Kryolan LF-402 Lipstick Review

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Hello all!
Today I’ll be reviewing Kryolan Lipstick in LF-402, which is from their Lipstick Fashion range.

kryolan lipstick lf402

kryolan lipstick lf402

Product Description:

Lipstick for professional beauty applications. The creamy consistency of Lipstick Fashion feels soft and velvety on the lips and leaves a pleasant-to-wear sensation. Acetylized Vitamin E and Avocado Oil provide for moisture regulation of the lips. Lip Rouge Fashion is available in an attractive range of more than 30 shades.

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kryolan lipstick lf402


250/- INR


kryolan lipstick lf402

My Experience with Kryolan LF-402 Lipstick:

I bought this shade only to use it to cover lip pigmentation. I use it almost like I use my MAC Lip Erase. While Lip Erase looks like a typical concealer on the lips, this one has a slight peachy tone to it. This shade would wash out any skin tone, except for people with extremely pale skin.

I use this to lighten the color of my lipsticks too and it works excellently. The pigmentation is very intense in one swipe and the lipstick is creamy enough to glide smoothly without tugging on the lips. It does not settle into fine lines on it’s own and nor does it feel drying on the lips.



The lipstick smells a little unpleasant and that makes me hesitant to use it most mornings. Though the smell doesn’t linger for long, I am put off by it.

The staying power is pretty decent. It stays on the lips for around 4-5 hours without the need of any touch-up. It does not transfer too much, since it is not too creamy.

I’ve also started to use this shade as a blush sometimes due to its light, natural peachy tone. It actually makes my skin look radiant and the color looks very natural on the cheeks.

kryolan lipstick lf402

kryolan lipstick lf402

Pros of Kryolan LF-402 Lipstick:

  • Opaque pigmentation in one swipe.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Can be used as a lip concealer.
  • Wide range of shades to choose from.
  • Does not settle into fine lines.
  • Transfer proof.

Cons of Kryolan LF-402 Lipstick:

  • This particular shade washes out most skin tones.
  • Availability is an issue.
  • Smell is a major turn off.

IBMM Rating:


Would I repurchase/recommend Kryolan LF-402 Lipstick?

This shade is not for all complexions. If you’d want to use it like a Lip Erase you can surely go for it, but otherwise you can skip this shade. I will still continue buying lipsticks from this range for the price and the quality is more than good.

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4 thoughts on “Kryolan LF-402 Lipstick Review

  1. Where do you get the lipsticks? They have one outlet in Chennai…
    But in Kolkata a few shops just sell the foundations… online stores sell them either….
    i want lippies 🙁

  2. Even with my fair skin I don’t think I could quite pull this one off. But, it’s a good suggestion as a Lip Erase. Thanks Ravali.

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