How To Wax Your Legs

Why wax your legs?

waxing wax legs
It is true that waxing can cause a bit of pain; but the smooth and beautiful legs that you get after putting up with that little amount of hurting makes you forget all that discomfort. Razors are perhaps easier options as far as hair removal is concerned but they cause you cuts and burns, which you can do away with totally by waxing. Moreover, waxing is safer than shaving and, for that matter, than any of those hair removal creams that flood the market! Waxing your legs would let you enjoy smooth legs for longer periods of time; hence, it saves time and money in the long run as compared to razors and depilatories. Moreover, waxing does not cause stubbles and saves you from any kind of embarrassment. Razors and depilatories, on the other hand can make your hair coarser in the long run.

How to Wax Your Legs: The Preparations Before Waxing

Well, of course, the best option is to pay a visit to your favorite beauty salon and get your legs waxed taking the help of expert hands. But then, if you are interested in waxing your own legs at home, here are some of things that need to be done before you actually start waxing:
• Make sure that the hairs on your legs are ready to be waxed. They should neither be too small nor too long. If they are too small, they wouldn’t stick properly and it would be difficult to pull them out. In case they are too long, trim the hair before you wax them.
• Exfoliation is important as this would help you to get rid of the dead cells. Exfoliate your legs around two days before waxing. However, this shouldn’t be done immediately before you wax your legs.
• Invest in a good waxing kit that comes with a tub of wax, strips and applicator. If you are keen to make your own wax at home, you can prepare sugar wax easily by combining lemon juice, sugar and water and heating it on a low temperature till it reads a certain temperature. Keep a spatula and a few strips of cloth ready.
• Conduct an allergy test. A little amount of cooled wax should be applied on any part of your body, as convenient to you, to see if you get rashes or irritation. If nothing happens, you can go on with the process.

How to Wax Your Legs: The Steps

1. Wash your legs in trepid water.
2. Pat your legs dry and apply some baby powder.
3. Check out the direction in which the hair grows.
4. Heat the wax.
5. Test the temperature, preferably, by applying the heated wax in a little amount on your hand. Ensure it is not too hot! It shouldn’t be too cold either. If it is very hot, wait for a few seconds; if it is too cold, keep stirring and perhaps, you need to heat it a bit more.
6. Now, use the applicator or spatula to apply the wax on your legs in the direction of hair growth. It is better to work in small sections. Ensure the hairs do not poke up.
7. Cover the area with a cloth strip immediately, press it firmly and rub up and down.
8. Wait for a few seconds and pull the skin around the focused area; stretch it tight and there shouldn’t be any loose skin.
9. Now comes the most important step. Hold the end part of piece of cloth and pull it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Do it quickly.
10. Repeat the steps to remove hair from the whole of both your legs.
11. Wipe off your legs with a damp piece of cloth followed by washing with cold water.
12. Massage your legs with a generous amount of moisturizer or pose waxing creams.

How to Wax Your Legs: Tips and Warnings

• If your legs have areas with cuts and infections, do not wax!
• It can be painful if you pull the hair too slowly in step 9.
• If you tend to get rashes, apply some ice or ice cold water just after step 11. Applying calamine lotions also helps.
• The container should be safe and do not allow any foreign material to invade in the wax while storing it.

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19 thoughts on “How To Wax Your Legs

    1. hi Rids 🙂 i can understand…..u need a lot of practice really!! it might turn out to be messy otherwise,,epilator is an easy choice :thumbsup:

  1. This is a useful article. Not many people know waxing at home is cheap and easy. one can wax both legs and arms – if a sister and friend can bail you outof hard to reach places its a bonus. I make the required quantity of wax within 10 mins at home and use it up so that i don’t have to store it. Earlier i used to use store bought waxes which are also good..the only problem with store bought ones is you have to be hypervigilant about storage and using moisture free spoon to remove it from the can and heat up the required quantity. Homemade strips are easiest to make- don’t throw away your old jeans or trousers….cut the strips and tack/hem the sides ….washable and reusable strips

  2. :thanks: so much for this guide, Somreeta! It’s useful for a newbie for me. :jalwa:
    Actually na…I was giggling at the first pic for a fll minute before I got down to reading. :hihi: It looks like the legs are doing a waltz.

    1. Bee!!!!!!!!!!!! it can be messy and try to take the help of a frnd while you do it first time :secret2: :secret2:

  3. my mom used to wax my legs when i was in school after that i ahve always gone to the parlour for waxing. 😀 bt i know how to wax :yahoo: :yahoo: now i just use epilator and i am quite happy with it. good article somreeta. very crisp. :yes:

  4. Nice Article som. I used to wax at home.. but then stopped due to laziness :scream: also i had a tub full of wax .. guess now that has to be thrown away.. as its a long long time since i used it. Can you please lete me know the quantity of the ingredients to make wax at home.. :jalwa:

  5. NIce article Somi.. I am doing waxing onmy own.. and i just love the feeling… I have bought the wax heater to ease up the mess… Now i think i have become an expert in waxing on my own… :teeth :teeth :teeth … thansk for ur tips.. i follow all of them.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. Making wax at home is super easy. Take the normal white sugar..for instance if you take around 150 -200gm.. 1-2 big lemons’s juice and 1tbsp water. now the idea to make wax at home is trial and error.We want the stickiness just enough so that when strip is pulled away the hair sticks to sugar and comes out.I make with andaaz…so can’t tell you the exact proportions. what i do is. take the sugar ,add the lemon juice and put it on stove …very low heat..add the water ..I use a wooden spatula and thick small kadhia.As the sugar’ll release its own moisture too..stir continuously slowly the sugar solution will thicken takes 7-10 mins for me..the colour should be light brown not like store bought ones.keep a vigilant eye because colour changes very quickly from light to dark brown.if required shut off the gas and check the colour once the bubbles subside.that’s it. if the solution is too tight add a tsp and again put it on heat.The idea is to make the sugar solution spreadable with enough stickiness so that you don’t have to keep reheating it I have learnt this on my own through years of trial and error. Now i can make it my sleep 🙂

  7. Hi,

    I go to parlour for waxing every time….but my problem is thst my hair growth is hard though i dnt use razor and i have lot of in grown hair. In case even if i privk one or two out they have started leaving scars on my legs/thighs.
    So i am seeking some good advice here or a solution to my problem.

    Thanks in sdvance.

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