Skin Brightening Orange Peel Face & Body Mask:Do-it-Yourself

As we all know, good and problem free skin comes after lot of hard work. And if we start our skincare regime early, we can be sure of glowing skin in our later years. But unfortunately, not all of us realize this when we are in our teens. My mum has the most flawless skin in the whole wide world and even though we drool over her skin, we never wanted to try the skincare tips which she gave us. But amidst all our protests, it was a rule in our home to apply one particular ubtan daily before we went for bath during winters. That ubtan actually gave me and my sister totally problem-free skin, even now when we don’t use it that often. I will be teaching you  the same, but of course with a few alterations, which I hope you will understand ( I stay in a hostel and it’s not possible to try out everything the exact way we do in our home).

Orange Peel Face Pack

The things you would need are:

Skin brightening orange peel face and body mask-DIY (5)
1. Fresh orange peel.
2. Raw turmeric.
3. Honey.
4. Any clay face pack of your choice. I used Bio Fresh Chandan face pack.

Step 1: Grate the orange peel into a plate or katori. It will be even better if you can make a paste of it. I have only a grater in my hostel room, so had no other option.

Skin brightening orange peel face and body mask-DIY

Step 2: Grate the turmeric into it.

Skin brightening orange peel face and body mask-DIY (2)

Step 3: Add some honey for the moisture boost.

Skin brightening orange peel face and body mask-DIY (3)

Step 4: Finally add your favorite face pack.

Skin brightening orange peel face and body mask-DIY (4)

Step 5: Mix all of these together and your skin brightening face and body mask is ready!

Our childhood face mask was a bit different though. Mum used to make a paste of orange peel and turmeric and add mustard oil to it. We were supposed to use it all over our face and body 10 mins before bath. I skipped the mustard oil part as not all of us will be comfortable in using that. And I also added that face pack just because I could not make a paste of the ingredients. If you can make a paste, do skip the face pack addition It  just serves as a binding agent.

This is me just after washing off the pack, there is no makeup in this pic as I wanted to show you all exactly how much glow it adds to the skin 🙂 enjoy!

Orange peels are extremely helpful in preventing pimples, acne, premature ageing and wrinkles. It promotes the overall texture of the skin to a glow you would have never believe you could have! Used regularly, you will get lasting results. My mum, sis and me are the living proof of that 😉 my mum is 52, she does not ever need any foundation or concealer , that sums it all doesn’t it? Please do try it in winters and flaunt glowing skin all year round! 😀 take care!

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87 thoughts on “Skin Brightening Orange Peel Face & Body Mask:Do-it-Yourself

  1. even i use orange peel in a number of face packs……the skin glows like a pearl after washing off!!!
    nice DIY aparajita!!!

  2. woahh aparajita awesome DIY!! your skin is literally GLOWING!! Orange peel is definitly the best thing to add in a face mask..i m storing all the orange peel that i can this season..
    Can we add just any face mask to add to the mixture?

    1. use a face pack that suits your skin type mitali 🙂 btw, if you make a paste of the ingredients, then you donot even bother adding the face pack. since i could just grate the ingredients, so i had to add it for the binding factor 🙂

      1. Hey Aparajita,

        Loved it. 🙂 just like most of your DIYs.. I know we need to add a face pack or something to it because orange peel powder is a difficult thing to make a paste of. I have dry orange peel powder and I add besan to it to make a paste.

        1. yes u r ryt dear 🙁 it is a bit difficult to make a smooth paste of orange peel. i don’t know how mummy n granny used to make that uber smooth paste :-/ maybe because they made it on the grinding stone, and also added mustard oil to it 🙂

  3. yes anu, definitely, add multani mitti instead of sandalwood in the pack 🙂 and also decrease the amount of honey. alternatively, make a paste of turmeric, fresh orange peel and raw milk and apply 🙂 this would work better for oily skin

    1. add just a tiny amount of turmeric dear 🙂 n believe me, that little yellowish effect gives the glow 🙂 for dark circles, u must have heard the usual “drink lots of water, sleep atleast 8 hours daily” tips? alongwith that i would suggest, grate raw potato and squeeze out the juice. dip cotton pads in it and use as eye pads. use daily and u will see difference soon 🙂

  4. Amazing!! khub shundor lagchhe tomake! Ekkebare glowing glowing :D……BTW, I wholeheartedly believe in the mustard oil. If possible, continue with it! It’s a wonder! Of course, if it’s pure 🙂

  5. You never stop inspiring all of us Aparajitha.. Wonderfully explained DIY again..

    But where do we get raw turmeric yaar???

  6. Can I chop the orange skin and turmeric and put in a blender?? Also can I store this mask in the fridge and use it alternate days?? And I dont have to dry the orange peels ryt?

    1. yes definitely! it works better if made into a paste 🙂 u can store it in fridge for 5 to 6 days 🙂 no krithi, u don’t have to dry the peels 🙂

  7. hey aparajita… ye to awsum hai… wanted to ask can I use multani mitti ka paste instead of face pack? i mean will it be ok to combine multani mitti, orange peel, honey and turmeric? or will it be a blunder?

  8. Hey Aprajita! Very nice diy. I totally agree with you. Orange peel does wonders! And I live in a hostel too.. so i understand what a pain it is to follow something like this. I have made dried orange peel powder last time i went home and i use it regularly. 🙂

    1. thanks swati! yeah, u will understand hostel woes :'( but i can visit my home only twice a year, n that too not in the season of oranges 🙁 and moreover, in my hometown, there is a CONSTANT rainy weather, can’t even think of drying anything! 🙁

  9. Wow.. I just need a person kind enough to lend me or grind orange peels for me.. :p I soo wanna try it apparajita.. u look so fresh glowing glowing,, seems promosing ubtan re.. 🙂

  10. your face is really glowing. No dark circles at all you have!! *hmmpppphhhhh” making faces at you 🙂 in a nice fun way ofcourse 🙂 :)…this is really amazing. I have normal skin with an oily tzone. so should i just go with the ingredients you mentioned?

  11. :O You skin is as clear as porcelain! Chand ke bhi dhabbe hote hain, it’ll be jealous of you! 🙂
    Moving onto the pack….OMG I want it sooo much!!! I might try using the mustard oil too!!!

    1. hahah.. na re 🙁 its just that my cheeks are smooth. the area around my lips are a tad darker than the rest of my face, n my forehead tends to tan very soon too :'( yeh toh window ke samne baithne ka kamal hain 😛 btw, cn u suggest any good tinted moisturizer or foundation which will give me light coverage and a base to my blush or compact powder? 🙂 i don’t want those cakey look ones

      1. Yes yes. Try using Garnier or Maybelline BB cream. They provide almost sheer coverage and they slightly brighten up the face too. But make sure you get the shade right. I use the Maybelline wala everyday over my sunscreen, it works perfectly. Havent used the Garnier one, it might be more moisturizing. Better go to a store and compare 🙂 All other foundations would give you heavy coverage, and I dont think you need that. Plus if you wanna splurge, try Mac Face and Body foundation..It perfect for sheer coverage 🙂

  12. Hi Aparajita ,

    Try the Olay tinted moisturiser or Lakme Perfect Radiance . If you are sure you would use a compact use a very very light foundation otherwise the face looks heavy . I would say drop compact completely if you are going to use foundation/tinted foundation , whatever . Just use soft baby powder to seal the foundation . That way face doesnt look heavy . But if you are keen you want to use compact then go for a moisturiser which is strong enough to moisturise your skin for long time without making it greasy/oily . For this you can try the Clean and Clear moisturiser , it stands up to its claim of not making skin oily/greasy while it perfectly moisturises your skin . You can also try gel-based mosturisers (i dont know much about them but there is one by Lotus Herbals).
    There is one seaweed mattifying day cream which is gel by Body shop . It is ideal to used under compact as it moisturises very wellbut its mattifying effect gives perfect matte finish and no oiliness/greasiness which other mosturises do .
    Any more questions , madam ? 🙂

  13. I used to have dried orange peel in school time .. after that I became lazy 😉 nice idea of using orange peel by simply grating them 🙂 surely gonna try this … Love the glow in your skin 🙂

    1. thanks a lot manisha! 🙂 we never had an option of drying peels at home coz the weather’s mostly rainy there 🙂 so we used fresh peel paste 🙂

  14. Hey Appy ur skin is Chumeshwari ….
    Gonna try this super duper soon, awesome Diy
    Home made masks works better dan any branded packs but
    u hav to be careful regarding the amount u r using bcuz
    these are raw things so one h to be careful regarding the
    usage otherwise it will irritate the skin ….. Nicely explained
    Such a pearly khidki wala glow on ur face 🙂

  15. am a lazzzzzzzy person, when we were kids mum used to grate orage peel for us…seeing your lovely pic, i have to go back to this miracle ingredient….

  16. Thank you sooo very much for this!! I always wanted to use orange peels in a face pack but could never get around to storing the peels and drying them. I’d have to skip the honey (allergic) but imma add some almond oil to it.

  17. Aparajita, I want to try this face pack *right* now!! Your pic is the biggest motivator.
    I do have few Qs though:
    – is this only recommended for winters? I stay in Pune and we do not have north-like winters here.
    – may I use turmeric powder instead of raw turmeric?
    – instead of a face pack, may I mix besan in it?

    1. actually we get fresh orange peels only in winters na 🙂 n moreover u may need to skip the honey if you are using it during summers 🙂 turmeric powder can be used, but then it won’t be as effective 🙁 besan would work great! 🙂

      1. orange peels, honey, and besan is readily available with me. Raw turmeric is the issue..let me try with the powder, else will get hunting for it. Thanks!

  18. hey! wonderful DIY …. will try it soon 🙂 … btw can u suggest something for tanned skin? my skin has lost its glow since i started travelling a lot for my college 🙁 …

    1. you can try a scrub cum face pack of curd, rice powder and a little bit of lemon juice. it really helps clear tan, and can be used daily 🙂 just use it 5 mins before bath ( u don’t need to keep it longer if you apply daily) 🙂

  19. ur skin is perfection!!! touchwood! u knw citrus doesnt suit my face 🙁 breaks me out horribly 🙁 i’ve tried lemon & orange…n it get tiny tiny pimple types all over my cheeks n it stings & burns :'(

    1. thanks nafisa! 🙂 awww, is it? 🙁 u may skip orange peel and add raw milk and besan instead. that helps in skin brightening too ( not that u need any! u have perfect glowing skin already!) 🙂 <3

  20. Simply Amazing.. I really loved your tutes and DIYs and send links to my family and relatives. Well I have few queries.. Hope you would reply.
    1) I have acne prone combination skin.. so can I use the same things that you have mentioned above?
    2) We cannot get oranges throughout the year so can I use orange peel powder instead with same things?
    3) And is mustard oil safe to use?

    Thanks dearie 🙂

    1. yes dear 🙂 u can use them… but since u have acne prone skin, so a patch test on ur arm before u apply on ur face… if it stings, dont apply

  21. My husband is getting tanned badly and he will NOT touch any of my creams. ehehhee
    I’m so doing this today.
    thakns so much babes!!! *hugs*

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