Khadi Moisturizing Cream Kesar, Aloe Vera, Honey Review


Hi all! I am back with more stuff on moisturizing. I just don’t seem to be getting enough! :toothygrin: Ah but then I’m sure no one should be complaining as this is one area we all love and would most welcome to glean ever more information from :haanji:
This time I am going to review, in a 2-part series, 2 products from Khadi. In this first section I shall be talking about ‘Khadi’s Kesar, Aloe-vera & Honey’ moisturizing cream.

Khadi Kesar Aloe-vera & Honey

Pros Khadi Moisturizing Cream Kesar, Aloe Vera, Honey

  • It is an absolutely wonderful lotion(!) rather than ‘cream’!! It really works in keeping skin all over really soft and moisturized all day long..even till your next bath! :yahoo:
  • The texture is really smooth-flowing for you to easily spread it all over your body including large areas of skin such as the entire length of your arms and legs.
  • The ingredients include not just kesar, aloe-vera and honey; but neem, tulsi and haldi are just some of the other ingredients that I could understand! (the rest being daruharidra, brehmipatra)
  • Most importantly, it is NON-STICKY!!! YAYYY!!! :happydance:

You will love the way it just melts into your skin..leaving no traces behind except just soft, smooth, irresistible skin! (hehehehhe yeah that just sounded like lines straight out of some commercial…but hey it really happens in this case!!! 😆 :waytogo:

khadi cream swatch

  • Coming in the standard Khadi bottle of 210ml, it lasts real long…the entire winter season! :dance:
  • I love the packaging of Khadi ‘coz of the shape of the bottles. They are just so simple and straightforward no-fuss, no-fancy things! :cute: And because of this great design you get to empty the entire bottle and the lotion does not get wasted in the end when the bottle is getting over; unlike other fancy designs where the last of the lot always stays back at the neck!! :X It is also easy to carry in your handbag . 🙂
  • You can start seeing the results right from the first use! And regular use improves the condition of your skin visibly! :haanji:

The bottle in detail

Cons of Khadi Moisturizing Cream Kesar, Aloe Vera, Honey

  • Khadi is known to be not great aromatically…so the smell is not all that great but not offensive either! In fact you could begin to start liking it once you get used to it!! 😀
  • The moisturizer is quite ‘intense’ in a way, so it can be used only in the winter season and you would not really want to use it once summers start. So in that case, for my friends residing in warmer climes might not need it at all! Unless those who have dry skin could try it out to check! 🙂
  • The product is from Khadi. And I have heard from a lot of people that Khadi is not easily accessible everywhere. So you guys might just have to make an effort :sidefrown:

I am a great fan of Khadi and have been using their products for a long time so am thoroughly satisfied with Khadi’s Kesar, Aloe-vera & Honey’ moisturizing cream. :jaiho: The completely natural products that Khadi is known to make their products with also gives a reassuring feeling each time you try out their products, so there is not really any harm in trying out various products of theirs…I certainly do! 🙂
The affordable (or should I say ‘cheap’!) pricing along with the large quantity is an added boon and definitely makes Khadi products irresistible and worth the buy. So go for it guys!! :bravo:

  • Price : Rs.70
  • Size: Standard size of 210ml
  • Longevity: 2 years from date of packing

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23 thoughts on “Khadi Moisturizing Cream Kesar, Aloe Vera, Honey Review

  1. Just googled Akshatha..
    K.V.I.C. Silver Jubilee Park Road
    Bangalore City

    S J P Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
    080 22223146

    Dr. D.V.G. Road

  2. was waiting for this review charishma as I chked this product 2 weeks bak but was hesitant in picking it up… thankss.. :thanks:
    it seems t b a nice product & tht too at such low price.. i’ll b picking it next time i visit it… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Charishma March 17, 2011 at 7:20 pm
    Yes Nids go for it..I made a friend of mine buy it and she’s loving it too

    hahahha that frnd is me ppl I looooooooove this moisturiser… thanx to charishma… MY BEST(EST) friend in the whole wide world… muuuuuuuuuah !! luvya…

  4. Anu, in Delhi the biggest store of Khadi is at CP just next to Regal cinema (keep going left of Regal). You won’t feel like getting out once you’re in!!! :toothygrin:

  5. hi Akshatha

    i have purchased my khadi silver moon scrub from Vishal mega mart at silk board that time they had rose moisturiser and aloevera one not sure if they still have the stock u can go there and check

  6. hmmmm…… she has amazing skin by the way… coz of KHADI hehehe…. she should be the brand ambsdor,, :aajanachle: :inlove: …. this moisturiser is amazing ppl a must buy…

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