Top 5 Anti Aging Tips

Skin aging and 5 anti aging tips for all

The other day I was sitting with my mom and looking at her photographs from when she was 10 to now (if I tell her age, I’ll have to go without lunch 2mrw ;)) …With all the changes what I saw most was how the skin she had was not there anymore for her now. Even when I saw how I looked at 18 was not the case at 23yr..What had happen? Aging…

Anti Ageing
Anti Ageing

When we refer to aging, many of us think of elderly people. However the skin actually begins the aging process as early as the late teens!! There are basically two types aging process we go through one being the intrinsic and the extrinsic

Intrinsic aging-
It is actually the aging that occurs because of heredity, genetic factors. We inherit these genes from our parents who determine how our skin behaves throughout our lifetime and how our skin looks when we age. Time and physiological changes effects can be seen right from the twenties

Extrinsic ageing-
This refers to the damage caused by the outside or the external factors like sun exposure, bad health habits, lack of proper skin care, improper nutrition etc.extrinsic aging factors are factors on which we generally have control on.fortunetly many dermatologists around the world and ( even mine 😉 )Believe that almost 85% of the aging skin symptoms we see can be controlled and minimized.

Anti aging today is the most researched and developed segment of cosmetic science and product development, primarily due to the aging population world over and their desire to remain as young as possible. Thus not keeping you all waiting will let out the secrets to age well n beautifully…The tried and tested anti aging tips for all skin types…

Ant aging tip # 1- wear sunscreen all the time

Anti Ageing - Sunscreen
Anti Ageing - Sunscreen

The single biggest factor contributing to premature aging is cumulative exposure to sun. unfortunately many individuals think that sun damage will never happen to them, but years of non protection results in all aging symptoms like- wrinkles, sagging of skin, pigmentation problems, roughness, leathery skin etc.thus using broad spectrum sunscreen ( for both UVA N UVB) for maximum sun protection. Look for products with SPF and try layer these products for maximum protection. E.g. day cream with spf, makeup products with spf etc…

Anti Ageing
Anti Ageing

Anti aging tip# 2- use antioxidants topically and orally

Whether topically applied or taken orally antioxidants help protect the skin from free radicals. These free radicals are wild molecules or atoms usually oxygen or oxygen based compounds which break on exposure to sun and become unstable. They then damage the skin cell and disrupt their normal function, thus lead to faster cell death and eventually ageing and its symptoms
Thus antioxidants work by scooping theses free radicals and by destroying or stabilizing them. These anti oxidant are beneficial in form of health supplements, as well as topical application in form of creams, gels, lotions serums etc. sometimes even sunscreens come with range of anti oxidants in them and so do the makeup products. Popular anti oxidants are vitamin A, E, C. other contemporary antioxidants are grape seed extract, Japanese green tea. Everyday products should have at least three of these antioxidants to reduce the free radical damage. However powerful antioxidants should also have a great deliver system like the liposome technology or other higher end technology which slowly delivers these ingredients to skin where they are needed most and prevents it from oxidizing.. A sign of oxidation is the darkening of product in jar. It’s no use buying expensive products with antioxidants n then turn the product dark which looses its efficacy

Anti Ageing - vegetables
Anti Ageing - vegetables
Anti Ageing
Anti Ageing

Eat a lot of bright color foods for a range of antioxidants

Antiaging tip# 3- avoid irritation

Any habit, product, or treatment that chronically irritates the skin can be damaging. Avoid excessive sun, heat, smoking, excessive alcohol, and anything which routinely reddens the skin. Try having products with soothing agents or ingredients which help control the trigger which leads to free radicals in skin. Some tested and popular soothing agents are aloe Vera extract, licorice extract, grape seed extract, green tea extract, chamomile essential oil, rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, azulene extract, bisabol extract…

Antiaging tips # 4 – protect and hydrate the skin

Provide ingredients to skin which hydrates the skin offers lubrication and acts like protective barrier so that the natural skin’s moisture is not lost…Look for ingredients like sphingolipids, phospholipids, cholesterol, squalene, linoleic acid, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, jojoba oil, sunflower or borage seed oil,, hyloraunic acid, sodium PCA, glycerin, honey,shea butter, coca butter etc

Anti Ageing
Anti Ageing

Antianging tip# 5- use of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid)

AHA and BHA remove dead and dull skin cells, thus helping the skin to rejuvenate and produce new skin cells. Its helps in evenness of skin tone, texture and imparts smoothness thus helping in diminishing fine line, uneven pigmentation and slows the external skin symptoms. These should be used with minimum SPF of 15 and above. Many products contain these ingredients as already launched anti aging range from various companies ranging from Olay to clinique…

Thus proper care and protection can lead you to get compliments even when your friends stop getting them 🙂 but I guess all readers will get compliments thanks to IMBB. 🙂

What Anti aging tips do you follow ?


13 thoughts on “Top 5 Anti Aging Tips

  1. Very informative article, you’ve done a lot of research ya. Its great !! And you are right, we are aging every single day… hopefully growing older as well as wiser.

  2. Nice article…am bookmarking it for my mum! i am just 15 so i guess i dont have to worry bout this just yet…but i am not takin any chances so i am using plenty of sunscreen and drinking lots of water…As they said….Prevention is Better than Cure!!!

  3. 🙂 informative one Akansha ,
    drinking water in plenty is one way to hydrate u in and out :-))

    u can opt for soups during this winter :bowl: :bowl:

    am lazy to make soups from scratch, so i make knor soups and i lub their soupy noodles too :nerd:

  4. Nice post Akansha! :yes: All the above tips are great! I started basic skin care (forget anti-ageing) only after the age of 23! :shame: Of course now I take much, much better care of my skin and it shows! I have better skin at 31 than I had at 23! :makeup:

  5. I Want the best herbal anti-ageing cream that i can suggest my mom..c is around 48yrz. i waz thinking of lotus anti wrinkl..plizz lemme knw soon…

  6. Want to knw d best herbal cream for anti ageing/anti wrinkl that cn b used at the age of 48yrz.? Plez temme… I genraly prefer lotus.. is it good

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