Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Orchid Review

Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Orchid Review

The lip glace – one of Laura Mercier’s best-selling items, is my first lip gloss purchase in a long while.  I have been all about the trendy, chubby pencil type lip colors and forgot that lip gloss existed. How could I? When lip gloss is my dry lips’ best friend?

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Orchid

Product Details:

A high-shine, perfectly pigmented lip gloss with rich, long-lasting colour and brilliant shine that creates the appearance of fuller lips. Any skin tone is virtually enhanced by creating a subtle contrast in texture.

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Orchid


25 USD

The Lip Glace is in an angular glass tube, with a cap that’s in the dark brown shade all Laura Mercier products are packaged in.  It’s simple, elegant, and pretty, much like the overall aesthetic of the brand. It has a doe-foot applicator.

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Orchid

It also smells delicious. It smells so good! The smell almost makes me want to taste the lip glace.  It has a sweet, crème brulee-like scent, similar to the crème brulee body products in Laura Mercier’s line. The scent level to this is strong, so if you don’t like scented cosmetics/lip products, be warned. It has no discernible taste, though I don’t think I would mind if it were to taste how it smells.

Now for the formula, I can sum it up in one word – rich. This gloss is smooth, emollient, and feels good on the lips. When I use an amount that’s half of what would typically be on the wand when you pull it from the tube, it feels like a rich balm with a lot of slip. When I use all of the product on the applicator, it does tend to feel a bit heavy and a bit sticky then, but I don’t mind even stickier glosses.

The Lip Glace is available in 26 shades, 13 of which were just added this spring. Orchid is one of the new shades and is described as a deep purple. That’s how it looks like in the tube. On my semi-pigmented lips and warm, NC 35 skin tone it’s more pink than purple and not quite dark enough to be called vampy. It’s purply pink, a slightly dark magenta on my lips, and can look tame to bold, depending on application.

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Orchid

The Laura Mercier Orchid Lip Glace is a pigmented gloss. One swipe yields a lot of color, a second swipe makes the color pretty much opaque. The finish of it is quite shiny, and it gives a lot of oomph when layered over similar colors. For example, I like applying some of the Orchid Lip Glace over the Revlon Smitten Balm Stain; that combo makes for a gorgeous bold lip perfect for evenings out.

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Orchid

This lasts up to 6 hours on my lips, if between those hours, I only have drinks and snacks. Isn’t that impressive for a gloss? After a full meal with this on, I am still left with a soft wash of color on my lips.  The Laura Mercier Lip Glace also leaves my lips moisturized. It doesn’t catch on dry flakes so it’s good for my perpetually dry lips. I dunno what more I can ask for in a lip gloss?

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Orchid

Pros of Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Orchid:

  • Great formula. Rich, smooth, feels good on the lips.
  • Quite pigmented for a lip gloss.
  • Nice color that can look wearable or bold.
  • Looks good layered over other products.
  • Long wearing for a lip gloss!
  • It’s actually moisturizing.
  • Simple yet elegant packaging.
  • Delicious scent.
  • No discernible taste.
  • Not super expensive.

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Orchid

Cons of Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Orchid:

  • May feel a bit heavy/sticky to others, especially if applied generously.
  • The scent of it may also be a bit too strong or sweet to some people. I, personally, love it.

Would I Repurchase Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Orchid?

Oh yes. I’d like to get more of the new colors, but might wait for a set of minis to become available.

IMBB Rating:


If you like moisturizing, rich lip gloss formulas and don’t mind a slightly heavy feel, do try Laura Mercier’s Lip Glace. It is also pigmented, long-wearing, and the color of Orchid is quite pretty and versatile. There are 25 other shades to choose from. It smells yummy too!

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  1. Very nice pictures Ida *woot* *woot* *woot* the gloss looks beautiful on you and its a nice sweet shade *pompom* *pompom*

    1. I know, I couldn’t believe how long it lasts on my lips. Even longer than MAC Lipglasses and it’s not as sticky.

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