Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup Review

9to5flawless_makeupLakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup/ Lakme Nine to Five Liquid Foundation

Price: Rs 395

Available in 4 Shades: Pearl (For Fair Complexion) , Marble ( For Fair to Wheatish Complexion) , Shell ( For Wheatish Complexion) , Coral (For Wheatish to Dusky Complexion)

What does Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup promise?

A high performance foundation that keeps you looking flawless through the day. The long-lasting finish formula does not smudge or streak. It leaves skin feeling comfortable and supple for hours.

Why should you buy Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup?

  1. It does not streak or smudge.
  2. It is long lasting and waterproof. Once I wore it for a girl’s day out and then had to leave for an evening get together. My base makeup was as it is . All I had to do was add some blush and highlighter on my face to up do my look.
  3. Gives a heavy coverage and can work great as a concealer as well.
  4. Is buildable.
  5. Does not dry my skin.
  6. Is best for people who have oily or combination skin.
  7. The high powder concentration in this foundation gives you a mattish finish on your face.
  8. Comes with a pump.Β  Absolutely non messy.
  9. Sleek packaging. Easier to carry along.

Why should you NOT buy Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup?

  1. The foundation might look cakey, if you are not adept at applying foundation. In short, not for beginners.
  2. I saw dry patches around my nose after its application. πŸ™
  3. If you are looking for a dewy finish, this foundation is not for you.
  4. No SPF

Lakme Nine To FIve Flawless Makeup
Lakme Nine To FIve Flawless Makeup

How to apply Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup?

This foundation is quite tricky to apply. DO NOT apply it either with finger tips or foundation brush. Apply it with a damp sponge. Dot foundation on your face and next and lightly blend the foundation in a downward direction from hairline to neckline. it using a damp sponge. I also noticed dry flakes around my nose after I applied the foundation. To combat that, I apply a dilute solution of glycerin and water around my nose after I am done with my base makeup (concealer+foundation + powder). Voila! no dry patches after that. πŸ™‚ The real glow of the foundation comes after 5-7 minutes of application. It smooths and evens out the skin tone pretty well.

Will I but Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup again?

Honestly, I am not dissatisfied with the product at all. It is a good product especially for people who are looking to hide their acne scars or blemishes. It is also an excellent evening or nighttime foundation. I might repurchase it.

IMBB Rating:3/5

UPDATE –10th December, 2009: After reviewing this foundation, I have had a horrible experience with it after a few days. You can read my experience here.

So gurlies, have you used any Lakme foundation so far?


29 thoughts on “Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Makeup Review

  1. glad it wrkd 4 u, sexy!

    Uiii….forgot to mention…liked ur luks in ur previous post! much better than kareena’s, if you believe πŸ™‚ I swear

  2. whoa , such good reviews . ua tempting me to buy this , bit I have to say NO , recently my trust in LAKME is fading ( in foundations )

    buh so happy to hear it works for yu !

  3. Hey Palak,

    Honestly, this foundation came as a surprise to me. I am going to review Lakme’s other foundations as well and you would know that I myself have lost the trust. After this foundation gets over, I am going to try other brands such as Colorbar or Revlon or Maybelline. ANy recommendations?

    By the way I was checking out NARS website and thought I would order Orgasm Blush but they don’t deliver in India. πŸ™ I am just so sad.

  4. Oh…looks like somebody needs orgasm πŸ™‚ why dont they ship to India? too bad πŸ™ better I carry mine from UK πŸ™‚

  5. Rati , I have heard MAC’s springshen(or peachykeen) is also a dupe of orgasm , U may wanna try it !

    I would advice MAX factor’s Miracle touch (590INR)(i knw its steep buh yu are payin for quality)
    have heard rave reviews
    the blogger is a cosmotologist at CLINIQUE ,mumbai
    and also a makeup-person , he has also states that he finds it to be at par to higher end foundations like MAC , estee lauder etc.
    This is in my wishlist for sooo long , I might purchase it buh only wen I run out of mah previous foundies πŸ™‚

    have a great day πŸ™‚

  6. Gosh Divija! My mind is getting dirty now. πŸ˜› I have no clue why they don’t ship here. πŸ™ I had done the entire process of shopping cart and all on their site and whhile I was filling up my address, they had only US /Uk states listed. I know you must stock yourslf up with its blushes before coming to India. πŸ™‚

  7. Palak,

    I guess no matter how much I am trying resist MAC, it is pulling me closer and closer by minute. πŸ˜› Thanks for the recos hun. Will keep them in mind the next time I am going foundation shopping. πŸ™‚

  8. Ah! Didn’t get to finish my last comment! As I was saying –

    But I bought it anyway and I love this!. I don’t see any such dry flakes maybe due to my skin type. Anyways my mom almost kicked me out of the house when she saw the price. She didn’t allow me to buy makeup stuff before. But now since Ive passed out of school she doesn’t say much but still she protests!
    .-= Rijwi´s last blog ..Long Time! =-.

    1. I am glad it worked for you. But you know Lakme should mention that it is for oily skin. After using it I realized that the powder content is very high in this foundation and it is good for people with oily skin.

      450?? 😯 They have lost it or what? I didn’t buy makeup until I got married so never faced such problems with mom. he he he

      1. Well It’ll be another 8 to 10 years till I get married(I’m only 18 now!). So since I love makeup so much! my mom has to bear with it. But I never ask her for money for the makeup! Its during the durga pujas or my birthday or Bhai Dooj or raksha bandhan that I get some money from my relatives telling me to buy clothes only I don’t spend them on clothes πŸ˜‰ Well I’ve a big family and we are really close! So my cousin brother’s are really generous towards us and if its some wedding occasion then we get get some extra cash too! Now don’t think of me as being greedy or anything! I’ve got exactly 16 cousin brothers and two of them are younger than me and two of them give me chocolates(I love them!) since they are they are still studying, so even if the rest give us Rs 100 each, its a lot and believe me they give more than that! So I buy something with a portion of the money and keep the rest for some special occasion or to buy story books (I’m a bookworm! πŸ˜€ ). But since mom says its not good to spend money so easily, I guess thats what she’s afraid of! Me being fickle and loose with money!

        1. That’s such a cute comment, Rijwi. I have only one brother and I take full benefit of being the only sister. lol!! Even after I have got married I teasingly fight with him if he gives me less money on occasions but those are the memories that you cherish the most. πŸ™‚ I am so glad that you invest in books. I always feel that people who don’t read miss a lot in their lives and reading is something that changes your outlook towards life and things.

          And especially teenage is the time when you can have the best of your skin and you don’t even need to do much makeup. Just a hint of gloss and kajal makes young girls look beautiful. πŸ™‚

          And you want to get married at around 27-28 years. That’s too late. Isn’t it? πŸ™‚

          1. Yep! Absolutely! People miss a lot of things if they don’t read books. One of my best buddies used to say that he’ll see the audio-visual version of the book soon anyways so why bother with reading such a boring thing?? And since I used to get pissed at his comments about my precious books, I used to think well who cares if you want to miss out on so much! Those days I really didn’t have much patience πŸ˜€ .

            Exactly! I mostly put on Kajal and gloss when going out and nothing much πŸ™‚ . But as I’ve already told you I’ve got a big family, there are loads of celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, new births and since most of my cousins are of marriageable age we are having loads of functions at our house every few months not to mention other occasions! Last year there were two weddings, one cousin brother and one cousin sister of mine got married exactly 3 months apart! And soon there’s gonna be a baby from another cousin bro of mine who got married in Feb 2009! Hehe! sorry for rambling on and on! I really love talking about my family πŸ˜€ ! They are the reason for my happiness. And I’m awed by how much they support me without questioning and put their trust in me.

            Well about getting married…..I’m taking a leaf out of the cousin sister of mine who got married at 31(she’s really picky, she waited until she found a perfect match for herself) and thus she’s an expert at everything! I mean handling a household so perfectly along with being a full time economics professor! I sometimes hear what she does and note them down in a diary even πŸ˜‰ ! But lets see what happens in the future! I might find someone perfect for me and tie the knot πŸ˜‰ ! But of course only after completing my education! The thing is I’m a bit too much picky! Just like that cousin sister of mine πŸ˜› !
            .-= Rijwi´s last blog ..My Cosmetics Haul! =-.

  9. Surely its not for beginners..its rather difficult to blend..and I had some “ghostly” disasters with it surely gives a satin finish and lasts long without touch-ups..however it gets streaky with sweating..I now love my Revlon New Complexion Makeup!!!

  10. Rati, i have very very very oily skin.. iv tried every foundation for oily skin available here in our country but to no avail.. so im wishing this lakme 9-5 would work for me. il be asking my uncle to bring me a bottle next week. what shade do you think would suit NC30 skintone?
    i can’t find the swatches online.. im scared to rely on their website swatches since the color sometimes dont match the real shade.

  11. hi rati, i have a very oily its very difficult for me to find a good foundation for my skin.i quite liked your review on this foundation.i would like to get your review on the loreal paris infallible advanced never fail makeup.

  12. I have had a horrible experience with this product. :pissedoff: :pissedoff: The SA showed me all the colors and i decided to go for Marble.. When i got home all excited to try it on i was very disappointed because the Marble which i chose was very different to the tester she showed me this had an yellow tinge to it. :sick: I completely hate yellow tinge in my foundation. I was so disappointed i went back and she was like we cant replace it. I never used it even once. It was a waste of money and i felt so cheated. I have never purchased any product of lakme after that. :smug:

  13. hey does this foundation really last long??? coz lakme foundation never stay on me..after an hour or so my T zone becomes shiny and after 2 hrs my whole face starts shining…n i hate it…want to purchase a new foundation and m confused between lakme and revlon color stay…m havin combination skin…!!

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