How to Make Your Legs Summer Ready

How to Make your Legs Summer Ready


Summer is the time when we all come out of hibernation and start showing off some skin. Skirt season can be a bit frightening after months of neglecting our precious legs. So time for some Action. Here are some precious tips to achieve great summer legs

• Exfoliation: exfoliating your legs is very important as it helps getting rid of dead skin. Your legs will feel softer and the texture of the skin is much improved after using a scrub. You can even use a homemade scrub with some oil and gram flour to get smooth and shiny skin. For rough areas like knees and ankles you can use some citrusy formula which penetrates deeper and works on tough spots. I personally rub lemon to soften such places.

Tip: apply when you’re in shower after a minute so skin is softer and there are less chances of irritation or redness.

• Waxing: waxing is the most effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair on your legs. Usually hair takes at least 3 weeks to grow back if it has been removed properly through waxing. Allow your hair to grow back to a decent length before removing them again otherwise you will have uneven growth rather than smooth results.
Tip: Plan your wax regularly, don’t wait till the last minute.

• Moisturizing: your skin needs some extra moisturization after harsh and dry winter season. Moisturize right after the shower to ensure that your skin absorbs all the moisture that it needs. Also use a moisturizer with SPF if you are going out in sun to avoid sun tanning.
Tip: Once in a while you can use a heavy duty extra rich cream to make your legs super soft.

• Pedicure: painting your toes with bright spring colors is like welcoming summer with open arms. You can do your pedicure at home by soaking your feet in warm water and then scrubbing off all the dirt and dead cells and finally painting your toes. Now you are all set to wear open toes sandals and wedges.
Tip: pick a long lasting formula to paint your toe nails; this will save you time and embarrassment of facing the world with chipped nail paint.

• Exercise: Walking is the best exercise for legs and you can do it almost anytime and anywhere. No special gear or clothing required to walk. You don’t have to take out extra time to walk and go to parks; you can just stroll in the parking lot or take a power walk in the shopping mall.

Tip: Take stairs instead of a lift next time whenever you have a chance.

• Circulation: good circulation of blood gives a healthy glow to the skin. You can avoid problems like varicose veins and swollen feet by keeping the circulation of blood in your feet good. Avoid sitting cross legged for a long time and keep shifting your feet if you have to stand for longer duration in high heels.

Tip: Lie on your back with your bottom against a wall and your legs up on the wall for 10 minutes every day. This helps in keeping the blood flow normal and helps avoid swelling the feet. Very relaxing!

• Scars, bruises and mosquito bites: red marks of mosquito bites or scratchy itchy marks will certainly spoil all the hard work you have put in making your legs summer ready. Apply mosquito repellant if you have too many mosquitoes in your area and apply lacto calamine to get rid of such scars.
Tip: Apply ice covered in some cloth or towel on a bruise that will totally take care of it.

Finally it’s time to show off your stunning legs, so take out a pair of hot pants and Rock the World ☺

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  1. dear thnx for this lovely article,, but i’ve a query,, in winter my feet got swollen n now i’m facing the ugly marks n spots on my fingers i don’t lyk my feet at all now ,, do u hv any tip for this i mean i wanna get rid of these marks ,, cz of these spots i hv to wear skinny socks to hide them 🙁 🙁

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