La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift Review, Swatch


Claims :

A lifting phenomenon. Next generation Skin Caviar Liquid Lift is a gravity defying serum that lifts, firms and provides long-lasting effects. With a look that pays homage to our iconic skin caviar pearls, this formula contains scientific advancements that create exceptional results. Past damage recedes as existing cells are rejuvenated, and new ones are super-charged, nourished and protected. Skin appears lifted and taut. Skin Caviar Liquid Lift epitomises science and luxury, the heart and soul of the skin caviar collection.

  • Give the look and feeling of an instant lift and helps increase firmness and elasticity over time. Rebuild skin to fill in existing wrinkles.
  • Soften facial expressions to prevent new lines and wrinkles
  • Protects epidermal stem cells to help the skin act younger

Ingredients :

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Price : USD 500 approx for 50 ml

My Experience with La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

I have been using the La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift both morning and evening before applying moisturiser. For day time I use the La Prairie Anti Ageing Day Cream and for night, I use the skin caviar night cream.

It comes in this beautiful royal blue and silver bottle. The golden beads that you see are the golden caviar beads stored in a separate chamber. There is a press button that you press and then shake the bottle, the beads turn into a milky emulsion with golden micro shimmer particles.

It is semi thick milky emulsion that goes on like a thin layer on the skin and gets absorbed quickly. It instantly makes your skin look a bit tighter and lifted. You know how after applying a face pack you skin starts looking lifted, clear and glowing. That’s what it does. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any trace of product behind. It has never irritated my skin or caused any breakouts. Infact I have only seen my skin get better and nicer with every passing day.

A little goes a long way. I am almost halfway though the serum with almost 1.5 month of usage. I use it both am and pm.

Coming to the ingredients – a whole lot of mixed bag with good and bad ones in the list.

The two main ingredients are sodium citrate is a powerful ingredient helps in promoting regrowth and skin peeling. Glycerin adds a boost of moisture. Glycols that are used as humectants.

But there are other ingredients as well such as alcohol (right on top of the list), dimethicone, perfume etc that could cause sensitivity to the skin.

How they work in combination with each other, I am not sure of of. But for me this seems to work a hell lot.

It is damn expensive. So unless you are looking for something that would probably offer super benefits of anti ageing skin care, I think you could look out for other products in the market as well. But if you can afford it, you would never want to go back to anything else. It’s pretty much like a little botox in the bottle…may be not that extreme but it does work. It’s not one of those ‘hyped for no reason’ kind of a product.

As I said in my previous review as well, La Prairie skin care has completely changed the way my skin looks today. I have never seen such quick and brilliant results on my skin all these years. 🙂

Rating : 4/5

la-prairie-skin-caviar-liquid-lift-1 la-prairie-skin-caviar-liquid-lift-2 la-prairie-skin-caviar-liquid-lift-review

Press the button and the beads turn into milky emulsion. la-prairie-serum

Swatch : la-prairie-skin-caviar-liquid-lift-swatch

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  1. Wow I love the concept and now everyone knows the secret behind your flawless skin as well. This brand is so impressive, we can always ignore a few bad ingredients. 😛

  2. Wowwwwww, I mean with caviar as the main ingredient, the price is completely justified. I super loved reading about this product Rati 🙂

  3. USD 500….we girls can do anything for our skin na….but its way tooooooo much mehenga…ma will to kill me…

  4. wow.. i wud love to get it for that magical emulsion apart from the magic it creates on skin 🙂 m sure ur flawless skin is getting pampering it deserves, u r already blessed with perfect skin!! say touchwood

  5. OMG! This is inasane… its pure rich magic! Rati don’t do this to me 🙁 🙁 🙁
    No way I can start this… hopefully someday I shall get it , or ask as a gift from my guy 😛

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