Lady Bird Nail Art Tutorial

Lady Bird Nail Art (tutorial)

LAdy Brid Nail Art

We need:

  • Red nail polish – I am using Avon Simply Pretty Fire Cracker
  • Black liner/nail art pen – I am using Lakme Insta Liner
  • Opaque white polish – I am using Avon Nailwear French Tip White
  • Transparent sealant – I am using Revlon Street Wear Top Coat

Lady Bird Nail Art

Paint the nail with red

LAdy Bird

Draw a straight black line right across the middle of the nail

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Lady Bird

Demarcate the top part to make the head of the insect

Lady Bird

Draw a border around the shape of its body

Lady Bird

Put random black dots on the wings

Lady Bird

Fill the head and the portion outside the body area with black and make white irises

Lady Bird

Make pupils with black

Lady Bird

Apply top coat.
And you are ready to buzz…

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18 thoughts on “Lady Bird Nail Art Tutorial

    1. Hey isnt this supposed to be LADY BUG, not lady bird?! hehe… Lady bird was a cycle no? :toothygrin:
      Very cute tute though! :waytogo:

    1. After much deliberation, I decided it must be you (Scarlett) 😀 😀 and I like this one…feel it suits you … better than the other options you gave last time 😀

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