Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut Review

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Product Purchased by IMBB

Lips are the most attractive part of the face. There are many others ways to get moisturized lips, like a balanced diet and protection from direct sun light, pollution, harsh chemicals etc. But the most convenient and simple way is to use a lip balm. Lip balm is every girl’s go-to product and is indeed essential to maintain lip moisture since the lips cannot produce natural oils. Also, lip balms provide a canvas for matte lipsticks that make our lips dry and chapped. I’ve been eyeing this product for a while for its elegant packaging and I finally caved in and bought it a few weeks ago.

Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut Review

Price: GBP 5.90 (INR 660)
Product Description:
• Coloured moisturising balm that gives a gentle touch of colour and shine to the lips.
• The formula is enriched with vitamins A, E and C and softening shea butter.
• Creamy and comfortable texture that delicately caresses the lips.
• Dermatologically tested

Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut Ingredients

This lip balm comes packaged in a sturdy, good quality, silver tube that has the brand logo in the middle of the opening. This sophisticated-looking tube is then packed in a self-designed silver coloured cardboard box. This packaging can be termed travel friendly.
The lip balm keeps lips very soft and buttery. I love to use it 3-4 minutes before I use a matte lipstick so that my matte lipstick goes on smoothly. The texture is non-sticky that gives flawless natural-looking lips.

My Experience with Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut:

I love the smell and packaging of this product. It definitely feels luxurious in the well-designed silver packaging that would make a nice little gift for someone. Subtle but stunning shine that brings out a brighter natural version of your lip color and definitely more full lips. It does not accentuate dry skin or wrinkles.

Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut Packaging

I prefer using it when my lips tend to be extra dry or sensitive. It keeps my lips hydrated and makes them feel good. I use this lip balm in the morning under my lipstick or lip gloss. It’s moisturising and gives me a youthful, healthy pout. This lip balm delivers a subtle sheer colour. The lips stay hydrated all day, having known that you can reapply it after meals as it tends to go away and transfers too.

Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut Tube

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The colour is not very prominent and is very sheer but looks good though – perfect for days when you want a no-makeup look. The texture is not at all sticky and feels very smooth. It has a very light scent of coconut with a blend of shea butter – nothing powerful and long lasting.

Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut Bullet

Pros of Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut:

• Classy packaging
• Very smooth and creamy
• Has a sweet shea butter fragrance
• Keeps my lips younger and fuller
• Does not accentuate dry skin or wrinkles
• Keeps my lips moisturised and hydrated
• Can be used underneath lipsticks or even as a lip topper

Cons of Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut:

• Not easily available in India
• Expensive

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kiko Milano Coloured Lip Balm 01 Coconut?
Well, yes to both, I would love to try more flavours like Vanilla or Raspberry. This lip balm has 9 wonderful flavours so you can pick your favourite one.

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