What To Do For Large Pores on Face: Ask IMBB

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Youjin L. Asks :


I need help for my facial pores. Is there anything for pores and oily skin. Please help as I don’t want to put on heavy makeup, please help, its urgent.

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11 thoughts on “What To Do For Large Pores on Face: Ask IMBB

  1. hi youjin apply ice all over face to reduce open pores before makeup
    and whenever you done facial or bleach apply rosewater icing after it

    whenever u done cleansing apply face pack to reduce open pores

  2. Pores will not go away completely and thats the bitter truth but yes you can reduce the size of it..try using a good toner and use a night cream which suits your skin..i love vichy’s normaderm range a lot for my combi skin

  3. I also had the problem of large pores on face in the intense Delhi humidity as my face was producing extra oil owing to the weather. I dreaded to look into the mirror for weeks. The thing which saved my face and life was besan, yes you heard it right. All I did was use besan and milk in the morning as a face pack before shower and left it anywhere between 10-15 min. It helped to control excess oil production and kept my face fresh for hours. Try it, trust me its a miracle. You will see the results in 3-4 days 🙂

  4. 1.Boon for pores and white heads RETINO-A
    you will get a tube in Rs. 100 (johnson and johnson) from any chemist shop. concentration 0.025% lowest
    wash your face before bed. apply a pea size of retino a after 15-20 mins on dry face.
    wash with a mild scrub next morning. And toner (I use tea tree fm fab india)an oil free hydrating moisturizer and SUNSCREEN. Trust me u’ll notice the change in 1 1.5 week and grow fair as well..
    Its a magic product.

    2. Any night cream with retinol. Ponds age miracle night repair cream has them. I have heard reviews about it and may buy one this month.


  5. Addition : avoid retino a on skin around eyes it may irritate.. though people use it for under eye wrinkle reduction but it irritates mine

  6. I am using tomato juice for 20mns before bath and after bath i use chilled rose water …..:)
    Also egg white,besan and honey mix helping a lot….
    Vit C and B helps to reduce pores….
    Eating fresh salads will help to keep the pores close….

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