Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting Review

I can’t believe that I have had this highlighter for over a year and not reviewed it. There was a time when I used it every single time that I did makeup – and then one fine day, it just stopped. Why? I’ll come to that in a bit…This is a liquid highlighter, much like MAC Strobe Liquid, CoverFx Liquid Enhancer Drops, Armani Fluid Sheer #4. Let’s find out more about this one…

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting Review

Product Description:
Based on the pro-artist beauty essential and Kevyn Aucoin hero product, The Celestial Powder – Candlelight is now available in an innovative liquid.This unique illuminating emulsion multi-tasks as a wear-alone product, skin treatment primer and foundation developer.

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting ingredients

What it is:  A waterproof and 12-hour wear, cream and gel hybrid formula that can be used to illuminate and as a skin treatment primer and foundation developer. Create a glowing-from-within appearance with The Celestial Skin Liquid Lining. The formula is a cream/gel hybrid that glides on easily, bringing an illuminating effect to the complexion, and it absorbs into the skin without leaving a pale, powdery finish. This skin enhancer is infused with jojoba and honey to help moisturize the skin, and it provides complete, crease-proof coverage. Smooth on radiance and a delicately highlight with this highly pigmented, lustrous formula that provides a boost of shaping light—and it never appears shimmery, glittery, or greasy. It is formulated without parabens. This product is free of silicone.

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting outer packaging

USD $52 for 30 ml.

The product comes in a sleek beautiful pump bottle – refer to the pics. There is a neat little cover for the spout as well. The one challenge a person faces with pump dispensers is that it can give out way more product than you need. However, in case of this one, it dispenses very little product at one time. So, there is less wastage and this bottle will last you a long long time!

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting pump

My Experience with Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting:

I have mentioned this in my previous reviews – I love highlighters even though I have:

  • Oily skin.
  • Open pores.
  • Textured skin.

I do appreciate liquid highlighters for the versatility they offer:

  • You can use them under your base makeup for the “lit from within” glow.
  • You can add a pump to your foundation for the luminous finish.
  • You can even add them to your moisturiser for the natural glow.
  • Use them on the high points of your face as a traditional highlighter.

The only thing to consider when using a liquid (or cream) highlighter is that it should not spoil or move your base makeup or alter the composition of your base (when mixed with it or applied under it).

The Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting was one of the first such products in the market. I remember Benefit Moon Beam – another liquid highlighter used to be extremely popular too, but it was a more intense highlighter, while this KA one allows you to really play with the formula and the intensity of highlight. For a very long time, it was available only in the shade “Candlelight,” just like their pressed powder version of it. It was subsequently launched in other shades.

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting

Shade/Color:  The product has a beige golden sheen. There are no shimmer particles, no glitter or even refined micro-glitter. Even if switched straight up, a whole pump on the back of your hand, you will not see it getting clingy like the CoverFx one. It will still show up as a slight yellow beige sheen. The shade, though lightest amongst the ones offered, is still fairly universal. Since the shade is not “Instagram – bright” like CoverFx Enhancer drops, it allows you to play with the intensity, build it up or sheer it down to a “barely-there” glow on the face. I believe it will work for the lightest skin tone to even deeper ones. However, if this is not the shade for you, there are other options in the line.

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting swatch

In terms of usage – I played with this a lot! A lot! I used to mix it with my foundation, mostly Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation because I felt that – one, it could do with some sheering and luminosity and two, it was the strongest formula in my kitty – not likely to break down easily. I used to love love love this combo. I felt it photographed really well and I felt one couldn’t go overboard with it. This was until I did my makeup in bad lighting, for an event in June. All seemed okay till my pics came out. I was horrified! In the pics with flash – it looked terrible. As is my face was like a grease ball. I had used too much of the highlighter with my foundation and with my oily skin, and the flash photography – it didn’t make for a good combo. So, be warned. It may seem like nothing, but a little of this will go a long way.

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting swatch blended

On the top of my cheekbones – as a traditional highlighter – it works beautifully. It is easy to apply with a brush or fingers. It blends easily and looks like a natural highlight rather than a glitzy one. Most importantly, it does not move my base makeup – which Benefit Moon Beam tends to do.

For an evening out, it can also be applied all over your body – mixed with some body lotion.

Texture:  The texture on this one is fantastic because despite being a liquid, it does not break down the foundation under it. Also, post application, it dries down – so does not move or transfer. It stays put almost the whole day.

Pigmentation:  The product has good pigmentation – the colour holds good. However, as I have mentioned earlier, it isn’t a blingy option like CoverFX Enhancer Drops. It is something more refined and user friendly. So, this is easier to work with – especially if you are new to liquid highlighters. This is the kind of highlighter you can actually sheer out and use on a daily basis – even to work.

Longevity: It stays put almost the whole day, 8-10 hours.

While talking of longevity, I would also cover one more point. The Company suggests that it can be used all over the face as a primer. Yes, it can, it imparts a subtle glow from under the foundation – unless of course you use a heavy coverage matte foundation, in which case, the glow will definitely be lost. So, as a primer, it does provide a smoother base and luminosity to the foundation. However, it has no impact on the wear time of your foundation/makeup. It will not increase the longevity of your makeup.

Pros of Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting:

  • Easily buildable or blendable.
  • Works well over, under and mixed in with foundation.
  • Can be used mixed in with moisturiser for application on face or all over the body.
  • Comes in a neat packaging.
  • Long lasting.
  • It does not emphasize the texture of the skin. However, if you build the intensity – then the texture will get accentuated.
  • Did not cause breakouts on my skin.

Cons of Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting:

  • It isn’t too easy to go overboard with this one; however, beware if you have oily skin and are going to have flash photography.

IMBB Rating:


I have been comparing this KA highlighter to two products – mainly Benefit Moon Beam and CoverFx Enhancer Drops. I do not mean to state that those two products aren’t good. Honestly, the Moon Beam has never worked for me, I rarely touch it. The CoverFx is amazing and excellent for Insta clicks. However, for the real world, this is the product one would reach for. The only other product that I could compare it to in terms of quality is the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers.

I would say this is more foolproof than the first two products mentioned by me – unless the fool goes overboard and uses more than a pump of this in one pump of their foundation. Actually, half a pump is sufficient. Rest can go on top of the cheekbones as a highlighter.

In the #FOTD pics, it has been used mixed with the foundation as well as on the high points of my face. Please make allowance for the fact that these pictures have been taken in warm light and are from around March-April 2016.

Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting fotd

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  1. This is the real deal ,K. I love how natural and elegant it looks. That swatch looks gorgeous! and i love your eye makeup in these pics apart from the glowing sin, ofcourse. 🙂 Loved reading the review alwaysl! 🙂

    1. Kevyn Aucoin stuff is truly extra-ordinary! I think this was one of the first such products which set the ball rolling.

      Thanks Rati! I think these are MUFE eyeshadows – if i m not mistaken!

  2. I love reading your reviews…
    I am not that frequent to the blog anymore but whenever i do visit and i find your review, i make sure to read it….

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