs around $300 to $500 to get a standard keratin treatment done to your hair. Naturally, you end up spending a lot for a treatment which lasts for five to six months. This is yet another demerit associated with Keratin Hair Treatment.

Keratin Hair Treatment: Tips to remember

Before you go for Keratin Hair Treatment, you may find it useful to remember the following:
• Always go for an expert professional.
• Ask for a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment and if you are denied, consider going to some other salon where they offer formaldehyde-free keratin services.
• To get the best of keratin treatment, always stick to the hair care regimen and maintenance programme recommended by your professional.

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49 thoughts on “Keratin Hair Treatment

  1. ive read a lot about the effects of formaldehyde..and ive even read that keratin hair treatment is worse than rebonding and coloring etc…so i dont think i’d ever do it..Very nice and informative article

    1. thanx dear! even i dont think id ever go for it…esp when it doesnt last that lonh.moreover, i suffer from hairloss, why give another reason to it??? 🙁

  2. Nice article somreeta.. it was truly enlightening. As i progressed in reading, i almost made up my mind to visit a salon to know about the rates they charge etc… but then i saw the cons.. its scary.. prone to cancer?!?! Woow.. Thank You for the article dear…

  3. Excellent article Somreeta. Glad to have you back. 🙂 I totally did not know the demerits part of it because I have just heard people going gaga about the whole thing. Guess one should do a bit of research about the salon and the stuff they use before getting this treatment done. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. My idea about this treatment was you can also keep the waves/curls with this treatment. Post treatment , hair is smooth , shiny , frizz free and manageble. Keratin treatment helps in keeping the curls/waves compared to rebonding and other options available today which might give a look of poker straight hair/ straight hair.

    Coppola keratin Hair treatment is best known..don’t think Coppola is available in India anywhere (if any1 knows or have tried coppola treatment in Delhi do lemme know result and location).
    Yup have heard about the side effects specially the formaldehyde part…so was skeptical..thanks for writing this up Somreeta , good article !!

    1. ya..Coppola is nice ive heard! im not sure abt the keeping the curls part coz as u know, this is a research article and this is wat i gathered from my research 🙂 Thank you

    2. After Keratin treatment, hair doesnt become poker straight. It appears straighter intially, bt it retains its curls/waves to some extent. It the treatment is continued regularly,say every 3-4 months, it becomes straighter. The good part is, hair is totally frizz free. Bt the effect doesnt last really long 🙁 Coppola keratin is available in India. And Keratin isnt as expensive as Somreeta mentioned. In India, it costs between 5-10k depending on the hair length and amount of product used. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. thanx for sharing Radhika 🙂 i tried finding things in Indian context, bt all i came across was in terms of dollars and nt INR 🙁

      2. oo that’s a minus point 3-4 months is too short (5-10 k every 3 months u know) and umm prolonged use will damage hair (formaldehyde and all side effects )too .. wud be spending on hair spa as well …idea is good , hopefully technology and research shall improve this formula would love to keep my curls and volume in place yet make hair more shiny/silky , frizz free …was expecting atleast 6 months to 1 year time .

        lets see hopefully by year end we shall see maybe improved version of this 😉

  5. I wanna go for this too but I am worried about the hair loss part of it. Every body I know who have got this done are suffering from hair fall. I already have a lot of hairfall so I am thinking. And I heard that after a month of the treatment the hair becomes very brittle and you get a lot of split ends. Any other alternative to get hair straightened? Something that doesn’t cause hair loss?

    1. does rebounding cause hair loss , can have hair spa and hot oil treatment maybe after 15 days post that … ..umm not sure if this will cause hair loss !!

      For hair fall gal try to add calcium , iron and proteins in your diet. Also keep hair dandruff free (scalp should have less of oil so that there is no build up )…. go for hair spa and hot oil treatment in between to keep hair hydrated and smooth (this will prevent dry brittle hair to break easily)…oo can have green tea + good amount of water too.

      As for supplements try adding Biotin for 3-4 months to strengthen hair…. my hairfall stopped with these remedies…try once ..gud luck.

      Trying to have better volume now cause i earlier lost good amount due to travel , change of water and weight loss diet plans…. Take care

      1. Nidhi, how abt using biotin externally? i mean, how can it be applied on scalp?wil dat be effective?

        1. Biotin applied externally is not said to be effective .. suggest intaking it for about 3-6 months it works in following ways – helps in hair growth , making them stronger and longer comparatively(won’t increase volume though) , makes brittle nails stronger and longer. Also if eyelashes are sparse will grow and fill in (in my case i was looking for hair growth and better nails) .

  6. I just wanted to know about this… Excessive protein would make hair rough and dry. So its better to moisturise hair rather than loading it with protein.

  7. Omg formaldehyde…which they used to preserve dead animals in my school bio lab!! Never letting it anywhere near my hair :nababana: better to invest in good haircare products instead.

  8. wow i was a fan of straightenin ma hair and was thinkin of keratin treatment ba thanx 2 u…..i don think m gonna try it

  9. Hi…..ive tried Coppola keratin Hair treatment which claims to be formaldehyde free (dats d reason i opted for it)….well may hair was kinda straight for a few weeks after which it resumed its natural slight wavy nature however my hair feels a whole lot smoother n frizz free than before :)… but negative part is there is hairfall :'( and also im unhappy that d results stay for only about 3-4 months 🙁 that too after paying about 9 grand

  10. Word of Caution -As was looking for similar effect was reading reviews on this procedure , i recently met a person who got this done…but found a shocking incident sharing this with u ….

    gals the allergy part is true.. i met someone recently unfortunately they got Vitiligo (white patches ) on scalp after few months from this treatment due to the chemicals present (maybe they were susceptible to have vitiligo but this triggered or started the process..scared man!!) Think it is more toxic then expected. Allergy part seems to be true !!

    Allergy: The ones who have gone for the treatment have reported to have developed allergic reactions like itching and rashes, skin problems like eczema and irritation in scalp, ear and nose areas.

    Avoid … Please be careful before opting for this… Take Care.

    Sad to see and feel sorry for that person …but its a lesson will definitely not go for this Treatment.

  11. I have got this keratin treatment recently.And iam really happy post this. And I agree iam also experiencing hairfall post this . But if love straight hair like me I wud recommend this treatment anyday

  12. Hi,

    I have undergone keratin treatment recently and it’s not cool… Effect was gone in month and i am loosing too much hairs…. Dryness is other problem with this treatment. I don’t recommend this.

  13. I have recently taken keratin treatment and planning to have hair spa … As I am asked to use particular hair products so is there any concern in any of spa product or I can go with matress or loreal…

  14. in how many days is the treatment done? What is the duration of keratin treatment? it is completed in a day or it takes 10-15days..?
    My hairs are normally straight but are frizzy it does not look good. I want my hair to shine. wil it be a good treatment to opt for?

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