Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

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Today, I am reviewing another skin care product for you. This one also caters to the eye area and claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. And, the product is called Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream.

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

Claims/ Product Description:

A skin fortifying, wrinkle-reducing under-eye cream. Contains a combination of micro-nutrients, Copper PCA and Calcium PCA. Significantly improves wrinkles, texture and elasticity. Formulated for the delicate under-eye area.

How to Apply:

Pick up the eye cream with the ring finger. Apply gently above eyes, along orbital bone from inside out along 4 sinus pressure points


Propylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Squalene, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, PEG-100 Stearate, Cara Alba/Beeswax, Glyceryl Stearate, Nylon-12, Aluminium Starch Octanylsuccinate, PEG-20 Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Butylene Glycol,Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Caprylyl Glycol, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Chlorphenesin, Caffeine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Calcium PCA, Acrylates Copolymer, Adenosine, Sodium Hydroxide, HydroxypalmitoylSphinganine, Copper PCA, Alteromonas Ferment Extract, CoralinaOfficinalis Extract.

Active Ingredients:

Copper PCA: This mineral helps to stabilize collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and maintain the skin’s moisture level.
Calcium PCA: An essential mineral in the skin that helps to prevent the degredation of collagen fibers.
Caffeine: An odorless, slightly bitter alkaloid, Caffeine has been shown to help reduce the appearance of puffiness when used in skincare products.


INR 2300/- for 14 ml.

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

My Experience with Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream:

The product comes in a coppery- brown color glass tub packaging. While, I do like the quality of the packaging per se, I am really annoyed about it being in a tub. It means it will lose all its active ingredients quickly when exposed to the air.

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

Also, there is not applicator/spatula provided, so you have to dip your fingers to scoop out the product. Since, the product is to be applied so close to the eyes, I would actually suggest that you thoroughly clean your fingers before dipping it into the product.

The tub contains a white cream inside. On first sight, it seems to be a very thick cream. However, it is not. It is soft, mousse-y kind of consistency. It spreads very easily and has no fragrance at all. Only a tiny dot of cream is needed for application around the eye area.

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

The cream has to be patted with fingers. It easily spreads on the under eye area, making the area moist, and soft. It absorbs easily, and does not make the area greasy. The under eye area is hydrated, smooth, soft and firm. It does decrease the fine lines under the eyes, but not any major wrinkles or crow’s feet. It also decreases the puffiness around the eyes, if present. However, it does not claim, nor does it control or decrease any dark circles.

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream Review

Pros of Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream:

• Sturdy packaging.
• Thin mousse-y consistency.
• Spreads easily.
• Gets absorbed easily.
• Brightens up the under eye area.
• No Fragrance.
• Decreases fine lines.
• Hydrates the under eye area.
• Nice base for makeup application.
• Decreases puffiness.

Cons of Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream:

• Not very effective on wrinkles and crow’s feet.
• No effect on dark circles.
• Expensive.
• Tub packaging is not good for active ingredients.
• No spatula provided.
• Limited availability in India.

IMBB Rating:


Will I recommend Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream?

Well, this product claims to be effective for fine lines and is actually effective against them. But, if you have any other issues, this will not solve them. Also, it hydrates the area well without making it look greasy. Hence, if you have dry under eye skin, you may try this out.

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