La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide Review

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide

Kudos and love to everyone who put an immense amount of drudgery in putting this amazing blog together. You have appeased my desire to my heart’s content. I was miffed at being oblivious to what I had been missing all along. This blog has grown on me with each passing day. And all of you, yes you all pretty ladies have totally augmented my interest in beauty and everything good! 😀 a big heartfelt thank you. 🙂 Now before I get more sentimental, here is my first review.

la roche posay toleriane fluide

About The Product
Toleriane- the high tolerance program, for intolerant skin. Known to reduce the risks of irritants & allergens. Preservative free. paraben -free. alcohol-free. Colorant-free. Lanolin free. With thermal spring water from LA ROCHE POSAY. A minimum of ingredients selected for their innocuousness. Provides lasting hydration.

Our innovative blends deliver safe use in comfortable textures: embodying smooth, light consistencies for easy, nonabrasive application , the hygiene products do not need to be rinsed. Its light mattifying texture penetrates and soothes the pulling, stinging, and burning sensations specific to intolerant skin.

This fragrance-free light moisturizing fluid hydrates delicate and sensitive skin.

Aqua/water (thermal spring water-soothing agent), squalane (emollient), glycerin (hydrating agent), dipropylene glycol, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, ethylhexyl-glycerin, caprylyl glycol.

Recommended For
• Sensitive skin
• Eczema
• Combination to oily skin

How to Use
• Apply to the face after cleansing morning and/or evening.

1080 (indian rupee)

My Skin Type
Clear, no issues, behaves well , oily t-zone, sensitive

How I Came Across This Product
After reading reviews here for effaclar toner, I knew I had to get it. I couldn’t locate it nearby so went all the way to defence colony to evergreen chemists, who keeps every possible dermo approved brand. They had a lady counselor, who advised & evalued my face before letting me my hands on it. I also wanted effaclar duo but she said I don’t need it. On my insistence, she handed me toleriane fluid instead & also enlightened me that what I have is not bump or acne prone, but sensitive skin.

I like the packaging, its sturdy & spill proof. It has a pump dispenser & an overhead plastic top covering it. You can very much control the amount of product. Hygienic, Lightweight & travel friendly.

My Experience With La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide

Before telling you how it fared , All my life (I am 22 by the way 😛 ) I have been bothered by weird pale redness on my cheeks specially. It aggravates when I have external skin assaults like exposer to harsh weather, pollution, I can’t even explain what the sun does to me. I tend to tan immediately, And the very next day, the texture of skin appears uneven, like tiny teeny bumps , some gets loaded with whiteheads & yes! I am very apprehensive for my skin so the CTM routine is very much maintained. If I stay at home like a pyara kiddo, my skin don’t take revenge on me 😛 .
States that the outermost layer of the epidermis, becomes abnormally permeable. I hope this would help lot of people to realize if they are sensitive skin type as well .

So I have been using this toleriane fluide along with effaclar toner for more than a month, and it has helped overcome the sensitivity to a great extent. At first, it looked just moisturizing & nothing much. But knowing anything would take time to give visible results, I continued using it, with no attached hopes. but to my surprise , my hypersensitivity has reduced .

I still suffer from flare-ups every few weeks and my skin does get oily by the end of the day, but nothing much to acclaim worry. Also, It has continued to be moisturizing. But other than using it twice a day as advised by lady counselor, I have used it in the beginning of the day only, at night, I feel my skin needs more hydration than what this provides.

My skin is free of temporal blemishes with a month’s usage. I am very much satisfied with the results.

There is no scent to the product. The color is somewhat milky & texture is lightweight & creamy. On applying, it gets absorbed fairly quickly. It does not feel heavy at all & a little amount, a pump is enough for my face & neck, so the product is going to last me a while. even after using it for everyday this whole month that passed, it still feels it has ample of amount left, when shaken!

Cost effective, I’d say! At least for me.

Pros of La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide

• An awesome product, blessing for sensitive skin type.
• Neither residues nor cause greasy build up.
• Helped hugely in overcoming my skin’s hypersensitivity.
• Travel friendly.
• Does what it claims.
• Paraben-free.
• Colorant free.
• Alcohol free.
• Fragrance free.
• Lanolin free
• Has thermal spring water 😀

Cons of La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide

• Availability could be an issue.
• Cost might be hinderance for some.



Please make use of google baba 😛 or any good chemists would have it, along with many online shopping portals

Would I Repurchase? Recommendation and Product Rating:
Yes. I would. And I do recommend it for sensitive skin type. 4/5

Additional Information
This toleriane range is available for all skin types, consisting of different products suiting one’s skin needs &a concerns. For better results, they advise to follow a trio of product from CLEANSER, SOOTHER & PROTECTOR steps. This toleriane fluide is protector in my case. I have been using it with effaclar toner & effaclar foaming gel face wash. Please consider your skin type & assess it fully before using anything. ☺

The Simple Essentials of Healthy Skin
• Maintain a good hygiene.
• Avoid hot water, warm showers or baths, they strip moisture making skill dull.
• Dry skin gently by patting, not rubbing.
• Hydrate with an appropriate moisturizer.
• Avoid factors that can irritate skin.

Take care & stay beautiful!

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    1. thank you kusuma 🙂 LRP have the most gentle and effective range of products . They have something for every skin type . Worth trying 🙂

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