Lakme Nine To Five Flawless Creme Compact Review

Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Creme Compact?

A crème-to-powder finish formula make-up compact that glides on silky smooth and blends effortlessly for an impeccable finished look that lasts the entire day.

How to apply Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Creme Compact?

  • Step 1
    Sweep adequate crème-to-powder compact on to the make-up sponge
  • Step 2
    Gently blend the make-up sponge in a downward direction. Allows you to control coverage for sheer or heavier results.

Shades Available : 4 -Pearl, marble, Shell and Coral

Lakme Creme to Powder Compact

Price – Rs 375 (Not sure , I bought it almost an year back and I was about to throw it away before I got a request to do a review. :P)

I was looking for a compact powder to set my base and this range was pretty new to the counters early last year. So the SAs convinced me that this would be an ideal compact + foundation combo all in one. She said that if I wanted to apply it as a foundation, I just needed to wet the sponge that comes with the compact and I’ll be all set.  Two things happened :

  • She sold me the wrong shade – Pearl (I look like a ghost with this shade all over my face)
  • She sold me the wrong product (it is not a compact that you could use to set your liquid foundation)

Since I was a newbie to makeup until last year Jan, it took me months to realize both the things.  On 17th July, 2009 I got ready to attend an evening (4 p.m types) Birthday Party of my friend. It was a hot day and I didn’t want to apply liquid foundation and all so I applied this as a base and set it with powder. Got ready and visited the venue in almost 45 minutes. I reached and thought I’d do a touch up and since the weather was pretty hot that day, there were a little droplets of sweat on my forehead. I patted out  the sweat carefully with a tissue and to my horror, I saw the foundation on the tissue. My makeup base was melting. I touched my cheeks with finger, the foundation came on my finger tips. Finally, went to the washroom and washed my face and did the touch up sans base.

The reason I chose to use this compact on a hot summer day was that I thought it would live up to its “Nine to Five” claim.

Lakme Nine To Five Creme Compact
Lakme Nine To Five Creme Compact

Some other things about Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Creme Compact?

  • It comes with an excellent sponge. You may sanitize the sponge and re-use it.
  • The packaging is beautiful and the compact is easier to carry.
  • This product could give you a full coverage but you must know how to apply it.
  • Don’t even think of applying it over your liquid foundation because you would only be applying another layer of foundation on your face.
  • It’s a creamy textured product and not powdery.
  • Regarding applying the product with a wet sponge, it will only give you a streaky finish. Now only if you want that , wet that sponge.
  • This product could work great as a concealer.
  • There is an inbuilt mirror in the compact and a separate section for the sponge.  This keeps the product and sponge separate.

How to apply it?

Summers: This product is best applied with fingers. Pick the product bit by bit with your fingers and keep applying and blending it. Start with the center of your face- nose, forehead and move towards cheeks while blending it towards your hairline. Then damp your sponge and move it lightly all over your face, just to remove all the cakiness. The product is creamy and you would not face any problem in blending it.

Winters: Take a blow dryer and blow dry the product just for a few seconds. This would melt the product a bit and the application would be easier.

Most of my product has gone into trying to work it out. I used it mostly as a concealer . In fact, after this I have lost faith in powder to creme compacts and I now run away from the whole idea only.

IMBB Rating: 2/5

I would not buy it again.

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40 thoughts on “Lakme Nine To Five Flawless Creme Compact Review

  1. i agree, the packaging is very impressive. as far as creme compacts are concerned, i have used only one – colorbar’s triple act compact (Rs. 325/-). it made me break out a lot so i gave it to my mother (thank god we have similar skin tones!). as the coverage was full, it did take a long time to get off the skin. maybe if i had paid more attention to that, i would not have broken out. such compacts are actually a blessing when applied using a wet sponge, when you don’t have too much time. the weather shouldn’t play spoilsport though! they really do minimize the need for concealer.

    1. It didn’t work for me when applied with a damp sponge. May be because I like using my fingers more than anything else. I also have a feeling that a stippling brush would work great for this product. Bu since I have not used it with the stippling brush myself, I didn’t recommend it. Honestly, I didn’t like the idea of whole product only. I’d pick up a liquid foundation or a cream foundation instead. But that’s just me. 🙂 Body Shop also has a similar product. 🙂

  2. What a waste!!

    I bought this one immediately after they launched this range of products. As usual, was a big NAY for me..Partly because, I didn’t know how to make it work 🙁

    Used it in whatever possible best way I could and dumped..

    1. The way the company has explained to use the product, it didn’t work for me either. And as ususal SAs were of no help. For me it worked and blended beutifully when I applied the product with my fingers. But, yes it’s a NAY for me as well! 🙁

  3. Lol @ the wrong shade making u look like a ghost….ROFL…too funny 😀
    Doesn’t sound good at all!

  4. Hi Rati,
    i had this creme compact with me, it didn’t give the desired results…m going to dump it..suggest me which brand will be a better option. also suggest me the correct color and brand of concealor for my wheatish complexion..plz guide me..

    1. Hi Anshu, welcome to my blog. 🙂 Are you looking for options in liquid foundation? Also what kind of coverage do you like in your foundation- full, sheer, matte dewy?

      I didn’t like this product either. 🙁 Didn’t live up to its name.

      1. Hi Rati,
        That was a quick reply..made me smile.thanx..dunno abt the option u asked me (full, sheer, matte dewy) can u guide me on this..sorry for the problem area is my chin looks little darker when i apply powder compact or even a lipstick.sumone suggested me to apply concealor in yellow tone for my wheatish complexion. i didn’t find it anywhere…u plz suggest me which shade and brand(powder compact & concealor) i shud use so that my chin area doesn’t look darker….plzzzz help me..

        1. Anshu, give me a day and I’ll do a short postfor you. I think there is a lot that you need to know about a foundation selection.:) I pormise it will helo you and we will move ahead from there on. 🙂

  5. hi Rati,

    i had bought this last year. used it on 2 or 3 occasions as a base to make up but still not satisfied with dis.

    give me another option for a base for make up as well as for daily make up base also…
    take care


    1. Piya,

      Glad you guys came up with your views. I thought I must be the only one for not liking such an aesthetic product. 😛

      My daily wear makeup includes concealer and loose powder as base but if you need some kind of foundation to apply, here are some good options:

      1. Lakme Silk Naturelle Daily Foundtaion:
      2. Pond’s Tinted Moisturiser- This will just even out your skin tone.
      3. Revlon Colorstay Active Light makeup (SPG 25)
      4. Loreal true match foundation (if you have oily or combination skin) / Lreal mineral foundation
      5. Maybelline instant age rewind foundation

      Lol!! I had to call up all my friends to get thee names. 😛
      Since summers are approaching do set your foundation witha powder. This will help your foundation last longer. ALos carry a compact with you all the time for ay touch ups.

      I personally use MAC Satin Finish as a foundation but mostly I skip liquid foundation during summers and go with a concealer and loose powder. 🙂

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  6. Ho…. thats sad,. was planing to buy the 9-5 range when i go India next time..
    this is sad. 🙁

    anyway thanks for the review. you saved me from wasting my money.

    1. I have tried most of their range and have not been impressed. in fact, the 90 bucks compact that I have from their range is much impressive than these higher bucks stuff they have. 🙂

      Most welcome. 🙂

  7. hi Rati
    my problem area is my chin looks little darker when i apply powder compact or even a lipstick.sumone suggested me to apply concealor in yellow tone for my wheatish complexion. i didn’t find it anywhere…i dont use foundation so u plz suggest me which shade and brand(powder compact & concealor)for my weatish comlexion, i shud use so that my chin area doesn’t look darker….plzzzz help me..

  8. hi.i use loreal true match compact foundation and its gives a natural look & covers blemishes efficiently.a little bit of it gives a full coverage. the right way 2 use such foundations is 1st spray some face mist on ur face then take little foundation on a dry sponge and swap it on ur whole gives a very natural finish. compact foundations are mean 2 b applied very sparingly and a little bit of it give a full coverage. that is how it differs frm liquid foundation.u can use it without soaking ur face in face mist too.but it need 2 b used sparingly otherwise it will look cakey.i don’t use it as a concealer.i apply it after concealer and it gives a very natural look & then after i apply physicians formula compact powder 2 give a bronzy look. sometimes i apply it with powder brush too but the whole idea is 2 apply it sparingly.that is how it is used. i hope my information help u ladies. thx.

    1. The info was surely helpful but I wonder I would be buying such foundations in future. Want to try cream foundations but not these ones. Facial spray tip is very nice. Welcome aboard. :))

      1. i have lakme’s rose powder too.its really nice.its gives face a very very light pinky look.i love the shades.i have the lighter 1 though.for daily make up, i love 2 use it.bcoz my beutician suggested that its not good 2 use foundations daily.these days i m wearing bigger eye look make up.i seen on youtube & it really works.u sud try it too.

        1. Yes, I ahve read praises about Lakme’s rose powder and I am glad that atleast some things are still nice in Lakme’s range. 😛 I also don’t use liquid foundation every day mainly becasue the heat in Delhi is getting from bad to worse and I don’t want my makeup to melt.

          Thank you for the tips and recos. 🙂

  9. ah thanx a ton for uploading this post, or else all the while i thought m the only one with the probs with this product!! i used to apply it with sponge the way they have explained in their site , but it never came out “flawless’as they claim!! so flaky n caky!! God… n the product is now 450 bucks ( wonder if its worth!) .. but gotta use it as i ve ended up spending!! :(.. thou i must say after reading the comments out here i tried applyin it with ma fingers n yes to a lot extent its works with the fingers( but still not 100% satisfied)!! …again thanx a ton for this post!

    1. Hi Simi,

      Welcome to IMBB. 🙂 This product was pretty crappy and to top it all I had the wrong shade.

      450 bucks is criminal… what are they thinking? 😯

      Most welcome and stay around. 🙂

  10. hi everyone…this is Maria…m new to IMBB….i totally agree with this review….Lakme’s nine to five range is a complete no no….would like to share my recent experience….as i was a big fan of “be indian buy indian” always went for Lakme products….so wanted to purchase Lakme nine to five foundation n because of its price Rs.450 thought it would definitely be a great product as compared to Lakme’s other liquid foundation which is a cheaper one….but to my surprise i got pimples on my cheek where i tried the product….i noticed its very dry n seems like they have filled Lakme souffle in it…i called up unilever customer care n complaint….n they asked me to exchange the nine to five foundation in front of other Lakme products….but was so pissed off n from now onwards a complete cross on Lakme products that i asked them to send me DOVE soap n Vaseline which r unilever products….i would not recommend Lakme products ..rather go for maybelline or chambor or even colorbar..

  11. hey Rati recommend some good liquid eyeliner to choose from…..i really like the liquid ones but confused which brand to choose from..?

  12. hey hi thr…
    well I wanted to knw tat will dis 1 work in places whr d weather is very much hot & humid… ?:)
    If no thn plz let me knw wich 1 to buy for sum full 7-8 hours of support. :struggle:
    Im rly very confused wat to do as evry thngs melts away with the sweat.

  13. hi rati,
    i m very new to make up products. i m 26 and have fair to wheatish complexion. suggest compact for dry skin.
    neha, india 🙂

  14. Oh god!!!!! I so hate this thing!!!!! :yuck: I can’t believe that I spent 425 bucks on this crap!!!!! It makes me look like a ghost and I find it so hard to blend!!!! :no: :no:

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