KleanColor Lash Bow-Tux Volumizing Mascara Review

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Today I’ve got another KleanColor product to review for you guys! I did a major U.S. Haul and this product is a part of it. Let’s get started!

KleanColor Lash Bow-Tux Volumizing Mascara Review

Price: $3.99 + $4.50 shipping and customs

Product Description:
Show-off your lashes with KleanColor’s Lash Bow-Tux Volumizing Mascara. This superior formula allows you to create a buildable, full-bodied, high-volume, dramatic lash look without smudges, clumps or flakes. Our playful and practical bow comb helps to lengthen, lift and separate your lashes for long-lasting plush, fuller looking lashes.

comb and mascara

My Experience with KleanColor Lash Bow-Tux Volumizing Mascara:

KleanColor products come in some really cute packaging. I love the vibrant pink and green combination. It comes in a hot pink tube and a green eyelash comb! How unique is this concept! The comb can be easily attached and removed. The brush is thick and I really like the long wand, which is neither too tall nor too short. The packaging gets full marks because it looks good and is very handy and safe to travel with.


The bristles of the wand help in separating the lashes and also give a lot of length in just one coat. It doesn’t actually volumize the lashes much, but it does a great job of separating and lengthening them. My lashes looked double the length in just one coat, and I was so happy with the result that I did not go for more coats.

comb details

The mascara is deep black in colour and looks very natural on the lashes. It doesn’t crumble or flake at all even after 7 hours of wear. The mascara also curls your lashes so it looks like you really have beautiful and naturally curled lashes. The texture of this mascara isn’t wet; in fact it is a bit dry and almost like gel. It dries up in no time and stays put for a minimum of 5-6 hours. I also noticed that it comes off pretty easily using a normal wet wipe that is not intended for removing makeup.


The wand pretty much does the entire job of a lash curler. I did not feel the need to touch up even once in the 7 hours I wore it. And you really do not need the lash comb, because it doesn’t clump your lashes. But I’ll reserve it for my other mascara! Hihi! Overall, I am really very impressed by this mascara!

mascara applied

Pros of KleanColor Lash Bow-Tux Volumizing Mascara:

• Affordable.
• Cute packaging.
• Comes with a lash comb.
• Lengthens and separates lashes.
• Gives a bit of a volume.
• No flaking.
• Long staying power (7-8 hours).
• Looks really natural.
• Curls the lashes.
• Comes off easily.

Cons of KleanColor Lash Bow-Tux Volumizing Mascara:

• Doesn’t do a great job in volumizing the lashes.
• Not available in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Would I Recommend KleanColor Lash Bow-Tux Volumizing Mascara?
Yes, a must-try for all those who can access it easily!

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