Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil Review

I was very excited to buy this Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil which claims to boost hair growth, but it didn’t suit me and you need to read the entire review to know why.

Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil

INR 150
Product Description:
Shikakai Hair Oil helps in promoting the growth of the hair and prevents the hair from dandruff. Shikakai Oil is restrained from shikakai extracts, which are valued across the globe. It is very beneficial for hair and scalp, as it keeps the scalp healthy and hair beautiful.

My Experience with Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil:

This hair oil comes in a simple, cylindrical bottle which is the signature packaging of Khadi products. This bottle is uniform across its range of shampoos, conditioners, face washes, oils and body lotions. There is a label on the bottle having product details mentioned. The bottle has a flip open cap and an inner seal. Still, I don’t feel it would be very safe to carry and would encourage you to properly wrap it to prevent leakage.

Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil details at the back

The oil is scented and has mineral oil base. So, if you are buying this in hopes of an au natural product, boasting of amazing ingredients-think twice. It contains shikakai extracts meant to help your hair growth, but it can never beat the traditional hair care regimen made with extracts of pure amla and shikakai.

Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil open

The ingredient list does sound impressive – amla, shikakai, red sandalwood and til oil, but Khadi has missed a key point. It hasn’t mentioned its base and I am deducing its mineral oil based on its consistency. I have a very sensitive scalp which does get on too well with oils, especially those loaded with mineral oils. I prefer to use hair masks compared to hair oils as hair oils tend to irritate my scalp. This shikakai hair oil did exactly that. Post using and shampooing, I could feel loads of painful tiny bumps on my scalp. This might happen because of sensitive scalp combined with allergies to mineral oil and humidity.

Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil cap open

The oil however made my hair quite soft and added a little shine to it. It made it more manageable even when I wasn’t using any fancy hair care products. I like its effect on my hair but I am saddened by my scalp’s antipathy to it. So I can’t say it improved my hair growth as I have stopped applying it on my scalp.

Pros of Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil:

  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • Impressive ingredients.
  • Makes hair smoother and manageable.

Cons of Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil:

  • Irritated my scalp.
  • Might feel heavy on scalp.
  • Scented and colored hair oil.
  • Boring, bulky packaging.
  • Has mineral oil.

Would I Recommend Khadi Mauri Shikakai Hair Oil?
For ladies with dry non-sensitive scalp and dry hair only.
IMBB Rating:

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