Khadi Amla Hair Oil Review

Khadi Amla Hair Oil Review
I picked this green coloured oil bottle on one of my frequent trips to khadi ashram in janpath.
I have to visit khadi at least once a week to see what’s new or buy some grocery or just try their products. With amla bhringraj and daru haldi this hair oil sounded exotic. I loved the colour and the price the bottle came at and hair oils never go waste.

khadi hair oil
khadi hair oil


There is hardly any hair oil which would not suit someone, unlike skin care. Amla is supposed to be good for your skin, if taken orals, skin and allergies. I had long waist length hair until last week but due to work and the Delhi summers I had to get that burden off my head. The shorter your hair is the more often you tend to wash it. Hence the need for better products because you strip your hair of its natural oil even more. The 210 mls of bottle comes at a price of 80 rs.


The manufacturing date, customer care number and batch number is written at the bottom of the bottle.
Like many khadi products the packaging is boring plastic but the green oil colour makes it attractive.
Khadi says the amla hair oil is supposed to stimulate growth of hair, give nourishment to scalp and roots and makes hair stronger.

My take:

I found that after getting a massage with this oil, when I was my hair they turn out to be shiner. I feel that my hair have a little more bounce and less frizzy. I know I am saying that about a hair oil but it really does work. Khadi has disappointed me with their conditioner till now and nothing else. I have applied this hair oil 4 times before reviewing it and it really makes my hair shinier. I do not have a prominent hair fall problem but given the ingredients it must work with that too.

bottle description
bottle description

I like this amla hair oil and will definitely pick more hair oils to try in near future

Pros of Khadi Amla Hair Oil:

• Lovely ayurvedic amla smell as you open the bottle.
• Cheap. For 80 rs the 210 mls quantity is very good.
• Purity. Somehow I trust the purity of khadi products a little more than the other oils sold in the market
• It works and oiling 2 hours prior to washing hair nourishes the hair. If you can leave it overnight even better.
• I love the green colour of the oil
• I love buying products from khadi.

Cons of Khadi Amla Hair Oil:

• Availability may be an issue.
• The oil is very thick. It is way thicker than your normal oil. My mum had to really rub it vigorously in when she was massaging.
• The strong amla and very jadi-buti like smell may not please some noses.

Ratings of 4.5 on 5 .I love it and will buy it again and try more oils as well.
Love to my sisters
Fly girl

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43 thoughts on “Khadi Amla Hair Oil Review

  1. Nyc review! N m using Khadi’s sweet almond oil and I must say, that’s good too! I do agree on the purity bit, I too like to belve Khadi products are less harmful and more pure as compared to other herbal/natural stuffs out in the mkt 🙂

  2. nice review fly girl … i agree amla oil works best for d hair … i have started puttin almond now since a yr … they work amazingly too. . .:)

      1. hey btw bajaj almond oil has a fair amount of mineral oil in it. on the ingredients list, first item is mineral oil and somewhere towards the end almond oil is listed.. i go with jomol and say invest in some natural almond oil , like roghan badam shirin. dilute it with coconut oil if you must pinch pennies. but somehow i am not happy applying a mineral oil in my hair.

  3. Oye Rauni….waise hi muje oil se allergy hai…upar se amla oil…………….. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: waise good review ji…………………I have an issue with khadi products availbility in my area….I get only khadi soaps…that too that strawberry types :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

  4. Nice review :yes:
    I love the khadi products as well :love: and I am really happy they are available here.

    Hi Ladies – hope you are doin´ fine :pompom:

  5. hi all…gals tell me 1 thng..where can i get avocado oil.,today i was searching fr it at cosmetic shops and dey didnt had it and i guess biotique has an avocado body oil..can it be used as hairoil as well.i want d purest pure oil…nd where z mrun nw a days???? :thanks: :thanks:

  6. tatjana :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
    how u doing?
    jigyasa u send this query to rati to be published!hopefully you get sum answrs :toothygrin:

    1. I´m fine ty :-* – but still very busy.
      Shopped a lot of beauty stuff the last months & still no time to even test them :X-P:

  7. Rauni I think i’d have to smell before purchasing it. I would love to use amla oil for hair lekkin it’s always the smell that I am not able to resist. :((

  8. Yesterday I got Aroma Magic Castor oil for my 1.5 year old daughter. Her hair growth is very scanty.
    This oil sounds good too 🙂 Unfortunately, not seen Khadi products here in Kolkata.

  9. hmmm fr sum reasons parachute coconut oil doesnt suit me, since den i m using dabur amla
    it suits my hair v well 🙂
    will give it a try if at al i find it in stores at my place
    gud review fliers 🙂

  10. Hi Fly Girl

    You go to Janpath wala khadi ashram once a week???? nice even i wish to go…but i have to buy their stuff from other places..and today only i bought Khadi neem-tulsi face pack…I lOOOVE its small -tiny-tub- packaging…i vl also try their Amla oil…Thnks for review :toothygrin:

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