Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating Review, Swatch

Skin Type : Normal to Dry

laura mercier hydrating primer review

Claims and Ingredients :

A lightweight, creamy gel for dehydrated and/or aging skin that protects and moisturizes the skin for flawless makeup application. Nourishes skin with a moisture-rich vitamin formula to soothe and refresh, while conditioning the skin. This colorless gel leaves makeup looking fresh and colour-true the entire day. Vitamins A, C and E act as antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful, aging effects of the environment.

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Price : USD 36 for 50ml

My Experience with Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer
I have normal to dry skin type most year round expect may be during a few months of winters when my skin tends really dry. So I always look out for products that promise hydration or moisture. And this primer has been an amazing find.

This is first time I am using Laura Mercier products because we don’t get these in India. It’s only while travelling I got to pick a few of the products from their range and I am quite impressed with whatever I have used so far. The hydrating primer comes packed in this simple beige tube. It has a sleek nozzle that prevents the product from the spillage. I quite like it. It’s simple and effective.

The product has a thin creamy gel like consistency. It is almost shy of runny. When you apply this on the skin you feel you are slapping on some watery gel on your skin and it feels amazing. I somehow want to put it in the fridge and use it straight away from there for that cooling effect. Honestly, this kind of consistency for a primer was a bit strange for me when I started using it first. Most of the primers give that smooth base to the skin and pretty much sit on the skin…This one you apply it and your skin feels all supple and you really don’t get that satisfaction of primer-like-barrier on the skin. But it shows what a good primer it is when you look at your foundation looking fresh after a few hours even in this melting heat. Plus for someone like me who ends up having dry skin issues every now and then, it keeps your skin feeling so hydrated and fresh. I abbbsolutely love it. Honestly, I took a while to get liking for this but now I am hooked after seeing the results. You don’t have to use a lot of it or it would take time to soak in and the skin might feel slippery.I personally use a small bit, let it settle for a while and then apply the foundation. It prevents the foundation from settling esp around the nose area. It also definitely helps prevent foundation from oxidizing. It does not feel heavy or greasy on skin.I adds a subtle glow to the skin esp love it on dull skin days.

It is also a water based primer so people with all skin types can use this primer. Water and Glycerin are top two ingredients for this primer that says a bit about the hydration part. But it is not a mattifying primer so not the best one for those with oily skin or for ones looking to minimize the appearance of pores. Sometimes people with oily skin can get dry or flaky…in that case they can use it on those days. It would not make you oily but would provide just the right amount of hydration you need on those days.

Never broke me out.

The only con I’d say is that since the consistency is quite runny , a lot of product ends up squeezing from the tube and leads to wastage.

Overall, for my skin type it is one of the nicest primers I have used. I like that it is colorless and totally does not interfere with any makeup I put on top. Plus keeps my skin looking and feeling moisturised and fresh.

Rating : 4.5/5

laura mercier hydrating primer

laura mercier hydrating primer tube Swatch

laura mercier hydrating primer swatch

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