Lancome India Launches French Coquettes Collection Fall 2010

Lancôme’s Fall Collection “French Coquettes”.  As the head make-up artist for Lancome, Stafford Braganza says of French Coquettes, “With a color statement that also plays on contrasts: the urban tones of Black Macadam and the Eiffel Tower-like Urban Silver, inspired by the architectural innovations of the era, are married with delicate nude shades. Not forgetting a touch of boudoir-red Cherry, recalling the rich tapestry and velvet interiors of these time. An intense cherry, this perfectly embodies the bold audacity of the 20s. Complexions are transparent and almost ethereal, softening the impact of perfectly defined eyebrows and intense black and silver smoky eyes.

Lancome French Touch Absolu

Drawing inspiration from Gustave Eiffel’s architecture and the intricate weave of fi shnet stockings, this precious collector’s edition nestles perfectly in the palm of the hand. Although smaller than a classic case, the lipstick itself is the same size as a traditional lipstick. The sumptuous, creamy texture of Lancome French Touch Absolu guarantees a deliciously sensualvelvet touch: a true silk cream enhanced with Pro-Xylane™ to give lips absolutely stunning contour and shape. From nude to the purest cherry, it is available in four shades which pay homage to Edith, Sarah,

Kiki and Daria Werbowy, whose rosy lip color has been perfectly reproduced in Rose Daria. Aaron De Mey’s expert advice: apply LancomeFrench Touch Absolu with a fi ne brush for an intense, slightly retro fi nish, or use fi ngertips for an infi nitely sensual result.

  • 300 Rose Edith
  • 302 Rose Daria
  • 304 Cherry Sarah
  • 306 Cherry Kiki


Lancome Ombre Magnetique

Ombre Flexible technology and generous doses of pearl pigments ensure high-resolution color. Lancome Ombre Magnétique guarantees performance never before achieved in an eyeshadow: its unique composition links and coats the pearls, which make up an exceptional 40% of the formula, to produce a “magnifying glass effect” with refl ective properties for intense color and dazzling results.
Its creamy and divinely sensorial texture melts under fi ngertips, transforming into an intense, perfectly even shade that lasts for up to 24hrs… Utterly spectacular.

Aaron De Mey’s expert advice: the extraordinary texture of Lancome Ombre Magnétique creates a smoky effect in the blink of an eye. Simply apply the black or cherry shade along the lash line, then quickly smudge using fingertips. The Urban Silver shade is a first-of-its-kind highlighter: just a touch on the inner corner of eyes instantly brightens them.

 OMBRE_MAGNETIQUE_03G Black Macadamv

Lancome La Rose Deco

The emblematic Lancome rose is revealed in a brand new incarnation inspired by the graphic motifs of Art Nouveau…
This multi-purpose, light-as-air powder beautifi es the complexion with a rosy glow.

Aaron De Mey’s expert advice: applied using light touches, the deepest shade can replace blush, whilst the lighter shade illuminates facial contours.


Lancome Color Fever Gloss

Inspired by the delicate femininity of the late 19th Century, Aaron De Mey reinvents nude lips: thanks to its extreme shine and color desaturation, Lancome Color Fever Gloss Metropolitan Beige adorns lips with a sophisticated nude shade, shimmering with life to avoid the concealer effect often associated with traditional beige glosses. For a daring contrast to nude, Lancome Color Fever Gloss adopts this season’s star color, Bloody Black Cherry, for 20s inspired
cherry-red lips.

COLOR_FEVER_GLOSS_272 Metropolitan Beige
COLOR_FEVER_GLOSS_272 Metropolitan Beige
COLOR_FEVER_GLOSS_382 Bloody Black Cherry
COLOR_FEVER_GLOSS_382 Bloody Black Cherry

Lancome La Laque Fever

Colors of French Coquettes: Bloody Cherry Chérie, a deep, velvety red inspired by the hushed atmosphere of turn-of-the-century boudoirs, and Rose Daria, a perfect color-match of Daria Werbowy’s lips, with added shimmer.

  • 113 Bloody Cherry Chérie
  • 308 Rose Daria
113 Bloody Cherry Chérie
113 Bloody Cherry Chérie

Lancome Le Vernis

New season, new format… Lancôme’s ultra-glossy, super long-lasting Lancome Le Vernis is dressed in brand new packaging with a lacquered black cap, itsbeautiful streamlined silhouette an invitation to succumb to your heart’s desires by collecting every shade. In addition to the cult catalogue shades, Lancome Le Vernis echoes the French Coquettes it-shades in limited edition versions: a sophisticated nude beige and a Cherry shade perfect for teaming with Black Cherry heart-shaped lips.

018 Bloody Black Cherry
018 Bloody Black Cherry
019 Metropolitan Beige
019 Metropolitan Beige

Lancome Le Crayon Sourcils Pro

For French Coquettes, Lancome Le Crayon Sourcils Pro is unveiled in all-new 3-in-1 packaging, for even easier make-up application. Now equipped with two ends, one for color, the other for the fi xer, its cap is also equipped with a brush.

Available in three shades, so every woman can fi nd her perfect match.

Aaron De Mey’s expert advice: shade sparser parts of the eyebrow using the colouring tip, use the brush to perfect the outline and then finish with the fixer.

• 01 Blond Cendré • 02 Brun Cuivré • 03 Brun


Lancome Hypnôse Cherry Beading Top Coat

In vogue in the 20s, beading consisted of waxing lashes to provide an exquisite,  lightly pearlescent shine. Inspired by this technique, Aaron De Mey creates the Lancome Hypnôse Cherry Beading Top Coat, which lacquers lashes in an intense cherry shade embellished with dancing glints of silver.

Aaron De Mey’s expert advice: combine Lancome Cherry Beading Top Coat with Lancome Hypnôse Noir Hypnotic mascara to achieve ultimate intensity and maximize the depth of eyes.
• 018 Cherry Beading Top Coat

Hypnose Top Coat
Hypnose Top Coat

Lancome Le Crayon Khôl

The must-have Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl is reinvented in the star French Coquettes shades: Black Cherry and two metallic hues evoking the soaring lines of the Eiffel Tower and the iron curves of Art Nouveau, Macadam Grey and Urban Silver.

  • 05 Bloody Black Cherry
  • 06 Macadam Grey
  • 07 Urban Silver

Lancome French Coquettes Collection is launching in India in October. 🙂

PS : Greenie is holding a MAD Tea Party. She says everything is over by now. I don’t trust her. Let’s raid her place HERE.. :evilgrin:

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    I love the feel of lipsticks. 😀
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    I loved the lancome lipstick collection 😀
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