L’Oreal Made For me Naturals Lipstick Sienna Review

So you guys know that I had a small collection of lipsticks in the past and this lipstick was me entire ‘collection’. This is L’Oreal Made for me naturals dark brunette lipstick in shade 237 silk. It is a perfect nude shade with slight gold sheen and totally in my comfort zone. This is lipstick is still my favorite lipstick even after buying Elle 18 lipsticks and Lakme lipsticks.

What L’Oreal made for me naturals lipstick claims? L’Oreal made for me naturals lipstick Color riche made for me naturals is a collection of lip colors specially designed to compliment your unique skin tone and hair color. Nine of L’Oreal Paris beautiful diverse spokespeople each represent one shade in the color riche Made for Me Naturals collection. The shade each spokes person wears is specially designed to compliment her but also women with similar skin tone and hair color combination. It also features ultra hydrating Omega 3 and vitamin E to leave lips soft, supple and smooth

. How much you get? The net weight is 4.7 g Shades: L’Oreal made for me naturals lipstick Shades COST: Rs 580/- L’Oreal made for me naturals lips THE GOOD L’Oreal lipstick Shades

  • The shade is a nude color with slight golden sheen-totally my color and it is subtle too.
  • Versatility-It is sheer with one swipe but can be layered to achieve medium opacity. It can be worn over other lipsticks to create a gloss like look without going totally glossy.
  • It has a satiny finish and creamy texture.
  • It goes with any look-be it Indian bridal look with shades of bronze and gold or a dark smokey look or if you are just stepping out of home to shop with one swipe of this lipstick you will be sorted.
  • The smell-I don’t know how to explain this smell. It is totally pleasant [for me] I call this smell ‘the lipstick smell’ and I love it.
  • The packaging is gold in color and looks totally classy.

L’Oreal made for me naturals lipsticks Swatch: Loreal swatch THE BAD

  • It has to be reapplied again and again as it doesn’t last much long.1-2 hour’s top. So this leads to fast usage
  • I think it is limited edition I looked to buy a backup for it as I loved it but I wasn’t able to find it again.

THE VERDICT If you are the one for sheer nude lips it would be good for you. But if you are a bright/matte person you won’t like it at all. This one is my Holy Grail lipstick so it is a total love for me, But from a totally third person view of the topic with no absolute personal interest in the matter [whew!!]

I will rate it :star: :star::star:

Lipstick Tips

  • If you think the lipstick is too bright after you put it on, but removing it would mess up your foundation, mix foundation with a bit of Vaseline to mute the color.
  • If your gloss is too sticky rub ice cube over it. It will keep the shine but remove the stickiness.
  • If dark matte lipsticks stained your lips, use olive oil and rub it on your lips to get rid of the staining.
  • Orangey red lipstick makes your teeth look more yellow while bluey red lipsticks makes them look whiter.
  • Light colors-shimmery or frosty especially can make your lips look bigger while dark or matte colors makes it look smaller.

Aishwarya Rai Bachhan Cannes P.S. Did you know in the Cannes 2010 red carpet, on the third day Aishwarya Rai Bachan used this lipstick in the shade dune ?

Today’s Pick is Paul Smith Bina Heels. Soooooooooo pretttttttttyyyyy. :-*

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42 thoughts on “L’Oreal Made For me Naturals Lipstick Sienna Review

    1. thank you!!!i had a star secrets lipstick in aishwarya beige…but on a school event at school i took and somebody borrowed it and didnt give it back…..and it was limited edition…

      1. OMG…somebody took that from you! I love that shade..have it with me and I won’t even share it with anyone – to even look at – cos its so pretty and not available any more.

      2. How mean is that. I would have gone back and asked for my lipstick . I mean people have no clue what makeup means to us. :rotfl: :rotfl:

        1. I know..I had this friend …errr..have this friend. Whenever I got a new lipstick, I used to promptly display it to her..she would promptly ask me if she can try it…and would always end up making a mark on the lipstick with her tooth edge – like every single time!! This happened 3-4 times – always when I show her a new lipstick – and now I just shut up and never take a new lipstick anywhere near her.

          1. I know that’s so bugging. I also kind of hide my makeup from a few people. Mostly because I feel they will jinx my makeup. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

            Your friend doesn’t visit IMBB no? :rotfl:

            1. And I am thinking I am odd! Love IMBB cos we are all normal here…and no she doesnt drop by here..yet 😀 See I should have left it as Rads!!!!

                1. that was such a gorgeous shade it was a gift and the person who asked me was my then BFF…..i dont talk to her anymore…..it was in 2007…

    1. those are loreal mascara..they are awesome..i tried it sometime ago when i wasnt creeped out by using someone else’s mascara….she used L’oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion in Black
      but my fav is double extension beauty tubes ..ash used it on the first and second days…

  1. oh i’ve never seen these before! so pretty..
    i refuse to share make up. i just trust one or two friends with my stuff, that’s it. those who KNOW how to take care of these little things that cost a bomb. to others, i flatly refuse.

  2. The lipstick may not ne for me… But i am loving the Organza shade…

    And loooooovvvvveeeddd the icecube on lip gloss tip… Will try it soon… Stickiness is one of the biggest reason why I don’t use glosses…

    And Fathima, are you really 15?????? You are so full of gr8 tips…

    1. i know what u mean bout stickiness..i used to hate it too..but not anymore….and yes i am 15..although i have read more books on makeup more than aaaaaaaaany one i know and my family happily buys them for me..i am blessed!! :-* :-*

  3. i guess we all are bad at sharing makeup. hv this frnd frm Angola… she asked me wht i was wearin on my lips…..i showed her my maybelline gloss nd without askin she used it before i could understand if she was smelling it or applyin.. eeeeeee…..
    nxt day i gifted her d same…:-(

    nw m very careful while showin my stuff to frnds… sigh!!!

  4. Hi Fathima,
    Good review.The shade you have chosen is very nice and subtle and is perfect for a 15 year old.By the way, ardent fans of Aisharya Rai(I too like her,but not a die-hard fan) please excuse me for saying this but Aisharya simply does not look her best in the above picture.She looks tired,worn out and completely washed out.

      1. i am an ardent ash fan but i agree with u..she does look tired….but u shud google “aishwarya rai cannes 2010 day 2″…..she looks unbelievable… :-)) :-))

  5. Thanks for the icecube tip Fathima…I found it so useful. As far as not returning things borrowing, thats a bad habit……but I can never say “No”…guess its high time now…..

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