Khadi Sat Reetha Herbal Shampoo Review

Since last few months I have been reading huge reviews of different Khadi products over internet and have read, people loving it .Though it is an Indian brand but I really feel it is very difficult to locate its store, especially in my locality. Luckily I came across few Khadi products at a departmental store and I was super excited to check them out. But unfortunately there were only the shampoos available. I already had few advance storage of shampoos but it was Khadi and how could I miss it. At first I was confused which one to select but soon I decided & picked up the Khadi Sat Reetha Shampoo.


Khadi Sat Reetha Herbal Shampoo prepared by Herbal Base. It makes hair soft and Silky. It Provides Relief from Headache and stop falling hair baldness. Sat Reetha for All Types of Hair and Protects Hair Decay and Initiates Hair Growth and Soft Silky well Moisturized and extra conditioners. Factors like exposure to sun, air pollutants, sprays and dyes upset the normal balance of the scalp, generating diseases and uneasiness. Khadi Reetha Sat takes care of all these, to give your hair a touch of natural luster.


· Powerful cleansing action that does not disturb natural balances
· Removes toxins, strengthens and protects the hair
· Its ingredient Amla restores acids-alkaline balance
· Neem leaf, Tulsi take care of skin and scalp diseases
· Clears the clogged pores of the scalp.


INGREDIENTS: Ritha, Shikakai, Amla, Neem, Lemon, Brahmi, Tulsi, Methi,Balchan, and Mehindi .

PRICE: It is available at 55/- for every 210 ml.


DIRECTION: Apply 5 ml Herbal Shampoo on wet hair and rinse after 5 minutes. Though I do not wait for 5 mins, I just lather it well & wash off.

PACKAGING: The packaging is really boring with plastic see through bottle and black & white labels. Then I thought does this really matter if the product inside the bottle is awesome? And the certain answer was no, Coming back, it has a flip top cap in black plastic, it helps in easy disbursal of the product. The cap is sturdy so no chance of extra spill out of the product.

TEXTURE: The liquid is honey colored, has medium consistency & the smell is like red sandalwood.

MY EXPERIENCE: My first reaction was, thank God I bought this!!!! I must say I am absolutely in love with this herbal shampoo. It smells earthy and woodsy, charmingly. My hair has never felt or looked better – it is more manageable, soft, easy to style, it looks healthy and bouncy. It is so mild that somehow I have developed the urge to wash my hair more frequently now. I have tried many kind of shampoos but some of them use to make my hair very dull and rough after 2 days of using those shampoos. But the Khadi shampoo is very much natural and keeps my hair shiny and smooth naturally for a long time. I have been using only this on my hair – no conditions or post wash serums. I just don’t feel the need. I applied coconut oil overnight & I tried this, surprisingly it completely cleaned by mane without leaving my hair oily. Honestly I don’t require to use this every day because my hair doesn’t feel that dirty or oil to wash daily, also I don’t think this would be harmful even if used daily. I use it whenever I feel like or my hair starts to feel greasy – which is like once every 1-2 days.

Pros of Khadi Sat Reetha Herbal Shampoo:

·It’s a herbal product & the ingredient list looks very exotic.
·Generally when I wash my hair, I end up losing a lot of strands. I hardly lost any hair when I used this. It worked just well as shampoo and removed all oil and dirt from my hair leaving it squeaky clean.
·My hair fall has reduced, but has not been cured completely though.
·It lathers well & only a small quantity is required, it works out a rich lather.
·The smell is holy. I can’t describe it totally but it smells very fresh & herbal type, I just love it.
·The fragrance also lingers for a considerable period of time. I can feel its presence the next day too.
·I can feel the bounce in my hair.
·I do not require the need of extra conditioner , my hair feels super soft after every wash.
· No need to mention it is reasonably priced.

Cons of Khadi Sat Reetha Herbal Shampoo:
· Availability is an big issue. I have access only to the shampoos although I want to try the other variants too.
· I am not much sure about its claim “ Relief from Headache and stop falling hair Baldness”. I don’t think shampoo has any relation with headache.

WILL I REPURCHASE: I have already stocked few of them.

IMBB RATING: 4.5/5. -.5 because of the availability problem.

At last I am really thankful to Rati for introducing me to this brand. It really works !!!!!

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44 thoughts on “Khadi Sat Reetha Herbal Shampoo Review

  1. We dont get Khadi products at Kolkata :(( Me even had mailed them , but replied they dont any store here ! 🙁

      1. Ohhh okk, me mailed them, they just replied we have no stores at kolkata, nothingelse, I will check the online option now !! Thanks I missed that !

          1. Okay I checked their website, but they haven’t really mentioned anything about cash on delivery….Their FAQ page is empty… 😐 😐 😐 Actually their site is kinda lame… :ghost2: Sorry Taps… 🙁

            1. Hi Tapaswini, I do believe there are Khadi stores in Kolkata, quite a few of them…
              one is in Dakshinapan, dhakuria
              another is near Golpark (gariahat golpark ie), ie very near to the Charma Shilpa shop
              another is near basanti devi college
              another one near Chadni Chowk… let me know if u need directions 🙂

              i live in kolkata and i have always used so many khadi products and clothings…
              i swear by their dress materials!!! they are ao comfortable :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

              1. Thats really sweet of you to tell me, so can you tell me the one near chandni chowk?? Tell me the directions from chandni chowk metro station !!

                  1. hi, the gariahat wala store is present in:
                    well, if you go from gariahat to golpark, like say by a bus, then on the opposite foot (ie, bus jis foot se jaega opp to that), very near to golpark you will find lots of books being sold in roadside stalls, near resturant bedwin… there only u will find the khadi store 🙂

                    another one is near basanti devi college stoppage… it is one stoppage from gariahat more to rashbehai route…
                    get down there, ask anyone, it is very near to the stoppage (30 secs walking), in the same foot as in from where u got down form auto…

                    Khadi Bhawan, Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata
                    Phone: (033) 22114345
                    Address: 24, Ground Floor, Chittaranjan Avenue , Kolkata- 700012 , West Bengal
                    Landmark: Near Indian Airlines Office, near chandni chowk market…
                    i mostly vist the gariahat and dakshinapan store, hence forgot the exact direction, but i remember it is present in the chandi chowk crossing only crossing… ek dum in the more…

                    tapaswini, i am horrible in giving directions, but i hope this helps 🙂

                    1. Ohhhhhh khadi bhawan, near chandni chowk, my goodness, I have already seen this shop 100 times, but I didnt know,except clothes other things are available there !

                    2. Yes, Tapaswini, Khadi bhawan… it has all sorts of products that Khadi sells 🙂
                      and do check out khadi clothes as well… the are super comfortable 🙂

                    3. been to the gariahat and dakshinapan stores to get ghee and honey at times….i am not sure if they sell personal care stuff….do they ??

    1. hI TAPS,,

      I agree its too difficult to find a khadi store… :waaa: :waiting:
      Luckily i found some shampoos :yahoo: :shame: :pompom:

  2. i love khadi soaps. and their awesome moisturiser. have tried their fruit vinegar shampoo.. and it was ok ok. i am sure this is going to be better since it is all herbal and everything

    i dont know if you remember seeing afghan snow cream while growing up.. now those guys make shampoos and soaps too.. and i quite like their shampoo..

    1. hi supriya,,, no soaps n moisturiser here…… :waaa: :jalwa:
      but wud really love to try the fruit vinegar shampoo :pompom: :makeup: :methinks:

  3. somehow i dont find khadi packaging boring :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    good this shampoo worked for you 🙂
    thanx for the revview

    1. yeah , its very simply too…. :yahoo: :toothygrin: :tongue:

      if i wud nt have been aware of this brand it wud definately hv been a pass :tongue: :toothygrin: :yikes:

  4. reduced hair fall :woot: .. i shud chk this 1 then.. at this price, there’s no harm even :yahoo: :yahoo: .. hope to get this 1 here.. thanxx for the review dear.. :thanks:

    1. hi nids, do check it out…. at least u cn wash ur makeup brushes… he he :woot: :woot: :woot:
      so no loss at all :preen:

    1. yes sim 55 for 210ml, there was some offer also buy 2 bottles for 110/-
      :woot: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: can u believe this……its a steal at this price :high5: :high5:

  5. sush, i guess this is one fo the rare shampoo by khadi that really works. i tried so many of them last year bt finally gave up on them. 🙁 would really have to gather some courage to pick this one again. bt i’ll see if i can pick. 🙂 thanks for the review. 🙂

    1. hey 1st of all thx a lot for introducing this brand…. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
      u know even i hubby liked it a lot…… :cheers: :cheers:

      so i guess it is exceptional…. check it out. :pompom: :pompom: i think u’ll too like it :stars:

  6. khadi shampoos have never worked on my hair 🙁 have tried many..this may be an exception and at this price no hamr in trying..let me check out this the next time I visit khadi shop.. :thanks: for the review sush

  7. Thanks for this review. I recently bought this shampoo and was wondering whether it will work on my hair or not, since they are curly and dry, since I have not used it till now. Regarding availability issues, Khadi products are available at Khadi Ashrams all pver India, wherever there stores are open.

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