Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Face Wash Review

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Face Wash

My experimentation with face washes changes with seasons and the way my skin behaves. I have a combination skin (it used to be extremely oily earlier) with occasional breakouts and it is basically the condition of my skin which makes me select my face washes. So far, i have tried almost all the known and lesser known brands and came out with my own conclusions for each and every facewash. Sometimes, lesser known brands end up giving better results and popular ones are really bad.

lakme perfect radiance face wash

Today I am reviewing the Lakme Perfect Radiance face wash. This is my first buy from the range and i bought it for the lovely pink packaging and my good experience with Lakme face washes. I am not a fairness freak but in summers, some of these fairness facewashes work well as de-tanning things after my tough days, which make my skin go really dull.

What the company claims : Its gentle, deep cleansing action reveals skin that’s soft, bright and sparkling. For best results, top it up with the Day Cream or the Day Lotion for perfectly smooth, fair skin.

The pink packaging of the facewash is really eye catching and cute. And with silver writing, the facewash pack does look cute. The flipo pen cap is a sturdy one, which is why there is no problem of leakage or spilling.

lakme perfect radiance fairness face wash

Price : Rs 80 for 50 gms (which is not expensive at all)
Ingredients : Lakme says that the main ingredients are White Lily and Sacred Lotus (WoW!!) and the others are listed on the back of the pack.

The facewash is pearly white in colour and quite thick. One small pea sized squirt is enough to wash your face and neck. I just wet my face, take it in my hand and lather. The smell is nice and light, does not irritate at all. After I wash my face, it does give a nice glow and the dullness and tan does go off… although I can’t see much of fairness. But still i like its effect.

Now my likes and dislikes on this facewash.

What I like about Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Face Wash

1. The facewash is really inexpensive. I have bought one last month and still one-fourths is left. Methinks one pack can go for two months, and for Rs 80, this isn’t much.
2. The packing is good and sturdy.
3. The facewash is slightly creamy and suits all skin types. For my oily skin, it leaves it clean and oil-free and for my sister’s dry skin, it leaves it clean with the need of just a basic moisturiser.
4. I like the glow it leaves on my face. Infact on several days, I may just wash my face, apply moisturiser, kajal and gloss and I am ready for the evening after a tough day.
5. Hasn’t caused me any breakouts so far.
6. A little is needed and full ingredients are given on the pack.

What I don’t like about Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness face wash

1. The fact that I can’t find any cons in this face wash…. 😉

I rate this facewash as 4.5 out of five. I like it in summers but don’t know how it would perform in winters.

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37 thoughts on “Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Face Wash Review

  1. tarry…wow….a no-con face wash and that too in my favourite colour……. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

        1. diff doesn’t mean its not good…..its really pretty………..but making u look diff
          me waiting to see ur entry :yahoo:

  2. Tarry I love lakme face washes , especially the fruit blast range. I might give this a try as well. Thanks for the review. :toothygrin:

    1. Yeah rati…

      du try it out… it’s good.. specially on a day whn ur skin has been exposed to the sun badly…

      btw, did u get my entry and pix?

  3. I have this facewash with me since the last one month and I didnt even dare to open it once :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
    Now I am going to try it for sure :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. Hey thanks for the review! Sounds great and coming at the perfect time for me as I was on the lookout for a new facewash 🙂 :yahoo:

  5. Nice review Tarry.. I am absolutely in love with the Fruit blast range right now.. But I’ll try this after i finsh with my Citrus rain one.. but I have to try Lotus also…

    Me confussssed!! 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕

      1. :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: to see Tarry’s entry!!!! :suspense: :suspense: :suspense: :suspense: :suspense: :suspense:

        1. AAH!!!!

          I am so nervous… hope u guys like it…

          this one is a western look…

          if u guys like it, i may send in a western look also…

          U and Bee have inspired me… O:) O:) O:) O:)

  6. me to confused :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: .. a rating of 4.5 means sumthing.. i wanna try vlcc, pond’s 1 worked gr8 for me too n now this..
    bt gr8 review tarry :yes: :yes: ,.. i am still wating for ur entry post.. :waiting: :waiting:

    1. Hi nids

      I have tried ponds white beauty and even ponds flawless white.. This is better…
      i have taken away .5 because i don’t know its effect in winters… Do try and u wud love it too..
      Aah! how du u find my gravatar… it’s one of the entry pix.. :yawn: :yelo: :yes: 😐 😉 ?:)

  7. Hi.. Could you please suggest me which one is better either Lakme perfect radiance face wash or Lakme fruit blast Citrus rain for oily skin.. ?:)

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