Letters to IMBB

Nikhita Wrote

Hey Rati,

Firstly I love your blog , a friend told me about it while I was struggling with beauty products in my kitty after marriage as not being much fond of them before. But let me tell you, your blog has actually transformed me into a girl I absolutely love dressing up now thanks to you

Every time I see a new product at the store I quickly open IMBB (bookmarked) for the reviews. I have been a silent reader for over 2 years now and finally thought to send this as note of appreciation . Girls in my office look up to me for advices for make-up all thanks to IMBB.

I just love all your pictures and thank you so much for making me fashionista that’s what my husband calls me now . I would love to contribute to your blog someday, when I get the courage to use something without the reviews

P.S I would love to see IMBB approved products in the market someday

Love you


Swati Wrote :  (18 Nov 2013)

Hi Rati

I am a regular follower of your blogs – IMBB and Faux Pas. Both have an amazing wealth of information for folks like me who have never been much into make up but like reading about it. You and Sanjeev are amazing people and I feel that I know you so much even though we have never met or spoken. I love the way you dress and are so comfortable with your style. Sanjeev’s business acumen is plausible. He knows how to monetize each and every thing you guys are good at…be it travel, make up or even blogging!

You are an inspiration J I always keep thinking that I would start my own blog in case my husband moves to US for work and I have to quit my job just because I have seen you grow over these years. I was going through the initial posts of yours on IMBB where you says things like “that is in my budget”, “They are a little costly -Rs 1500”. You have come such a long way from those times and have all luxury brands. This entire self-made aspect of yours is what makes us believe in ourselves and that if you stick to your passion, you can make it big.

Thanks for all this and wish you even more success!



Megha Chanan Wrote : (18 Nov 2013)

Hello everyone,

Many many happy returns of the day to the Indian makeup and beauty blog (IMBB), every one of us love the blog. Isn’t it?

Here I am giving the literal meaning of its each word and telling you something about the person who gave the real meaning apart from the literal meaning.

Indian: the word is enough to signify its importance. Depicting the blog’s love for its country, it is occupying the very first letter IMBB. How many of you comment here, write for the blog, follow the blog, like it on Facebook sharing a common and the most important aspect, nationality. We the Indians. Isn’t it great to have such a feeling? I know many of you must be flaunting in front of your friends, you know what I write for a blog. Kitnikhushihoti hai, haina?? Cheers

Make-up: so how many of you think it is just applying cosmetics on your face? Is it really what make up signifies in your life? That’s sad if your answer is yes. Make up not only conceals your marks and flaws of the face, but also provides you the confidence of walking through a gate with that glamour in your eyes. It boosts your attitude giving you a chance to stand for yourself among the best people of the world. To apply makeup may be easy but to carry it rightly is of utmost importance. Occupying a second position in the blog name, makeup has its own significance. It is not only the review of the products and makeup tutorials that matter, but also the way you think about those beauty products.

Beauty: haaanjiii, who’s your favourite beauty queen?? Looking beautiful and gaining attention is what women have craved for entire their life. From teenagers to old matured ladies, everyone uses the right product to either defend the growing age or showing their glamour at right age. But I feel beauty lies within. We the girls have always been our dad’s princess and our husband’s angel. Neither of them would ever say that you are not too pretty. So girls get the real meaning of beauty through heart, and your external beauty would come out eventually. Occupying a third position in the name of the blog, this word itself is so beautiful which pumps you to be more beautiful.

And: this word lying is though lying in between the makeup and beauty, but you know make up always compliments your beauty. So this can never be omitted.

Blog: for the world blog may be a website published to showcase the content of information they have collected. But for us www.makeupandbeauty.com blog is a platform to learn new things, to know more about products in the body from our own friends which we have made through following the blog regularly. We have built a trust on each other and have made a loving bond with girls from various parts of India.
So how many of you still think IMBB is just a blog? Haan?
Now talking about the mastermind of this platform:

Rati tehri singh(your own Rati di)

She is sensuous beauty, whom I would love to meet someday. With the support of her husband and her team members’ jomol and neha and era, she gave her 100 percent to make this blog a huge success. You type her name on Google search and you would see so many options popping out this shows her success and her popularity. Today she covers many beauty brands and works with them. So friends, all in all, we all love IMBB and would continue to do so.

Akanksha Saxena Says (Oct 2013)
Hi Rati Di!

How are you? I am Akanksha Saxena and I live in Bhopal. I read your IMBB blog daily or 2-3 times in a week. Now it comes in my habit or you can say I am totally addicted to your blog. One year back I was searching for something and from there I came to know about your IMBB blog. I am reading your blog since last 1 year. I must say that you write really very well. And you have tremendous knowledge of everything which is related to makeup, fashion and beauty. In your blog I always search for Rati’s post whether I read other authors post or not. Somewhere just because of you I have started doing make up and fashion. Now I have started thinking for trying and using new products and I also help my mausi and friends to tell them ki use this and that. You have inspired me very much and i know you are the inspiration of many other people. In your older post (4 years back) you had wrote somewhere that sometime back you really didn’t know how to do makeup and how to use that makeup things. But when you got married to Sanjeev bhaiya just after that you had started doing makeup. And you used to practice doing makeup a lot on your own face. Now no one could say that there was a time when you didn’t know very much about the makeup. Today I thought that now it’s high time and I should mail you. Yesterday I have joined/subscribed to IMBB and got a mail from feedburner. I also clicked to the link that i have received but i don’t get the email of Home Beauty Tips EBook and 50 Solved Beauty Questions EBook. Di you are very sweet. I like you a lot and I want to be your friend. Di! if it is possible for you then please reply to my mail. I am eagerly waiting for your mail. Di please send me your email address. If you don’t mind.

Love you Di
Take care

Vannu Says ( July 2013)
I have been following IMBB from last two months and it has totally changed my thinking about makeup. I was the person who used to wear makeup only on some special occasions. I was never a makeup lover because some of my closed ones told me that I look great without makeup as compared with makeup. But after reading genuine detailed reviews about the products and watching beautiful ladies on IMBB my whole perspective has changed. Now I know the difference between good makeup and bad makeup. And I guess that is the most important thing which makes you beautiful or bad with makeup. I have recently purchased lipsticks/blushes/eye shadow after six years of my marriage and thats just because of IMBB. You are totally an inspiration rati and I love you for your confidence. Now no one can stop me in my shopping spree of cosmetics as I am just loving to try different things after reading good feedback about them on IMBB *happy dance*

A big thank you to all IMBB Beauties *thankyou*

With lots of love,


Anjali Y Writes ( May 2013)

I am a silent reader of your blog. I came to know your blog while surfing net some months ago and believe me i really loved it since then only. Earlier i read some other beauty blogs as well but now i dont feel any need of it. I make sure to read review of any particular product before buying it. Thanks a lot for creating such a nice blog.


Neha N writes. (March 2013)

Hey Rati,
I was going through your blog and came across your story by your spouse, and found it inspiring. I am going through a rough patch myself, midway between finding my passion and a job to sustain myself, so it was a great help for me. Not much of a fashion addict, but I like visiting your blog for inspiration to get all the good things(shoes,makeups,bags et al) that are out there. Keep up the good work, stay beautiful.

Jovina Writes : (October 2012)

Hi Rati,
I am so thankful to you and whole team of make up and beauty blog. I really like your product review and also the step by step (picture) application of eye shadow for different looks. Truly thankful to you and i hope one day i too will be a pro in the art of make-up. God Bless.


Meenakshi Says ……………. ( May 2012)

Hi Rati,

I have been regularly reading you product reviews on this blog and love the way you write and describe the colours. I am specially in love with the lipstick reviews that i see on this blog. I have visited many blogs but i must say that this is the best, the most informative and the only blog where you can find almost everything and almost every review.

I truly wait for your reviews for high end brands as i cant find them anywhere else and have bought quite a few products as per your recommendation.

I recently saw that your pictures were used in two leading newspapers and I must tell you that this is just the beginning. Your empire is getting bigger and bigger and you are going to be lot more famous. The day is not far when every makeup and fashion loving woman would know you and you will be no less than a celebrity.

I would also like to congratulate Sanjeev, who i guess helps you in creating the Look Book. He is an amazing photographer.

Finally, I would just like to say that you always keep up the good work and I hope I am also able to contribute to this wonderful blog someday.

Thanks and Regards,


Bidisha Writes ******************* ( May 2012)

When I was a kid I used to think that the actresses who appear onscreen are the ultimate stars
I used to live in that fantasy world of glitz and glamour which they tried to showcase onscreen
But slowly slowly as I started growing up , things eventually started changing.
The veil of enticement started to get uplifted
The real world with her frowning eyebrows told me that “It is not what it seems like”
—–So I started to create my own world, a world where the offscreen beauties got recognition too,
a world where everything could be customized according to ones wish
And when that customized world stood up “on stage”, it showed the real world “it’s true colors” and pointed out by saying~~
“its not late yet
Even your loneliness can get a sharing hand, some company, and that company can be your own creation as well”

So this is a message to you Rati, that it takes a lot of courage,confidence,determination and patience to inspire people, like the way you do each & everyday!
You have not only made the Blogging world more fun and happening ,but also infused life into it.
So you dont make it look like VIRTUAL WORLD anymore
You are the Real star who gives a push and motivation to others so that they become tomorrows shinning stars


Shwetha Writes : (April 2012)

I am shwetha from karnataka.I am a M.Sc student and I am a regular viewer of your blog,I love your blog,your work…but whenever i leave a comment it shows some thing like moderation….heartly telling i learnt so many things from your blog and from your look book…..for me you are a style guru…hope you will get time to read my mail..thank you


Yachna Writes : (April 2012)

Hi rati di , i am yachna ..how r u?
Have been reading ur blog for quite sometime .. Tried commenting on
posts but sometimes they never show up 🙁 … I am writing to just say
hi and that my day is not complete without having a look at imbb 😀
i know u must be getting so many mails like this but i still wanted to write.


Rakhi Writes ( March 2012)
Hey Hi Rati,

I bumped into this blog just casually surfing the net, and since then I’ve bookmarked it to be visited daily 🙂
Its really nice to read the product reviews, specially because the products mentioned are suitable to Indian skin types…..its a great work, and your team literally rocks
I’ve even been following Faux Pas, and love it too………keep up the good work, all the best
Swati Writes (Jan 2012)

First of a all… HI 😀 😀 I came across this Site when I was bored and was Googling.Went Through Some of Reviwes… they are awesome and Informative. I visit this blog everyday now. And ya U look Great… No words 😀 😀 keep up the good work …. 🙂


Deepshika Writes :

Hey Rati..
Just a few days ago , I was surfing for ” Must-have MAC brushes ‘.. came across your blog and totally loved it !! Really impressed by you and the IMBB Gang.
Have been going through the IMBB archives since then and now I feel like a part of IMBB (no contibution yet though :P).
You might even find it funny that now I actually search IMBB site for reviews before buying a product 🙂
Great work. Keep it up !!


Preeti V writes :

Amazing website! Totally LOVE it!! Dedicated to products mostly available in india n ones which wud suit Indian skin. Hv seen lots of american website but cud nvr relate to them. Love this n look fwd go receiving mails frm u’ll everyday (subscribed to u’ll)!
p.s. My hubby hates u’ll coz am more addicted to u’ll than even facebook! :p


Monika Writes (November 2011)

I am surely getting a hang of this blog and I love the gurly feel it gives me..:) I find it amazing how so many ladies accross the world come together to share their real life experiences. This is a respite for for search of finding a friend to help me prepare for my wedding on 28th January 2012.

Thanks a ton for loads and loads of tips and fun… I usually smile reading the blogs 🙂 🙂

sujata raje (Oct , 2011)

hi rati……u r just amazing same as ur or our blog……i think that i can it ‘our’ blog….because all indian women can relate themselves to it…i m religiously following ur blog..just want to say..u r awesome…

Bimala Mukherjee Writes : (Oct, 2011)

Namashkar from Kolkata Ratiji! I must say I absolutely love your blog! Your reviews are very thorough and you have a very good writing style. I love hearing your take on all the products as well as your beauty advice. You seem like a beautiful person inside and out. 🙂

Vasudha Writes (17th July 2011)

I chanced upon this blog whe I was searching for reviews of epilator vs waxing. Yours is the most comprehensive website for Indian women. Thanks to you and IMBB girls I have tried nail art which I have been postponing for almost 3 years now one because at parlors it is too expensive and then at home I had no clue how to proceed. I have registered myself today and hope to be proactive in IMBB… you rock 😀


Vibrant Hues writes :

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂
Rati and Sanjeev ji just so in love with the blog as it clears so much confusion when you have a market flooded with so many products in Health, Beauty and Personal Care market
This blog definitely helps to choose the right product catering to one’s needs along with their budget woes.
Lov u both
Sanjeev ji u have a v gud sense of humour and Rati ji from all your comments that I have read in so many reviews and the way you review a product you appear to be a sweet friendly person with a pretty face and a glowing skin 🙂
Rati, I now know I have so many ppl who would guide in my need of beauty suggestions 🙂

Smriti Writes :

Dearest Rati,

Trust you are doing fine and look as gorgeous as ever,

I am Simriti from New Delhi and came accross your blog by fluke. But,i must say its addictive (in a very nice way) And over four weekends i have read each and every entry in it ranging from product reviews to the posts by your husband, Sanjeev ji.It was just amazing to read those sweet posts.

I absolutely love the way girls write on it and the affection and genuine concern with which you all bond.Reading the reviews i always felt i was a silent spectator to the lives and fun of my girlfriends and i enjoyed it.From your blog i have come to know about Rima,Jomol,rads,gaea,and many many more.Its like finding a whole new set of friends.

I have been fond of elegant and subtle make up,but never knew whome to turn to.My mum stays away from make-Up and at the most uses a lipstick at times.So i would either buy magazines or talk to cousins but it does”nt always help. I am 23 and a Montessori teacher, and it was only when i had to attend an international confrence did i realise that i was ill-equipped in terms of makeup. I understood the importance of being able to accentuate one’s best features along with wearing nice outfits.I also understood i needed advice from trusted friends.

And once when i was searching the net before going off to buy a body shop product i was directed to your site…AND I HAVE BEEN HOOKED EVAA SINCE…:-)

You guys have encouraged me to buy a few products i was”nt sure of and also led me onto the road of make up….i am smiling n so is my mom.

You guys are doing a great job, and i just love indian makeup and beauty blog . and i log in everyday just to see who has been upto what.


Vishnupriya Writes :

Let me tell you this idea that has come to you out of your own need is simply the best thing happened 🙂 🙂

I once happened to search for a review and thanks to google it has directed me to your blog :). Since then I have been following almost daily and I have found reviews for almost all the products that are available in India in the Personal Care and Beauty range. LOL, I even open this site at office when I have no work or even when I m stressed out and in a mood for a break 🙂
Personally I am just into compact, dark eyeliners and light lip gloss make up and prefer the same always. But your blog has helped me to choose the right products and also to know the best way of taking care of our skin.
🙂 Well Lov U and Sanjeev for this blog 🙂



A very sweet hello

I’m Vrinda 🙂

I have been following IMBB…long time…. must say awesum site with some really great blogs..loved ’em…
I’ve always been so out of info in the makeup department and almost always ended up buying stuff I never really used afterwards 😛 coz they never were the right thing for me!

But I must say finding this site and subscribing to it has been like the awesumeeest thing to happen 😀

I don’t have anyone in my family to really guide me in this department….and so it has been a tough ride being a girly girl 😛 I always reasoned myself into being a who-cares-i-ain’t-afraid-to-look-nerdy girl ..hehehhehe

But IMBB totally changed it,I mean I come here for all types of suggestions,reviews from moisturizer to lip balms and they work for me in such a classic way..

My looks have changed ofc now that I know what to apply and what not to apply 😀
N actually it has happened that my friends asked me if I made a bf or something,the reason y I started to look so right 😛 I said nah its just one of my elder sister,she helps me out these days 😉

Really appreciative,all your efforts…A haven for gals like me 🙂
Thanku Thanku 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hi Rati,

I have been wanting to say this for a long time but I am not the greatest with words so here goes my attempt anyways – smile Thank You, IMBB. :))



I want to thank you and the entire team of IMBB and also the various ‘bloggers’ on the fabulous articles and reviews they write on the numerous products that are out there. You have no idea how much I look forward to receiving these blogs right to my PC. Above all some of the reviews have me so tremendously that it has made me a more confident person overall and lots of women have started complimenting me. And that feels great. My ego is slightly inflated at this point. razz Thank You, IMBB. :)) J A large part ofcourse is because I think I am slowly mastering the art of using makeup (thanks to the tutorials on IMBB) and as much as we hate to say or admit it, the way a person looks or carries himself/herself is extremely important and people do perceive you differently. I am infact guilty of the same . If I see someone shabbily dressed, I am bound to make a judgment until I get to know the person better.

In a corporate environment such as mine, presenting myself to clients and the senior management and ofcourse to my own team is very very important. The tips on day makeup or makeup for office and for a lunch or tips on makeup for a weekend lunch has helped me a lot.

I can think of a million other articles that inspire me or make me laugh or just brighten my day. Most of all the positive atmosphere that is apparent on this side is really there for all to see. The way ppl thank one another or the way they appreciate or complement one another is extremely heartening to see.

BIGGGG THANKS to you for starting this site. I came upon it by chance when I was looking for some feedback on a product and after being part of IMBB I am so addicted that I hardly ever visit any other side for beauty and makeup.

I wanted to say this to the others on IMBB but commenting this on any of the articles would have been kind of taking off in a tangent so I am only writing to you. if you want to post this on my behalf, pls do so..

P.S – (I want to especially thank the person who recommended this fantastic product Lacto Calamine moisturising lotion (face) . it was always there in every store I went and I never ever ever thought of buying it . razz Thank You, IMBB. :)) I mean its is simple WOWWW!!! The fact tat it does not cost much was simply a bonus. I was ready to spend the bigg bucks on any product since skincare is so important. With lacto calamine honestly, I have found exactly what I am looking for. When I get tempted to buy another product I quickly remember what lacto calamine does and I just stop myself. I picked up the face wash too from lacto calamine and it is fabulous!! So God bless whoever recommended this.)

– Aruna


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  2. I so agree with Vrinda…..I have come to know of so many things…so many brands, blush tho I used to call “rouge” before because in school they used to apply rouge on our faces during dance and drama :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

        1. thankuuuu priya… :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jalwa: :jalwa: :jalwa: :jalwa: :love: :love: :love: :love:

  3. Aww I can soo identify with her!!!!! Everyone in my family thinks makeup is waste of money. Btw Rati di, I had sent you one article. And I have one haul. Should I send it to you now?? Because I’m going off to college on 6th june and I’ll be back only twice a month.

  4. hiii…. i want u ppl 2 help but dun find a suitable tab to ask questions….how can i do that?? :thanks:

  5. Ratiji…i totally agree to vrinda’s thought….me too experincing the same thing….but could not xpress it with such beautiful words….. :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: Thanx a tone ratiji…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. hellloooooooo hai……. rati … jomol…. kimi…. priya… 🙂 :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  7. Yes same here with me, I am the only girl with makeup obsession in my family rest of all are kanjoooos….. kudos IMBB :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

  8. Hi,

    I’m Ramya from Bangalore and a regular reader of this blog.

    You know, earlier I used to buy makeup and skincare products based on my instinct (which wasn’t that good, btw). But now I don’t buy anything without checking the review here first.

    I love the way the reviews are written, the swatches,the hauls, the “ask IMBB”.. Guys, u don’t need me to tell u that ur doing a gr888 job. Coming here and reading atleast one article makes my day 🙂

  9. vrinda totally voiced out my thoughts.. I feel the same.. I used to end up splurging on stuff i never used cos they were not right for me.. But now i have imbb :toothygrin:
    :thanks: imbb

  10. Rati, my love letter :)) , just read you aren’t keeping well so lots of :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: & :hughright: :hugleft: if I would have been your neighbour I would have sent you some soup or juices 🙂

  11. Awwww….I was so excited when I saw today that all the letters were gonna be published :balle: :stars:
    now me 😀 :shying:
    So sweet of u …Thank u Thank u so much… O:) :teddy:

  12. Rati and Sanjeev…
    This is a sincere request to launch a mobile version of IMBB. I have been a frequent albeit silent visitor the past six months. Mostly I would have to go days without being able to check IMBB and then have to run through 4-5 days worth of posts in an hour as every time I tried to use my cell phone, the site would not load as it is a graphics heavy page. I love IMBB and would just love to be able to checkin whenever, so please do give mobile version of IMBB a thought- it would be a godsend for women with jobs like mine 😀

    1. :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: agree completely….i curse my connectivity everytime i check imbb on mobile… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

        1. J doo let me ask pati dev to see what he can do. he is the techy guy. :worship: bt am so happy you back. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

          I do like the idea actually so me askin’ aksin’ hubbbzzz. :teeth

  13. :puchhi: hey Priya … I know its been too long 😀 How are you ? me doing good … have beeen super duper busy working – now that i am no longer a lazy college student 😛

  14. Hi Girls, hru all??
    Hey I need ur help. I know all of u are very good in this so would like to ask u something and please help me with this if you can.
    Actually, i am getting married in November-2011 so I want to get some advise that what should I do from now onwards. I am very fresh in this so I don’t know anything.
    I acn give you brief details about myself…I have normal skin, Little Curly and little Dry hair, My Eys are Brownish Black and my skin complex is fair…Please let me know if you need something else to help me. ?:) :hunterwali: :preen:
    I am sure you guys would help me out. :finger
    Thanks in advance. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
    Hope to get reply from you soon.

  15. Hi Rati,
    I’m from Delhi and I’ve been a silent reader of the blog since a year now. I got introduced to this blog through my bf who happened to be a student of Sanjeev 😀 :laugh:
    Its wonderful to find all the things u are looking for regarding makeup at one single place.
    Your tutorials are to look forward to. Though I don’t use much makeup myself being a college student… but I find your posts very informative. I spend hours sometimes reading the blog and comments of the b’ful girls here, and sure it brightens up my day 🙂
    You and Sanjeev are doing a great job… Keep it up :waytogo:

      1. I know! :toothygrin:
        Sanjeev mentioned this blog in one of his class and noticing my increasing interest in makeup my bf referred me to this… n I am so happy he did :yahoo:

  16. hi

    My complexion is wheatish, but even a slightest of exposure to sun makes me tan. please tell me what SPF sunblock i should use and how frequently. :wilt: :nababana:

  17. Hi girls.
    what fun you girls have. great work Rati. I always come to ur blog to make a final decision on makeup.
    could you please suggest a nice peach and a perfect pink lipstick for NC 35 skintone. i hv pigmented lips and am finding it difficult to carry pinks.

  18. hi IMBB my name is Sanjana and i m from bhopal.I m such a big fan of IMBB that even at the when i was preparing for jee i could’nt stop myself for checking out the site. I have a question can you guys suggest me a foundation that can hide my dark circles pls and i m 18 so do suggest me a foundation appropriate to my age.THANKS 🙂

  19. Hey Rati….I feel I am suffering from OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) of checking on IMBB everyday….I am so hooked on to it….that my day feels incomplete without IMBB…..n now that I am also a writer for IMBB…I feel all the more about IMBB…. :heart: :-* :heart: :-* :heart: :-* :heart: :-* :heart: :-*

  20. hi rati,
    i hv been using Mybelline kajal fr da past few years, before dat i used to apply lakme kajal. now i want to try sum herbal/natural kajla. can u pls suggest me sum. how are lotus herbal and himalaya kajal?


  21. I only used kajal (some times a eye liner) and a toner (my skin is acne prone ) to office every day. Last December I had to attend a wedding .Being techie and a makeup illiterate and I hardly had any idea how to choose a makeup base for myself. I started searching for make base on net ,found this blog and got hooked instantly .Followed this blog and in the end I was told that my make up was great at the wedding .This gave me a much needed boost to go ahead and experiment with other products.
    Product reviews and make up tips are very helpful. Even novice girls like me can makeup on their own, after reading this blog. Love your blog.

  22. hey guys ! pls can you tell me how can i make an article here … and how can i ask questions to imbb gang pls pls ! reply

    1. good question :waytogo: i too need to know that
      i have been wanting to ask a question through ASK IMBB
      but i just cant seem to find the option ?:)

  23. Hi Rati :jiggy2:
    i have been following your blog for a month now :waytogo:
    it was really hard not to comment with all the superb talk going on about :star: makeup :star: and everything i love . I too have my experiences to share :specs: :specs:
    and i am very glad to find this blog, earlier i always ended up on blogs of “non Indian” personalities…i had lost hope :ghost2: that i’ll ever find a place where i will get reviews of products ACTUALLY easily available here

  24. hey Rati..i want 2 tell u dt i love evrythin bou imbb..it has made my life easier..i hav a query .. i jus read that imbb is hiring ppl 2 write 4 d blog.. i want 2 give it a shot. m 22 , doin mbbs..i m very much into fitness n healthy living n makeup..i want 2 show u my article.. bt d prob is i dnt whr shud i send it. HELP ME WITH IT..
    THANX ^_^

  25. Hey Rati!
    Was just surfing the net last week to find reviews about some make-up that I wanted to buy and stumbled upon your site….and have been hooked ever since! Must say that its fantastically done and is so addictive :)..You know how we girls love our make up and cosmetics and how we love to talk about it..and what better than this site where you can actually discuss your new finds and buys :))….Though I have been reading the articles and reviews without any problems, but just wanted to confirm that do we need to register ourselves as members if we want to write reviews(?)..(P.S.Have already subscribed to your newsletter and have been receiving it daily)
    Well done on thinking about such a fabulous platform to discuss the never-ending obsession of cosmetics, cosmetics and more cosmetics 🙂

    Best Regards,

  26. Hello friends…..
    Can anyone suggest me a good bridal makeup artist in Hyderabad (India)?
    I searched a lot and ended up finding only few and even those are not up to mark… I mean, everyone seems to overdo and make me look like a chinese doll with loads of bright colours 😉

  27. Hello ladies !
    I am currently holidaying in India and happened to stumble upon this site, and I must say I am SO happy to have found a place that caters to Indian/tan skin !! I was tired of watching youtube videos that I would imitate and look like I have been socked in the eye 🙁 Rati, you are doing a great job and I hope to continue reading the articles here even after I return to the U.S. 🙂 A quick question, if I want to post a product review/makeup tutorial, do I just email them to Rati?

    Kindly let me know, thanks and have a lovely day!

  28. Dear Rati…
    thank you for creating the best blog on makeup and beauty ever! I have checked out sooo many blogs,but this is the only one that I always come back to! . Great reviews for a range of products for every budget! I <3 IMBB!
    🙂 😉

  29. Hi Rati,

    My name is Sonia Chopra and I am from Dubai. It was through one of the google checks that I was directed to your site. I love make up and use it thoroughly day in and out. It would be very rare that I leave the house without one. I am a housewife and do have our Ramee ( card) parties and I do believe, I have good knowledge on these cosmetics/ perfume/skincare/ hair . I love to shop and travel a lot. I find your site damn impressive, especially the articles written by you all. Also this site is all about something I LOVE :heart: .
    Great job : :yes:

  30. your blog is really awesome and i am 1st time visitor as i was searching for some good reviews and came across to your blog and it really helped me a lot to choose the right product so thanks a lot and am also thinking about sharing my thoughts about products and your blog is perfect for that and ya you look beautiful.god bless you.

  31. Hi…. I have recently wanted to upgrade my skin care to anti aging products and I found your website … I am so glad I did !!!!! It is wonderfully informative ! I especially loved the series on best online shopping sites !!

    I was especially interested in –

    I follow a couple of other skin care blogs and I find that I am not able to get the ingredients here in India. Is there a shopping site that you know for this ?

    Like I want to try the Vitamin serum but I want to use “‘Tetra’ C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate)” which is the more stable form of Vit C. Plus I want to add pure CoQ10 (powder) too. So far I have not been lucky in my search.

    Do help.

  32. Hi Rati,
    This is Archana from Chennai.
    I came to know about your site through google. The reviews given on products here is really useful. I have an idea to share views about some products soon. Your reviews have really helped me in choosing prodcuts. Thanks IMBB! keep the great work going!!!! :waytogo:

  33. Hey Rati!

    Great work with the blog. Its now become my one stop place to check before i pick stuff impulsively off the shelves ( I used to do a lot of it! )
    I also had a query. I am a big fan of bath and body works stuff. They have some god awesome amazing scents in body washes. Do they retail in India? How to pick their stuff when its on sale? PLease help!

    Lots of love.

  34. HI,
    iam using Bio Saffron Dew(Ageless face&body cream) but after appying it on face my eys is getting irretated(like oil on eys)also getting headache , i’m afraid to continue using this product,iam 28yrs can i use this brand or will u suggest me some other which i need for daily use.waiting for the reply

  35. hai rati

    Iam swathi…I have acne holes on my cheeks…it is very awkward to see…so please give me any remedies to clear the holes…i have dry skin complexion….please understand my problem… ?:) ?:)

  36. hi rati,

    i have been following your reviews from last 4 months. all your inputs are highly informative and one can judge the right product for their beauty needs.

    special thanks for your Khadi Haul and i found in many cases that availability is an issue. so for those people who are from Andhra and Hyderabad, good news is that we are distributing Khadi products and people can contact us .

    name : K.vijay kumar

    snehith enterprises,


  37. Hi,

    I am a great fan of IMBB as it gives me good reviews about all the cosmetics. Though i am not too much of a makeup person but yes fond of eye make up and lip shades.
    I usually use an lakme eye artiste for eyeliner and i am pretty happy with it. But i wanted a liquid eye for a jet black colour. The girl in the shop where i went showed me the InColour liquid eyeliner and she said its good and contect lense friendly. I search all IMBB but couldnt find it. Could you please let me know the review of it, i bought fit for 175 rs i think…


  38. hi rati and all……….um aisha from kashmir…..i luv your blog….and i am a regular visitor…..loads of luv and blessings

  39. Hi Rati,

    I have been reading your website for an awfully long time but this is my first post here. Reason being, i have found all the information I wanted without having to ask for it. Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!!!

    Today i came across Boots Smooth Care Hair Lightener in a pharmacy. I looked for the product review on the site but couldnt find it. I would highly appreciate it if you could update me on the product, the method of usage, quality of the product etc.

    I want to use this to lighten my hair colour which is pitch black due to the constant use of black hair dye for many many years.
    Would appreciate an early response.


  40. hi Rati, How are u.. I wanted to ask you about lipsticks. I want to purchase a good lipstick under rs 300/- tell me which of these are the best ones since u have used all of these brands tell me the one which is good in terms of staying power and is creamy.
    -Maybelline color sensational
    -colorbar velvet matte
    – lotus herbals

  41. Hi aruna.. Just read ur ‘letter to imbb’.. I had recommended tht u use lacto calamine n im glad that it has worked for u.. In the last one year inspite of being a ardent fan of lacto calamine i hv tried other variations.. But have always come back to lacto calamine! Hehehe! It is simply the best product for sensitive n troubled skin.. 🙂

    just wanted to add here that i LOVE IMBB!!! I chanced upon this blog in oct 2011 when searching for some products to buy for my wedding.. Since then I can proudly say I AM HOOKED!!!

    Thank u Rati and Sanjeev for this brilliant blog, the wonderful friendly and warm environment and the Best Advice in makeup, fashion and lifestyle.
    God bless u guys and may u have a fantastic 2012 and grow to even newer heights… :yahoo:

    1. hey Pia..you know that Lacto really helped my skin and I cant thank you enough :puchhi: :puchhi: but i am one of those who gets bored really quick so inspite of something working so well i switched to other stuff and tried many a product like neutrogena, fabIndia, Biotique etc :headbang: :headbang: and have come back to square one which is Olay :whistle: ..nothing has worked better than Olay on my mature, combination skin..and you know when there are all these expensive products out there, it feels very wierd to be using lacto and all..am pretty silly that way. :yikes: :yikes:

      but thanks again. i always keep a lacto around.

  42. Hi,

    I have a question and I trust all you lovely women will have some useful suggestions. I burnt myself about 4 months ago, there is a 4 cm long mark on my arm and one more on hand, under my fingers. The marks hasn’t faded very much since then. Is there anything that I can use to lighten these scars?

    Thanks in Advance

  43. hi IMBB TEAM,
    I m khushboo singh,19 years old,frm delhi..m a BHMS student.M adrent fan of ur blog for d past 1 year..my day doesnt start o doesnt end wdot readng ur blog.i ws novice in makeup before.cz my muma 2 dnt do mch stf.b since m hookd on here,m lovng myslf.i kep readng ua blog n burn hole in my dad’s poket .hahaha.bt stil i LOVE IMBB TO DEATH. 🙂 . .^.^ .nw ppl realy ask me hw m so gud at doing makeup n u luk ravishng al d tme. .i even gt queries regarding makeup. .all credit purely goes to my dear IMBB. . I love u guys, never stop the gud work. .wish u more fourfold success. .XOXO

  44. Thanks Khusbhoo…..it means a lot….please be around because a lot is happening over here :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  45. Hehe.. Aru cant agree more.. We women r silly.. Dnt like stuff whn it comes cheap! I tried neutragena n vlcc last mth.. N i hv gt crazy breakouts again … So bak to LC again .. Hehe :whistle:

  46. Hi Rati,
    I m new lover of this amzing blog.I always refer to reviews before my any purchase of beauty product this made my life so simple.Want to thank you and all who contributed in this blog.Not to forget to mention that Rati you look very cute and adorabe in all pics,you inspire me all the time.Love u all

  47. Hi Rati,

    I read through this website and have always found the reviews useful.

    Could you help me with some information on good makeup artist/saloon for bridal make-up & hair-do in B’lore and Hyderabad for a south indian hindu wedding. And also what would be the approx cost.


  48. Hi rati…m in awe of u…i have my 21st bday coming up :waytogo: but d thing is..my makeup collection is limited to a gel liner nd a mascara….nw i want to buy foundation or my b even compact…the thing is…i have clear fair lovely skin..slightly dry…so i dunno wat kinda foundation wud suit me n my budget(pls not MAC)…i seriously need help :headbang:

  49. I came accross this site by fluke… Its great and very informative. i would like to be a writer for this… and share some of my makeup knowledge with my girlies… How to do that??

  50. Hi Rati,
    Do you inform the writer incase the article is not going to be published. I had sent some articles long back but they were not published on IMBB. Just wanted to know if they qualify for publication?

  51. Gurpreet, I do inform writers in case the articles are not approved, but unless your review is about a product which has been already reviewed, or if the pics are not clear, or if it is about amway, online shop review, oriflame, nail paints, we do not usually reject, so if your articles do not fall under any such category, please resend your article to either [email protected]

    1. Thanks Jomol for the prompt reply :puchhi: . Since i did not get any mail from the team I guess there could be a chance that my articles dint reach you. will send it to you again.
      thanks again,

  52. Hi Rati and IMBB,

    I hit upon your blog when I was searching for good makeup for my engagement and now, I am sort of addicted to it.. 🙂 Rati, you look super awsome..!!

    The reviews are very detailed and informative, but I cannot find the exact review by searching in your blog. Can you please add the search (by product name) feature? If it’s already there, can someone please tell me?

    With Warm regards to IMBB team,

  53. Dear Rati,

    I got hooked on to makeup a few months and now can’t stop reading up on it. Your blog is a staple in my daily haunts. However, there is something I wanted to ask, in fact, throw open to the house here. I would like to know if I am ordering, say, a Nyx makeup set which you don’t get in Mumbai, is Cherryculture a better bet or should I go with ebay? Ebay allows me a refund of money should the delivery go wrong but hikes up the prices on their Indian site. While with cherryculture, there are issues of delivery though the product would be new if received. Please help me with this. I am itching to get myself the all i’ve ever wanted box…

    Thanks in advance 🙂 I didn’t know if there was a questions forum and hence posted on this.

  54. Hey Rati,
    I wanted to inform you that i have recently sent you an email.I wonder if you have received it.I would like to know whether i will be informed of the article acceptance or rejection.Really keen to write on your blog.
    Thanks :thanks: :thanks:

  55. Hi Everyone
    I am not sure if my letters reach Rati or not so I’m posting my query right here.
    I have tried Revlon, Neutrogena, MaxFactor and Lakme and YSL foundations – but no matter what they make me look cakey or ashy after about half an hour of application – under yellow light everything looks ok but in natural light it looks horrible. I have tried moisturizing my skin well but unfortunately most moisturizers break me out so I tend to use minimal moisturizer on my face.
    I have a normal Indian skin tone – not fair – wheatish – most foundations i purchase are online purchases so i might be picking the wrong shade – the closest I match I found was sand beige in Revlon.
    I also have some facial hair and foundation makes it look awful.
    I hope you guys can help out by telling me what I am doing wrong. I have tried a lot of things I have read in your blogs but nothing seems to work for me – something is surely not right in what I am doing :sidefrown:
    Help awaited eagerly!!!

  56. Hello RATI
    I have written my problem.. bt it still isnt published.. Something wrong?? I am still wondering :waiting: :methinks:

  57. I am not too good at blogging but liked this blog a lot and started following it from past 1 month. Pls tell me how to register on your site so that i could follow my threads easily.. If possible send me the link 😐

  58. hi jomo..

    i have sent a review on revlon colorburst lilac..is it bad???? 🙁 you dint reply at all 😥


  59. Hey Greeting !
    :clap: Thnx for such a genuine website.
    I would like to know that my bro in law is getting married, my 1st function in my In laws house. Im going to wear my Wedding lehnga, (bridal red, with green & yellow border with all gotta patti & stone work). What jewelry will go with it So that- i dont look like bride but verry spcl?? :jiggy1: HELP

    Thanx :toothygrin:

  60. Hi Rati,
    A big thanks to you for creating this blog.It has really introduced me to so many brands.I am really addicted to this blog.I have so many queries to ask.I want to know where to write them and how can I send any reviews for product?
    Waiting for ur reply . :puchhi:

  61. Hi Rati,

    I was never a make up lover. However, I’ve become one from the past 1 year. N hell yeah, :happydance: I’ve become a huge addict of IMBB ! I love the way in which everyone responds and appreciates each other’s review, no matter how small it is.
    I’m hoping to write good reviews in the future. So here i am, wide awake early in the morning thinking how I can contribute to this site.
    Thanks a ton for this site. I must say, I spend a lot of time on this these days than I spent wid my guy :chewnails:

    Tons of luv,

  62. I have dry skin. Can you please recommend me tips and tricks to get soft and smooth skin.
    Which moisturiser will suit my skin. I use Lakme peach and plum moisturiser. Can you also suggest which foundation suits my skin type.
    Which facial will work for me and how often should i go for a facial.Iam 31 yrs old.

    Thanks in advance.

  63. Hi Rati ,
    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful blog ,I was nvr been such make up lover and also nvr care abt looks but i luv ur Blog as it creates little passion in me for look change and experiment and i luv all ur home remedies ,they all worked so well on me even try on my hubby too .

  64. Hi,
    Want to post some reviews of products on your blog how
    Can I do this. Pls let me know. Doing great job. Love your pics
    And look book.

    Thanks to you. Love imbb.

    1. Hi Rati,
      I really do love your blog, I get to learn something new everyday. Its a rescue to all of us.

      I would love to write for your blog, I had sent you a mail….can you pls check it… : )

  65. hey i sent you an article did you get pls let me know and pls tell me if you are publishing it its about hair spa at home…

  66. Hi Rati,

    Sorry for bombarding with so many messages. But I really want to contribute towards the blog. It hurts when my comment goes into moderation and is not released at all. I had posted a comment on the article ‘Benefits of Lavender Oil’ by Jabberwocky, but its still in moderation. Please get me added no. 🙁

  67. Hi Rati………

    I am not a Sunscreen person…please help me to choose 1. i hve tried lakme(lotion base) i just hate it….. and kaya… too expencive and SPF15 only…. i hve just wested my money… :((

    and plz let me knw hw to log in you blog… i m trying from past 15days :((.

    i am reading blog from pasr 6-7 month, i just love it, thx grl ,thx a ton for this blog.. u r life saver <3 , i just love you for it..

    And ya Jamol i love u too darling…

  68. hi rati…i really love your blogs…i have even watched your tutorials on youtube….i have many troubles in make ups….really in need of help:'(

  69. hey rati sorry for asking again i am getting sick with orry here pls let me know if you got the article..and if you are publishing…its home hair spa…pls check


  70. Heyaa everyone,
    Dis is Shruti from Delhi..m currently persuing M.tech from Amity University..m 23 yrs old.
    First of all i would say BIG THANKS to IMBB team for making such a gr8 website and especially to Rati for her beautiful blogs:)..m new to IMBB..i visited dis site few days back on my friend’s suggestion but now m loving it!!!!
    M looking forward to get a makeup palette..wanna ask which one is better NYX or MAC??
    waiting for a rply soon

  71. Heyyy grlss,
    dis is lakshmi from Visakhapatnam…. I ve done my grad and nw gng 2 pursue my MBA. am 21 yrs old. I ve been following this blog frm da past 6 mnths. First of all I want to Thank yu IMBB for yur valuable information regarding variety of products. As i couldn’t concentrate on my skin and appearance, my skin got tanned heavily. mine is oily skin wid acnes all over. AM worried abt my skin nw…can yu plz suggest me in helping a gud product to regain my old skintone. thank yu loads in advance.

  72. hi there i want solution for my query, would you please help me, i have lost my hair from the forehead hair is so thin, frizzy, untamed, not good for styling, how can i get my hair back especially from the forehead

  73. Hi Rati,
    First of all, hats off to your team for such a wonderful blog. I have been a silent reader for over 6 months now. Love the reviews on both national and international products!!! Thanks to the fantastic reviewers I am now able to select good products on my visit to India, instead of some random picks.
    Now I make sure to browse IMBB for reviews before buying a product.
    Keep up and good work

  74. Hi Rati,
    I am 21 year old girl from Assam. Due to my education am residing in Chennai for past four years. Being in this hot and humid city has caused my skin alot of damages. I was wondering if you could provide a review or info about exfoliators or any tool which makes exfoliating my face easy. Also i was wondering on the avaibility and use of glycolic acid on my skin. Please help. I have a normal skin.

    P.S- your blog rocks. Am new to the world of make up and your blog has helped me a lot.


    1. Thank you Krishna for appreciating. Please search for exfoliators through the search button given on the top, you would find a lot of options 🙂

  75. Hi Rati,
    This is Radha from chennai…I am addicted to your blog and use to read each and every articles from your blog before buying anything and now yes i am also want to review some products which i recently bought….Please lemme know if you are interested i will send you all…:)
    waiting for your reply 🙂

  76. Hiiii Rati,
    I am really overwhelmed by your blog it’s kind of a life saver as i was never ever into makeup except lipgloss and eyeliner. Earlier i never had the time to go through this intricate details of a product i am using….I’ve recently got married …after my marriage I am having enough time for make up and all these stuff…such a relief…I waz into only studies…thats it…. 😀

    Now I am going for my honeymoon next week to Mauritius so plz help me by asking this question on behalf of me ….what all things I must carry…..specially which sunscreen I should use for those scorching heat,any advise, suggetion or any particular thing I must do over there. Every little suggetion willl help me to get the best out of my vacation….also any duty free shopping that Ican do there….Will be a gr8888 help.
    Thanks in advance to all my Imbb angels….

  77. hey gals…..i really love this blog 😀 i wuz bored working on my assignments so wuz just googling and came across ur site and now i visit it everyday!!!! your reviews are very useful. keep up the good work 🙂

  78. Hi Rati.. I was just googling and came across your blog.. Its really wonderful! I ws just thinking of facial and see i got your valuable blog full of knowledge! I really thank u for this great effort and knowledge!
    I have oily skin and i am 26 year old married lady living in california. I usually rely on natural products when it comes to beauty. So your bolg boosted up my confidence to go natural!!
    I wish u more n more successful events & moments ahead!

  79. I had just read about home made facial scrubs and masks in your blog. Please can you help me out if sugar honey or oatmeal, curd, honey scrub is good for my oily skin?
    Also i wud love to know about your ideas in choosing Loreal foundation colors for fair skin ones?

  80. Hi Rati,
    came to know about your blog from my sister, and now m totally hooked on to it.. reviews on great stuff, good articles and really a perfect problem solver for a lot of beauty issues. Have been reading the posts for quiet some times now, so I thought of contributing to your blog as well. I have sent you around 4 to 5 articles from this same E- Mail ID, but did not receive a single response. Can you please help me out.. Thanks

  81. Dear Rati,

    Can u please start somekind of inspiration page for the brides to be for their makeup & clothes shopping n all. as most of the fan following are young & soon to be marrying so it will be fun if they can share their experience & someone like me can learn a bit from the same.

    Thnx & love u…

  82. Can you please post this question for me?

    Hi Ladies,

    I’m going to Hyderabad next week and I would like to know some places to shop? Boutiques, tailors, vintage shops, shoes. Pretty much anywhere I can find some good stuff.

    Thanks in Advance



  83. Hi Rati/Team,

    I have a question about shopping in Hyderabad, could you please post this on my behalf?

    I am going to Hyderabad(and India) after 4 years -in 2 weeks time, the last time I was there GVK mall hadn’t even opened, so I’m clueless about shops there! Can you lovely girls please suggest some places I can shop. I would love to get my hands on some Indianish western clothes, perhaps the sort of Vintage clothes Rati wears. Anywhere I can find some cool/trendy clothes really.

    I’m also looking to buy some big earrings, a grand – for a wedding – anarkali, and some designer saree blouses. Please suggest boutiques, tailors, other shops.

    Please help a shopper in need ;o))

    Thank you all in advance.

    **I sent this last week and it in Moderation 🙁

  84. Hi Rati,

    Firstly I would like to say a Big Thanks to IMBB which really helps person like me to clear basic misconceptions about make up. I am a great fan of your lookbook and really appreciate your collection.
    I do visit IMBB daily and read the product reviews which is a good help in shopping.But still I have 1 problem, I don’t understand where can I posts my questions for example..I want your suggestion for the best foundation for me…etc… Can you help me with this please?

    Nevertheless, “I am loving it!”


  85. Hi Rati,
    Have been reading ur blog before every shopping haul and have so many times stepped back from buying a product coz have read a not so great review here 🙂
    Keep up the work and yes, u r doin a great job for all girls who are fond of make up 🙂

  86. Hi Rati,

    I have been a quiet reader of your blog for the past couple of years (since 2010) and read it so regularly that I eventually subscribed to getting emails for all new posts and reviews in my inbox 🙂 (To me it seems that over the past 2 years IMBB has become a place where regular readers always look for an opinion on a product before making a decision to purchase the same or similar stuff.)
    I moved from Delhi to Singapore last year and have bought quite a few newly launched cosmetics from Clinique to Chanel here. I wish to review some of my purchases on IMBB for all your readers before they buy the same or similar stuff. Am also hoping to meet you in Delhi sometime. Please do write back when you get the time.

    Keep blogging 🙂

  87. Hai RATI..
    I am a regular reader of ur blog for the last 2 yrs…. ur reviews are awesome..!!!! A big Thanks to u for ur amazing blog… I by a range of cosmetics but before doing that I make it a point to chechk out ur reviews… and they have been soooo helpful!! Thanks again and keep up the excellent work…

    Lots of Luv 😀

  88. Love love love the blog. This was one of the first beauty blogs I ever subscribed to!! Stumbled upon it while researching on BB creams and have been a regular reader ever since. Love the tips, tricks and the reviews. Unlike other blogs it has a very personalized feel to it, just like a bunch of friends of hanging out together and gossiping. Hopefully I might be able to overcome my laziness and contribute to this blog someday!! Till then wish the IMBB gang all the luck. Keep rocking!! 🙂

  89. i absolutely luv this blog….Iused to search reviews on google a few weeks back nd always ended my search wid IMBB,so now i directly search on IMBB.
    Its so cool…i got to know many affordable nd effective products…Its really AWESUM!!

  90. A Newyear has began 2013 ..and wanted to THANK Rati , jomol…all those beautiful ladies…who are part of this team and those who share with us their comments….
    YOu all have helped me a lot…i was immature where makeup was concerned.. you all are like elder sisters…( even younger once too ) who guide us..and help us and special thnks to sanjeev long back had read your article on fitnes..and back to my fitness regime.. your words motivated me

    Wish your block a great success and all its reader a happy and prosperous 2013 ….

  91. Hi Rati,

    I was searching for the top 10 eyeliners review but could not find it. I had been using maybelline gel eyeliner and i recently developed a bad eye stye..could you recommend a good black liquid or gel eyeliner. The lotus liquid eyeliner suits me well.


  92. Finally i pass moderation 😀 very thankful n excited to venture reviews now.
    someone plz suggest a gud night cream,i m 25, combination skin, i prefer herbal products.

    n also i wud like to add a profile pic..silly ques 😛 but help plz!!!
    Thanks :):)

  93. Hi Rati,

    I’m writing to you in regard to the IMBB sale.
    I had purchased 3 proucts from nupur singal, and transferred the money to her account on 16th january.
    Since, I left for a vacation on 18th, I requested her to courier the stuff on Monday.
    Now I have been trying to contact her since Monday, but there is no reply from her end. Can you please check wih her and let me know the status?

  94. Hi Rati,

    I am so much addicted to this blog.This is the first thing I open everyday. I had a zero knowledge about makeup. This blog has helped me learn things from the basics.
    The tutorials posted by all these ladies are really awesome.
    You all are doing a great job. 🙂

  95. hey Rati,
    I have been loving your blog since a year now…every morning this is the first thing to open up on my lappy..i have also sent you my reviews of products..and soo geartful that you replied..but i am not able to comment anywhere..its showing awaiting for moderation..plzz help!!

  96. Hi Rati
    Must say ur website has lot of information….n very useful..

    I have a query.. Please suggest some good stretch mark cream,… i m in my 3rd trimester…and getting lot of stretch marks.. pl advise…

  97. Hello Rati m’am. I am a college going student. I have a query for you.
    Could you please help us with what kind of petticoat to be worn inside of a saree?
    I got to be in a saree on the saree day celebration at our college. Please do reply. Thank you.

  98. hi Rati,
    I just love your blog… thanks for all reviews… i need some products reviews personally… can u??? 🙂
    Waiting for ur rply… 🙂

    Thank u so much… 🙂

  99. Hi Rati

    Thank You so much putting up this blog as lazy people like me hardly go to any cosmetic shop or do any research on product.I actually loved the idea of reviewing cosmetic product cus generally we buy things watching advertisement ( instead of skin suitability ).

    I am not a fashionista but I must that thank for informative blog for self grooming n yes OOTD r my fav .


    Stay Beautiful

  100. Hi IMBB,

    I am a silent reader of the blog but I can tell u I am a regular. I wanted to ask the fabulous IMBBites if you could help me with the must have products I could buy from US and UK. I am going for a business trip and would love to haul too…so ur suggestions are really needed. A background, I have dusky complexion and dry skin.

    Also, if anyone could provide solutions/products for my super pigmented lips I would be on top of the world! *thankyou*

    waiting eagerly and refreshing the window every 5 seconds…
    Love u guys! *puchhi* *puchhi*

    1. Hi Anjali,

      You have to send your question to mirrorobsession {at} gmail {dot} com and IMBB will post your question in ‘Ask IMBB’ section.


  101. Hey Rati,

    As all the other IMBB readers, I too am an avid fan of you and your blog. *haan ji* I totally love the fact that this blog is so much more than just a destination for product reviews, it’s like family here. I read your reviews then the comments below and always feel like “I wish I too become a part of this family someday”. I tried to find things in my stash to review for the readers, only to realise I buy all my stuff after reading the opinions here, hence, have nothing new to review. I am totally enjoying reading the posts here everyday, and with every article, I wish that IMBB never stops growing. *thankyou* for this awesome gift *puchhi*

  102. Hi Rati, how r u dearie .? I’m visit ur website regularly.. I love it… I lik the look book concept very… In that I found my new arrivals in the market.. Update my self… Thank u *happy dance* *thankyou* … I dono how to upload my post in this.. Help for the below prob dear… I have sever dandruff prob now.. I consult doctor he told me shave my head and start the treatment *hunterwali* I can’t do that.. Last month oly I got married.. This weekend I’m moving to us with hubby.. Pls suggest some remedies and good hair care product available there.. I’m have oily scalp and dry and frizzy hair… Pls post in blog also… Waiting for ur rly *cry*

    1. Hi Harini,

      You have to send your question to mirrorobsession {at} gmail {dot} com.
      IMBB will post your question in Ask IMBB section.


  103. Hi Rati,

    I have been following IMBB from last two months and it has totally changed my thinking about makeup. I was the person who used to wear makeup only on some special occasions. I was never a makeup lover because some of my closed ones told me that I look great without makeup as compared with makeup. But after reading genuine detailed reviews about the products and watching beautiful ladies on IMBB my whole perspective has changed. Now I know the difference between good makeup and bad makeup. And I guess that is the most important thing which makes you beautiful or bad with makeup. I have recently purchased lipsticks/blushes/eye shadow after six years of my marriage and thats just because of IMBB. You are totally an inspiration rati and I love you for your confidence. Now no one can stop me in my shopping spree of cosmetics as I am just loving to try different things after reading good feedback about them on IMBB *happy dance*

    A big thank you to all IMBB Beauties *thankyou*

    With lots of love,

  104. Thank you IMBB so much for improving my exposure towards beauty and fashion.
    I would call myself a person with zero knowlege on beauty. I have been following IMBB for the last 6 months and have gained tremendous knowledge and tips on beauty changing my prespective and also my outlook.
    I have learnt how to choose my lip colors and face creams and the DIY posts have been vvvv informative.
    It is amazing and also feel proud to be a part of such a huge community.



  105. Hi:
    I am Jasmine. I have been following IMBB for 3-4 months now. And it’s become my best friend  .
    Before I start with my story to flawless beautiful skin, let me introduce myself. I am 31 years of age with 3 year old son and a very busy and lazy (I hope he doesn’t read this ;)) husband. By profession I am a HR professional and worked as HR head for few companies in Chandigarh. Recently I started with my own venture in IT. Leading to more stressful life and adding more of it as we are 10 members in the family. People are amazed listening this. That’s about me.
    Inspiration is one word which comes to my mind when I talk about IMBB. Just searching through net about something I came across this site and woooo it made a big change to my life. I have been blessed with nice skin but because of this I have always ignored it. Just by making few changes as advised on IMBB all I have is a sparkling skin.
    My daily Regime:-
    I get up at 6:30. First thing is to take bath as morning schedules are very busy actually very very busy. It’s like I am on my toes till the time I reach my office at 10.
    1. Wash my face with Himalya neem face wash (this is my all-time fav). Scrub it softly with ponds Tan removal scrub.
    2. For body I use Dove soap. Now here is a secret. I let the soap remain on my body. And put some Lux body wash on the scrubber (I have the natural scrub straight away from the tree  ) and scrub my body very softly all over including my back, which was the most ignored. It’s not over here. Let the soap and the body wash remain on the body and massage your body with olive oil. The soap leads to easy massage and when we wash off the soap from our body, you’ll find well moisturised skin but no CHIP CHIP. No need to use ant body lotion after this. Thus saving time ;).
    3. Cleaning my face with a different towel as read on IMBB… made a big difference. Just apply Olay moisturiser (I do the CTM process when I get ready for the office). I need to get my kid ready for school, prepare breakfast, tiffens and then dropping my son to school.. Phew, by this time I lose all my energy… But Keep moving is the mantra to life.
    4. Get back home and wash my face again with Himalaya Neem face wash but very little amount this time. Just for giving my face a fresh feeling. I had never used toner, honestly was not even aware of it. Bought Baba Ramdev aloevera gel… OH MY MY that did wonders on my face.
    5. Then moisturise my face with olay total effect(However after reading the reviews, I have bought ponds age miracle day cream, haven’t used yet)
    6. Followed by lotus herbals intensive sunblock spray SPF 50(recently bought cetaphil UVA/UVB Defence SPF 50).
    7. Followed by little makeup. I am at kinder garden stage in regards to makeup. All I know is to apply my Maybelline Colossal kajal (just bought lakme Eyeconic kajal) and lake liquid eyeliner.
    A lot of questions on what should I buy and how to use different products coming up in my next post.

    8. Evening time…. I leave office early by 4 as I need to pick my kid. As the sun is up in the sky and it try’s level best to tan me. I protect myself by wiping my face with Kara face wipes and apply a good quote of sunscreen on my face and arms. Then wear a shirt to cover my arms before I move toward my car.
    9. Back at home at 5. Wash my face with Himalaya neem face wash. And apply olay moisturizer. Again in the kitchen for night chores.
    10. Before I sleep (around 10:30). Wash my face with Himalaya neem face wash. Apply Honey and lemon (I think the glow is because of this). Keep it for 15 mins. Wash it off with water. Apply toner. Apply Olay total effect. Apply olive oil on eye lids and eye brows. And lastly apply Himalaya lip balm.

    I really thank God that he has made night. I just want to sleep, sleep and sleep.

    Weekly I scrub my lips by applying Vaseline petroleum jelly and scrub it very very softly with baby brush.
    Apply crud, banana and honey pack as read on IMBB on Sundays (as I dnt want wrinkles at all. Already crossed 30 )

    Twice or thrice in a week I apply Oats, besan, green tea, curd, rose water pack on my face.
    Rub tomato on my arms. They are darker than my face. Actually quite dark. But tomato has really helped.

    Ok, now you lovely ladies out there, please read my post and comment if I am going wrong somewhere.

    Thanks for being there. Luv you all.

  106. Hello again IMBBians !

    I’m looking for bridal hairstyle suggestions.I have round face and on the bigger side.I need suggestions for a bridal updo for the church wedding and two other hairstyle for the receptions. I’m wearing a traditional kanjeevaram saree for the church wedding and lehengas for the evening receptions.Hope you all will help me with your suggestions .

    Thank you.

  107. hello imbb!
    i am a beginner in makeup and have been following dis blog since few weeks! its so addictive!
    rati di, i am in total awe of u!
    i cant get the link where we can ask questions to imbb. pls help!

  108. HI Rati,

    its a small request that if can include age, skin type and location of reviewers in their review…that would help us to better correlate with our type of problems and solutions and if its a better find a particular reader too.


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