Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder Orange Review

Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder Orange

Hello everybody!!
Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder

I wanted to buy the orange face powder for a long time. We all know the goodness of the orange for face. It is loaded with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. And nothing can beat the home-made powder but making it at home can be a tedious job…actually not tedious but I am just too lazy to make it. So I thought of buying one. I wanted to buy Banjaras’s orange powder but since it was not available I thought of buying this Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder. Read on to know more about this product

How to Use:
Mix powder with rose water or water to make a paste. Apply it on face and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash it with cold water.

Product info: An ayurvedic face pack which absorbs the excess oil secretion of the skin. It helps to dry the pus acne and provide healing effect to control the pimples. It is useful in scars and blemishes. An ideal preparation for skin tightening and makes skin healthy.

Ocimum sanctum 18.5 gm, azadiratcha indica 12.50 gm, citraus reticulate blanco 43.00 gm, rubia cordifolia 8.0 gm, terminalia arjuna 6.50 gm, symploces racemosa 6.50 gm, rosa alba 8.00 gm, kaolinum 200.00 gm, preservative 8.00 gm, base to make 1 kg.

Shelf Life: 2 years from the Mfg date.

Rs. 90 for 50 gm.



My Experience with Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder Orange

The face pack comes in steel jar type packaging. I have never seen the steel packaging for face packs; this is so different from regular packaging. This kind of gives a rustic & authentic feel and adds value to the whole “herbal” concept. It looks pretty cute and compact. But the moment I opened the tin there was a plastic packet containing the orange powder. I wish they had directly packed the powder in the tin.
Now this one does not smell at all. Atleast their orange face wash had some smell even if it was of detergents, this one does not have any smell. I usually mix with rose water but I have tried with plain water also expecting to smell something but nothing. Anyways it gets easily blended with rose water and gives a nice cooling sensation after applying. This is because of the kaolin present in it.
It claims to absorb oil and dry out the acne, I think their almost all herbal face packs claim the something. 😛 :-P. It does help in controlling oil and get rid of excess of secretions, but my skin feels a bit tight. After toning up the skin gets pretty smooth. It does not do anything for acne. Plain old multani mitti does a far better job. I do not think this powder has any value-add. I am going to finish it up by mixing it up with other packs.

Pros of Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder Orange

• Cute steel packing
• Helps in controlling oil
• Contains a lot of natural herbal ingredients
• Affordable

Cons of Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder Orange

• No smell
• Does not work on acne
• Makes my skin a bit dry
• Not suitable for dry-skinned beauties
• Does not give any kind of glow
• Does not feel like orange powder, I would rather make some at home
• They have mentioned “base” in the list, god knows what else is there in the base

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Would I recommend this to others?? No. Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) works far better than this.

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18 thoughts on “Khadi Orange Herbal Face Pack Powder Orange Review

  1. Trust me when I say none of the Khadi products have worked for me *nonono* *nonono* *nababana* *nababana*

    Soaps are extremely drying, bodywashes smell yuck, face washes have been used to add fragrance to my clothes, scrubs are abrasive, ufff donno if it’s only me..

    anyways.. Good review Radhika..
    After a post by Surabhi I really wanted make orange peel powder. Ab main kaam peh lag jaaongi better than these artificial things hai na??

    1. yes Kanthi so true…even m having such a bad experience with these Khadi products I have bought recently… *cry* *cry* ….and so u really use face wahes to add fragrance to ur clothes… rofl rofl …I guess I would use my khadi orange face wash for the same as it anyways smells like detergent… *hihi* *hihi* .

      I will too make orange powder at home..I guess its high time now… *haan ji* *haan ji*

  2. M using dis as a facewash bt m mixing dis wth multani mitti, sandalw0od pwdr n besan.. Bt only in d m0rning..

  3. As i hav sensitive skin so there r many products dat doesnt suit me so i hav to use all d powdr stuf 4cleansing n yes it works great..

  4. I thought it will give a good glow due to the presence of orange rofl sad it did not do anything *headbang* *headbang*

    1. yes Saloni..even I bought it under the false pretense that it would give same glow as natural orange powder does…I was so wrong.. *headbang* *headbang*

  5. Heyy! I havent tried a lot of khadi product but have stuck to one awesome facepack for over an year now. The sandal rose herbal pack 🙂 It instantly brightens up my face =D You should try that…

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