Kitchen Ingredients : A Way to Get Clear and Healthy Skin

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Hope you all are doing great! I have been quite busy with the usual stuff and was not able to take out time to write. I was just looking at the condition of my skin the other day and realized that something needs to be done! My skin is getting dull and lifeless day by day. But, I didn’t want to spend loads of money for that, so I started searching for easily available ingredients that would aid in making my skin healthy; preferably things that are available at our homes. After getting suggestions from few of my friends and my mom, I have compiled a list of things that we can do at home with ingredients that are easily available in our kitchens. So let’s get started, girls!

Kitchen Ingredients A Way to Get Clear and Healthy Skin5

Lemon and Oranges

orange and lemon on white background

Who doesn’t love these juicy delights! Oranges are my all-time favourites and I always stock them up during winters. And for summers, lemons are a great way to beat the heat by making fresh lemonades and Shikanji. On top of that, if you get to know that citrus fruits contain fruit acids which work like a mild chemical peel for your skin, then who would not love them!

• So, for that glow on your face, apply fresh juice of either of these on your face with the help of a cotton ball, leave it there for a few minutes, rinse off and then see the difference.

Coconut Oil

This is an easily available oil as compared to other essential oils. It provides moisture to the skin and also prevents it from the sun. It is easily available at any grocery store and is inexpensive too.

• Gently massage this oil on your skin at least once a week for that soft and moisturized skin.

Aloe Vera


Now, who is not familiar with the benefits of Aloe Vera. It is a great healing herb and also a humectant, meaning that it attracts moisture from the air and attaches it to whatever it is on – in this case, your skin.

• You can use pure Aloe Vera from the leaf and massage it on your skin. Or can use the different gels available in the market (preferably chemical free ones) in your daily skin care regimen.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil helps speed healing and lessen the appearance of scars. Almonds are a great source of Vitamin E.

• You can use almond oil or can also get the Vitamin E capsules easily at the pharmacy stores. These can be cut open and the oil can be used as it is.


Kitchen Ingredients A Way to Get Clear and Healthy Skin4

While not actually an herb, it’s used in a similar way to add moisture to the skin. It’s very soft and can be used as a scrub to exfoliate without being harsh to your skin. You can use oatmeal every day, but if you use it as a scrub, limit its use to twice a week to avoid irritation.

• Grind finely, add enough water to make a paste, and spread on your face. Leave on for about 30 minutes before rinsing with cool water.


Now, let us talk about this staple vegetable which we all use in almost all the dishes to enhance the taste! Potatoes are high in Vitamin B and C. It is very helpful in lightening the skin and is a great thing to be used for under eye circles.

• The juice can be applied to the whole face using a cotton; leave it there for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

Strawberries and Blueberries

Berry Salad

These yummy berries are super tasty and also beneficial for your skin. Your skin can soak up all the nutrients like Vitamin C, antioxidants, and even salicylic acid quickly. Salicylic acid is one ingredient known to clear blackheads from the skin.

• Crush a few berries and apply to your skin like a mask.


Sugar can be a mild exfoliator. Add a bit of oil, like olive oil or coconut, and gently scrub your skin. Use brown sugar, as the crystals are smaller and less irritating. You can also grind the sugar a little bit and use as big grains will irritate your skin.

• Sugar lip scrub can also be made at home easily.


Kitchen Ingredients A Way to Get Clear and Healthy Skin3

Tomatoes contain high amounts of Vitamin C and are great for the skin.

• The juice can be used directly on skin as a mask or it can be combined with various other ingredients to make face packs and scrubs.


Cabbage contains Vitamin C as well as sulphides. These help to kill bacteria and heal the skin.

• Steam cabbage until soft and blend into a smooth paste. Let cool and apply to the face. Rinse off after 15 minutes or so.

So, this is my list of ingredients which are easily available and can be used as it is or in conjunction with other ingredients to make packs and scrubs. I think we can take out some time for ourselves and follow some skin care regimen at home. After all, who doesn’t want a flawless and glowing skin!

I hope you found my article useful. Stay pretty.
Until next time! 🙂

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